20 Christmas Crafts and Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy

Is anyone else wondering how they’re going to keep their kids occupied when school is out for winter break? Whether you’ve been sending them in-person or doing the remote route, I think we can all agree it’s time for moms to get a winter break too.

Oh wait, momming doesn’t get a break. You can, however, give your little ones a few materials, some instructions and set them loose into the Christmas crafting world to buy yourself a few minutes. That’s what I’ll be doing, anyway. Or at least trying to.

Read on for 20 Christmas crafts that will keep your kids busy this holiday season.


1. Waterless Snow Globes


2. Paper Plate Snowman Christmas Countdown


3. DIY Wrapping Paper

Source: ArtBar Blog


4. Holiday Button Wreath


5. Grinch Slime


6. Paper Weaving Christmas Tree Card


7. Salt Dough Ornaments


8. Kinetic Snow


9. Reindeer Slime


10. The Everymom’s Printable Holiday Coloring Pages


11. Felt Christmas Tree & Gifts

Source: Midget Momma


12. Christmas Word Search


13. Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments


14. Paper Plate Santa


15. Holiday Scavenger Hunt


16. Popsicle Stick Santa


17. Christmas Tree Paper Accordions


18. The Everymom’s Printable Letter to Santa


19. Cardboard Christmas Trees

Source: ArtBar Blog


20. Santa’s Magic Milk Experiment


This article was originally published on December 24, 2018 and has been updated for timelines.