15 Thanksgiving Crafts to Keep Your Kids Busy

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away – and if your house is anything like mine, your little ones cannot stop talking about it. Unlike Halloween or Christmas, there’s really not a **ton** to do to celebrate before the actual day. Unless you plan on bringing your kids with you to shop for your feast, but that sounds like grounds for canceling Thanksgiving altogether, if you ask me.

So while we’re counting down to the Macy’s parade with hot coffee and that yummy turkey (ohh and we can’t forget stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pie), we’ll be keeping our kids entertained with these 15 Thanksgiving crafts. 


1. Turkey Crown


2. Turkey Finger Puppets


3. Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie

Source: A Night Owl


4. Elbow Macaroni Turkey Craft


5. “I’m Grateful For…” Thanksgiving Coloring Pages


6. Thumbprint Turkeys


7. Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats (Free Printable!)


 8. DIY Falling Leaves Garland


9. Ombre Pinecones

Source: Whimzeecal


10. Thankful Tree


11. Pumpkin Pie Paper Garland


12.3D Paper Turkey Craft

Source: Twitchettes


13. Paper Mayflower Ship


14. Crayon Turkeys


15. Thanksgiving Coloring Utensil Holders

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