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5 Easy Winter Outfits for School Drop-Off and Pick-Up

written & designed by JESSICA WELSH

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Easy Winter Outfits for School Drop-Off and Pick-Up

When winter rolls around and the temperatures become frigid, running errands and completing day-to-day tasks go from requiring only a light comfy jacket to needing what feels like a dozen layers merely to survive. When it’s freezing out, it can be challenging to crawl out from beneath the covers, let alone put on real clothes for school pick-ups or drop-offs—in addition to all the other things you have to do that day.

But hear me out: The key to surviving winter is having a few go-to outfits you can treat as your wear-everywhere wardrobe. Investing in a few cute snuggly items that you’re as excited to put on as your flannel pajamas will ensure you feel warm and chic every time you leave the house. These foolproof cold-weather outfit combinations work flawlessly for everything from the pick-up and drop-off lines to that blissful afternoon Target/Starbucks run.

Keep scrolling for five easy outfits you can wear to school pick-ups and drop-offs that will have you feeling comfortable, warm, and chic:


5 Easy Winter School Pick-up and Drop-off Outfits


winter school drop off outfit

Shop this look:

1. half-zip sweater

2. plaid coat

3. ribbed beanie

4. button-front jeans

5. sneakers

 moms winter athleisure outfit

Shop this look:

1. half-zip sweatshirt

2. long parka

3. joggers

4. sneakers


classic winter school pick up drop off outfits

Shop this look:

1. crewneck sweater

2. camel coat | similar coat

3. straight-leg jeans

4. oversized plaid scarf

5. weatherproof boots


comfortable winter school pick up drop off outfits

Shop this look:

1. turtleneck sweater

2. quilted puffer jacket

3. faux leather leggings

4. belt bag

5. winter boots


quilted jacket moms winter outfit

Shop this look:

1. white button-up shirt

2. quilted jacket

3. black leggings

4. leather bucket bag

5. loafers | similar loafers

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