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This post was in partnership with Little People, Big Dreams but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

5 Ways to Encourage Your Little Artist at Home

written by MEGAN FOSTER

This post was in partnership with Little People, Big Dreams but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. The Everymom’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

Source: Kathy Sisson
Source: Kathy Sisson

Ask any kid what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll overflow with excitement. Their motivated minds jump to dreams of being firefighters, dancers, and even world leaders. And who’s to say their dreams can’t come true? 

As parents, we can help by fostering their interests. Whether our child aspires to become an artist or astronaut, encouraging imagination and creativity is often at the top of our parenting wish list. 

To foster their creative minds, consider enrolling them in a local art class or introduce them to art in all its forms. No matter the avenue, it’s helpful to allow your child to explore their inner creator whether or not they show signs of prodigious artistry. Plus, a few hours (or maybe minutes) of independent painting may be exactly what mom needs in order to take a well-deserved breather. 

Read on for five ways you can encourage your little artist to pursue their creative imaginations.


1. Read About Famous Artists at Home

I’m all for looking for ways to entertain my kid’s ever-changing interests on a budget. That’s why My First Artists from Little People, Big Dreams is on the top of my list to help them explore their inquisitive, artistic minds. Whether it’s before bed or during daily downtime, this read will help your child learn how they can grow up to be who we now know as some of the most fantastic artists of our time. 


little artist book

Source: Kathy Sisson


It might only be available for pre-order at the moment—it hits shelves in just a few weeks on October 12!—but here are a few reasons to grab this book ASAP:

  • The pages are decorated with diverse artists from Andy Warhol to Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat to Coco Chanel, among others.
  • The vibrant and detailed illustrations are just as captivating for me as they are for kids.
  • The text throughout the book is age-appropriate and easy to read, giving kids glimpses into how each artist was inspired and what made them special.

Even as an adult, it’s hard to remember that creative icons were once kids themselves. Putting everything into perspective, this read is informative, practical, and fun for both parents and kids. So whether your child is just learning to hold a pencil or they’ve already taken up half of the kitchen with their art supplies, they’ll feel inspired by this book.

little artist
Little People, Big Dreams
My First Artists Book

This Little People, Big Dreams My First Artists book is an editor-favorite and available to pre-order now before its release on 10/12!

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2. Designate a Creativity Pod in Your Home

Believe me, I’m a full supporter of encouraging creativity, but that can also mean that my newly-cleaned kitchen quickly turns into an impromptu studio—paint splatters and glue sticks included. By setting aside a designated space for crafting, your little one can create to their heart’s desire without any fear of making a mess. The first step in designing a creativity pod is choosing a focal point, like this sturdy easel. 

Children's Easel

This easel can be the base of your creativity space—and blend in with your home decor. The included bins that can house art supplies and a pull-down paper roll to allow kids to draw without limits. Even when you run out of paper, this two-sided design features both a chalkboard and dry erase whiteboard.

available in white, black, and grey

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3. Make the Most of Community Art

Whether your city has a local art gallery or your neighborhood is decorated in murals, your community can inspire your child to create a variety of art projects. In addition to getting some good exercise, strolling around town can show your little one that art comes in a variety of forms—from sculptures to graffiti art.

Traditional art forms are also available in most galleries, providing kids with interactive exhibits and examples of contemporary, modern, and classic art. Check the website for your city’s art spaces since many of them offer free days or free admission for young children with the purchase of an adult ticket. 


Toy Section of Sons Bedroom

Source: Kate Dreyer


4. Have Craft Supplies on Hand for Impromptu Projects

Some children prefer painting while others prefer drawing. And if you have all of the neighborhood kids over, there’s bound to be one that favors beads and pipe cleaners over everything else. Instead of packing up the crew for a chaotic trip to the craft store, you can feel prepared with a comprehensive kit.

Filled with feathers, buttons, finger-friendly scissors, and more, this Arts and Crafts Vault will cater to everyone’s creative needs and help them explore without limits. It’s also designed to keep up with your artist’s ever-changing desire to make something new (because colored pencils and paper will only entertain for so long).

arts and crafts
Arts and Crafts Vault

This comprehensive kit—with over 1,000 pieces of craft supplies—will ensure your little artist always has supplies on hand when inspiration strikes.

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5. Show Off Their Work

Nothing encourages your aspiring artist more than showing your pride in their work. But if your fridge looks anything like mine, it’s already filled with to-do notes, grocery lists, daily doodles, and sticky fingerprints—leaving little space for new work. 

There are plenty of ideas for banishing the kids’ artwork clutter. One way is by displaying drawings and paintings in a personalized art book from Artkive. This company takes all of your kids’ latest pieces and transforms them into a compact, vibrant book that will last a lifetime. After sending in a box filled with fresh art projects, Artkive will edit anywhere from 20 to 200 pieces before turning everything into an easy-to-view keepsake your little artist will be proud to show off.

artkive kids art book
Kids Art Books

Turn your little one's art into a keepsake book! Plus, the process is easy for parents to do—click to read more.

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This post was in partnership with Little People, Big Dreams but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.