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Easy 100th Day of School Ideas and Activities—Plus, Free Printables!

Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Can you believe the 100th day of the school year is just around the corner? Between the buzz of autumn and winter holidays, alongside the many things we did to kick off the school year, it feels like those early days of the school year just happened. Approaching the 100 days of school milestone is exciting, especially for kindergarteners and elementary-aged kiddos. We all know the extent to which our little scholars have put their hearts and budding minds into the many projects, activities, and social opportunities that have enriched their school days so far. 

To celebrate their dedicated efforts and encourage them to appreciate their 100th day of school, commemorative activities are in order. So, we’ve pulled together a collection of easy 100 days of school ideas for teachers and parents that will get children’s imaginations bubbling. From colorful creations to playful dress-up ideas and special printables, let’s invite our little ones to celebrate their learning progress to date! 

100 Days of School Ideas

100 Days of School Activities

1. What Does 100 Look Like?

Present kids with the chance to explore the many ways to manifest 100. What items can they imagine they can collect 100 of? If asked, they probably have quite an abundance of unusual and creative ideas for doing so!

2. 100 Days of School Necklace

A charming counting activity that walks little learners through counting up to 100 by 10s, with a necklace souvenir to show for the accomplishment. You can find this teacher’s resource here to print out the counting mat and associated necklace tags.

3. When I’m 100…

Give littles a glimpse of their aged selves by surprising them with a printed photo that has been transformed using the AgingBooth app. Then, their photos can be glued to a card that asks them to predict what they think they’ll be like at 100 years old. The earnest responses are priceless!

4. 100 Candy Counts

Make a colorful and sugary splash with candy counting boards that have spaces, grouped in 10s, for different types of sweet treats. Fill candy dishes with your student’s favorite candies, or alternatively, if you’re trying to be sugar or food-free, try using colorful items that can be found in bulk at craft stores, like buttons, gems, beads, etc.

5. 100 Days Flag

For a group project that invites many helping hands, create a radiant class flag that uses 100 different items, from art supplies to foodstuffs to fabric pieces and beyond!

6. 100 Gumballs for 100 Days

With a paper plate, some construction paper, and colorful dot stickers, you can create an easy gumball machine that captures a nice visual of 100 days. To make it extra hands-on and tactile, you can even set your kids up with some paints for fingerprint gumballs instead!

7. 100 Punches for the 100th Day

Give motor skills a burst and fidgeters an exciting mission by creating printouts that kids can use mini paper punch shapes to reach 100 with. Check out Amazon or your local craft store for plenty of different shapes and icons to go around.

8. 100 Days Sandwich Surprise

While this isn’t exactly an activity for kids, it’s something you can do for your kid(s) that we thought was too cute not to include! Part lunch inspiration, part celebratory treat, try packing your little one a special 100-shaped sandwich to surprise them on their 100th school day.

100 Days of School Dress-Up Ideas

9. Easy 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas

Rock a handcrafted T-shirt project with one of this crafter’s many celebratory decorating ideas. There are over 20 adorable possibilities to choose from, with punny sayings and paired graphics like, “I’ve bugged my teacher for 100 days,” “Having a ball for 100 days,” “100 days sprinkled with fun,” and more. 

100 days of school ideas
Source: Happiness is Homemade

10. 100-Year-Old Dress-Up Day

It almost doesn’t seem to matter what age you are, it’s wild to imagine what you’d look like at 100 years old, regardless! Still, it’s especially adorable to encourage little ones to envision what they think their 100-year-old self would look like. The 100th day of school is the perfect day to try the age on for size.

100 Days of School Printables and Worksheets

Reaching the 100th day of school is certainly a brand of royalty, and these cute crowns will anoint the little kings and queens who are celebrating this learning milestone. This crafter also helpfully includes multiple cute templates to choose from.

11. Free 100 Days of School Printable Coloring Page

100 days of school worksheet

12. Free 100 Days of School Gumball Machine Printable

100 day of school printable

13. Free 100 Days of School Printable Self-Portrait Coloring Page

100 day of school worksheet

14. 100 Days of School Headband Crowns

100 days of school ideas
Source: Non Toy Gifts

15. 100 Days of School Coloring Pages + Printables

A couple of joyful coloring pages are always a nice touch to mark a special occasion, and we love the uplifting graphics this crafter pulled together in these.

100 days of school ideas
Source: Happiness is Homemade

16. 100th Day of School Glasses

A fun and lively cutout so that students can show off their bright eyes after 100 days of learning. To add some glam to the glasses and the occasion, you can have them personalize the printout with a coloring session, stickers, and various glue-ons as well.

100 days of school ideas
Source: A Dab of Glue Will Do

17. 100th Day of School Kindness Activities

One way to commemorate the joy and gratitude of learning for 100 days is helping kids spread kindness. These touching and interactive printouts prompt them to try spreading 100 acts of kindness for the 100th day of school.

100 days of school
Source: Coffee and Carpool
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