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I’m a ’90s Mom: These Are the Simple Joys I’m Bringing Back for My Kid This School Year


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90s activities for kids"
90s activities for kids
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

There’s one thing most ’90s kids can agree on: there was no other childhood quite like ours. Our generation straddled the line between unsupervised outdoor shenanigans with friends and the digital age. Parenting in the ’90s was a lot more hands-off, which had its pros and cons alike. Many ’90s kids were left to their own devices when it came to entertaining themselves—such is definitely not the case now. 

As parents in today’s age, our generation has become a lot more conscious about what we let our kids consume—and for good reason. Perhaps because we remember the dangers of browsing the internet on a dial-up computer after school with zero supervision. So while we’ve made necessary changes for our children, there are still positive aspects of a ’90s childhood that I wish my kids could experience too. With that nostalgia in mind, here are five simple ’90s joys I’m bringing back for my kids. 


Delicious and nostalgic snacks—but the healthy version

Some of my best memories feature popular snack foods like Lunchables, Dunkaroos, Toaster Strudels, and so many more. However, most of these beloved snacks resulted in a slight sugar addiction that I have yet to kick in my adult years. I take my creamer with a side of coffee, if that’s any indication of my habits. So while I want my kids to have those same fun memories, I’ve turned to an editor-favorite kids food brand for the healthy version: Little Spoon. 

Little Spoon’s brand new lunch and snack line is inspired by ’90s favorites. They’ve combined mouth-watering flavors with nutritious recipes to produce five different products that kids and adults alike will go crazy for. The all-new Lunchers are ready-to-eat lunches that are convenient, fun, and packed with hidden veggies and protein. Their Snacks line features four different snack items: Veggie Loops, Dipsters, Fruit Rippers, and Oat Bakes. All of these are ’90s-themed, but reimagined with clean ingredients and superfoods. 

little spoon 90s inspired snacks
Little Spoon

Lunchers are available in five build-it-yourself options: Easy Cheesy Pizza, PB Jammies, Brunch Lunch, Chicken Dunkers and Chicken Nacho Dips (coming soon).

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little spoon 90s inspired snacks
Little Spoon

Veggie Loops, Dipsters, Fruit Rippers, and Oat Bakes are all available in various yummy flavors sure to please even the pickiest of kid.

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Our kids are totally obsessed with every meal and snack in Little Spoon’s new launch. Seeing them eat snacks inspired by ones we know and love is a special kind of feeling—especially when we know they’re also a great source of nourishment. Sign up now to get healthy meals and snacks from Little Spoon delivered straight to your door and use code EVERY35MOM to get 35% off your first order!



Outdoor playtime like the good ol’ days

Wandering the neighborhood with my gaggle of friends was a core memory of my adolescence. I’m not sure I will feel comfortable enough to provide my kids with the same opportunity when they grow older, but I can at least encourage outdoor play in a safer way starting now. Our kiddos are starting to love hanging out in the yard thanks to sprinklers, bug scavenger hunts, and water play tables. 


More board games, less video games

My dad and I spent hours playing countless board games growing up. Connect Four, Sorry!, The Game of Life, Monopoly, Guess Who?—the list just goes on and on. My kids are a little young to play those board games, but there are a few out there that cater to preschoolers and small children that we use instead. Board games get their little wheels turning by promoting problem solving, collaboration, and friendly competition. 

board games 90s parenting twister
Target | Hasbro

Twister has been a family favorite for years and will guarantee an afternoon filled with giggles.

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board games 90s parenting slumberkins
Feelings Adventure Board Games

Even though this board game isn't from the '90s, it's a great alternative for younger children ages 3 and up. It's a collaborative game that promotes emotion identification, self-expression, and problem-solving. It's the perfect combo of modern parenting and old-school entertainment.

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Saturday morning cartoons instead of constant activities

Ah, the simplicity of the world when Saturday morning cartoons were the only activity on the family agenda. Since my husband and I both work from home during the week, our weekends are usually jam-packed with errands and activities. But it’s good to remember that not every hour needs to be filled with something to do. Cartoons aren’t only fun for kids, but also for parents who really just want to sit back on the couch uninterrupted for an hour or two. A win-win for the whole family.


Sleepovers (but in the safety of our own home)

I was fortunate enough to have positive experiences in nearly every sleepover during my childhood and adolescence. But I am very aware that this was not the case for many other people. I personally don’t feel like allowing my kids to sleep at someone else’s house is worth the risk. However, I can replicate the excitement of a slumber party with sleeping bags and makeshift forts in the safety of our living room when they’re a bit older. 

sleeping bag nap mat 90s parenting
Amazon | Wake In Cloud
Sleeping Bag

Create a little '90s magic with a family slumber party by using fun sleeping bags, eating yummy snacks, and watching your kids' favorite movies.

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Little Spoon, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.