35 Amazon Essentials for Your Beach, Pool, and Lake Days This Summer

make your days by the water even better 🌊

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amazon summer products on striped background"
amazon summer products on striped background
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Summer is in full swing, and that calls for fun-filled days at the beach, pool, and lake for some well-deserved R&R. While there’s no better playground than nature itself, it’s still important that you come prepared with the right gear to make these trips run smoothly. If you’re unsure with what to pack in that beach bag of yours, we’ve got you covered. The best part? All of these Amazon essentials can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep in no time.

From beach gear to handy items that are great to have at all times, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. Take it from our editors: It’s worth taking time to stock up on a few products that will take your beach, pool, or lake experience to the next level. With the ability to order any Amazon product with just a couple of taps, summer excursions have never been easier to plan. This is the perfect time to refresh or bulk up your gear for any trips or days on the water that you have on the schedule this summer. 

Whether you’re planning to hit the beach, pool, or lake, we’ve compiled a list of must-have Amazon essentials that will make your life a million times easier. Shop our top Amazon essentials below to help make time in or near the water that much more enjoyable for you and the whole family. 


Bags & Coolers 

Bags and coolers might just be the most important accessories for all your summer days near the water. Whether you’re a fan of a simple mesh bag or prefer an extra large tote for more space, we recommend keeping a stocked beach bag handy in your car. It’s also a no-brainer that every household needs a durable cooler to keep your snacks and beverages away from the summer heat. Keep your belongings organized and your food fresh with some of our favorite Amazon beach bags and coolers below.

beach bag with hat holder
Tribeca Tribe
Woven Beach Tote Bag

3 colors available

Shop now
green large cooler
Collapsible Beach Cooler

3 colors available

Shop now
crochet tote bag
Mesh Beach Tote

13 colors available

Shop now
hydroflask cooler
Hydro Flask
Carry Out Soft Cooler

3 colors available

Shop now
large beach tote
Extra Large Mesh Beach Bag

5 colors available

Shop now
backpack cooler
Backpack Cooler

7 colors available

Shop now



This one is for the moms that like to go overboard with packing and have difficulty deciding what items they should bring or leave out. Although we can relate, we’ve narrowed down our must-have items that always come in handy for all your pool, beach, and lake day adventures. Browse below and shop some of our favorite accessories that will help make your summer excursions run a bit more smoothly. 

tan beach hat
Wallaroo Hat Compant
UPF 50+ Packable Hat

5 colors available

Shop now
aviator sunglasses
Aviator Sunglasses

14 colors available

Shop now
oversized button-up
Shirtdress Cover-Up

14 colors available
sizes S-XXL

Shop now
sun hat
UPF 50+ Foldable Sun Hat

5 colors available

Shop now
small beach bag
ALOHA Collection
Lightweight Splash-Proof Pouch

15+ colors and patterns available

Shop now
beach hat with black band
Roll-Up Sun Hat

15+ colors available

Shop now
waterproof flip flops
Waterproof Flip Flops

20 colors available

Shop now


Towels & Beach Blankets

There always seems to be a high-demand for towels in the summer, so you truly can’t have too many on deck. Make your lives a bit easier by adding one of these handy and comfortable beach towels or blankets to your cart—there’s even one that can seat your whole family! These options are thinner than traditional towels, making them perfect for throwing in a bag for the beach, pool, or lake. We highly recommend grabbing on a couple of extras to store in the back of your car (you’ll thank us later). 

large blue beach towel
Sandproof and Quick-Drying Beach Mat

6 colors and 3 sizes available

Shop now
white and beige beach towel
Turkish Cotton Towel

20+ colors available

Shop now
orange and white striped beach towel
Dock & Bay
Quick Dry, Sand Free Packable Beach Towel

20+ colors and patterns available

Shop now


Handy Items 

You know the random items you wish you had packed after the fact, but never even thought of bringing? Yeah, us too. That’s why we sorted through some of our go-to summer essentials that we know are useful for all your days chilling poolside, at the beach, and on the lake. From convenient cup holders to waterproof playing cards, your summer days just got a whole lot better. 

insulated can cooler
Insulated Bottle and Can Cooler

18 colors and patterns available

Fits slim cans, standard cans, and bottles

Shop now
floating sunglass strap
Floating Sunglass Strap
Shop now
waterproof phone pouch
Waterproof Phone Pouch, 4 Pack

5 colors available

Shop now
mini portable charger
Mini Portable iPhone Charger

7 colors available

Shop now
waterproof playing cards
Waterproof Playing Cards
Shop now
mesh zipper pouches
14-Pack Waterproof Zipper Pouches
Shop now
drink cup holder
Sand Cup Holders
Shop now
waterproof speaker
Clip 3 Waterproof Portable Speaker

12 colors available

Shop now


Beach Gear

You’ll never dread a beach day again with our must-have gear essentials that we can’t leave the house without. Trust us: Once you own these items, you’ll never look back. These helpful picks will make long beach days less of a hassle and more of a relaxing experience. These go-to gear items are serious game-changers for summer adventures at the beach. 

kids beach tent
UPF 50+ Beach Tent

5 colors and 4 sizes available

Shop now
beach chair set
Portable Beach Chairs

6 colors available

Shop now
crochet bag set
Kids Shell Collecting Bag

10+ colors available

Shop now
baby beach tent
Baby Beach Tent with Pool
Shop now
Sand Removal Bag
Sandscreen Sand Removal Bag

2 sizes available

Shop now
beach toys set
Silicone Beach Toys

6 colors available

Shop now
beach towel clips
Beach Towel Clips
Shop now
blue baby beach tent
UV50+ Baby Beach Tent
Shop now
tidal ball set
TidalBall Beach Game Set
Shop now
beach toys set
Sand Toy Set
Shop now
beach wagon
Old Bahama
Beach Wagon Cart

3 colors available

Shop now

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