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14 Steamy Fantasy Books to Devour Now


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Since I was a little girl, I’ve been using books as a way to explore the world and go on epic adventures. As an adult, I’ve discovered my preferred version of those reading escapades is steamy fantasy novels. If you’re already a fan of fantasy fiction or are open to romantic reads, this list showcases the best of both worlds: smoldering romance and epic fantasy adventures.

As moms, we often have to choose between getting a few extra minutes of sleep or some sacred peace and quiet after the kids are asleep. What better way to spend that time than snuggling in bed next to your partner (or solo) with a spicy book? Here are 14 of the best steamy fantasy books that might even have you waking up your partner or reaching for your favorite vibrator.


The Best Fantasy Books to Devour Now


Recent Fantasy Book Releases

best fantasy novel Ledge
Stacey McEwan

Ledge is an epic romantic fantasy by TikTok sensation Stacey McEwan. In the Ledge, no one can escape the frozen wasteland that relies on human sacrifices to obtain rations for survival. After being selected for the sacrifice, Dawsyn finds herself on a quest to save her people and must trust one handsome half-Glacian for assistance despite her reservations. This is the perfect intro to spicy romance if you’re new to the genre.

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blood and ash best fantasy novels
Jennifer L. Armentrout
From Blood and Ash

The Blood and Ash series is by far my favorite fantasy series I’ve read this year so far. From the "forced proximity" trope to surprise twists and turns, you'll find yourself engrossed in these books. This story follows a veiled Maiden (who definitely gives off some Handmaid’s Tale vibes) who's much more than meets the eye. It's a bit of a slow burn, but it's worth the wait!

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best fantasy novels King of Battle and Blood
Scarlett St. Clair
King of Battle and Blood

If you like the idea of an epic love story set amidst the danger of a brutal vampire court, you'll devour the Adrian X Isolde series. Isolde is set to marry vampire king Adrian to end an ongoing war, but she’s no meek pawn and tries to kill him despite the risk. This series is heavy on the sex with a strong main character who doesn’t hesitate to fight for what she wants.

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best fantasy novel Radiant Sin
Katee Robert
Radiant Sin

If you’re into hot mythological retellings, Katee Robert is the author for you. Radiant Sin is a retelling of the tale of Apollo and Cassandra that will keep you guessing whether Cassandra will pull off going undercover to help Apollo get the information he needs to protect Olympus. While her books are best read as a series, if you’re solely in it for the spice it's not necessary to go in order.

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best fantasy books The Witch Collector
Charissa Weaks
The Witch Collector

If you love the enemies-to-lovers trope, you'll thoroughly enjoy The Witch Collector. Raina wants to kill the Frost King and Witch Collector who stole her sister but soon finds herself thrust into a battle to keep their empire out of enemy hands. I really enjoyed Weaks' masterful world-building and found myself on the edge of my seat wondering how the protagonists could possibly connect amongst the chaos. As a huge advocate for diversity, I also really enjoyed the use of sign language. The main character is mute and, without infantilizing her, the author shows she's amazingly powerful even with her differences.

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beginning of everything best fantasy novels
Kristen Ashley
The Beginning of Everything

This immersive fantasy novel follows four warriors and their chosen brides. There's a lot of spice in this novel, but fair warning: The slow burn between the main characters will feel torturous at times.

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best fantasy novel Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries
Heather Fawcett
Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries

What would a fantasy roundup be without a few novels featuring sexy Fae? In this enchanting read, grumpy professor Emily Wilde is a meticulous researcher who's writing the first-ever encyclopedia of faerie lore and embarks on a journey for answers that have her opening her heart along with her notebook. Emily's wholesome awkwardness captured my heart.

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Back in a Spell
Lana Harper
Back in a Spell

The magic tied into this delicious rom-com will have you up all night. The latest installment in the Witches of Thistle Grove series, this steamy queer romantic fantasy explores the awkward dynamics of online dating. A spark between the main couple ignites more than just passion as Morty develops powers that are only supposed to appear within a committed romantic relationship.

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Best Fantasy Books From Kindle Unlimited 

best fantasy novel A Ruin of Roses
K.F Breene
A Ruin of Roses

If you're a fan of Beauty and the Beast retellings, I cannot recommend this series enough. Finley, our main character, is a shifter who can’t shift and who has a knack for healing her friends and family in the village. But one day she ventures a little too close to the Beast's home and is taken captive. If you loved A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sara J. Maas, you're sure to enjoy this book. K.F. Breene conjures a cast of quirky characters who will keep you laughing as you explore the castle and all its secrets.

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best fantasy books River of Shadows
Karina Halle
River of Shadows

Halle’s River of Shadows mixes Nordic mythology with bits and pieces of other famous romances like Hades and Persephone and Beauty and her Beast. When Hanna’s father dies she finds herself in Finland for his funeral, far away from her hectic life in LA. She's suddenly caught in a mystery when she finds out that not only is his body missing but that her father had a secret life as a powerful shaman. In order to save him she must travel to the underworld, where she's captured by the God of Death—who happens to be captivated by her beauty.

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best fantasy books The Serpent and the Wings of Night
Carissa Broadbent
The Serpent and the Wings of Night

In this heart-wrenching romantic fantasy, you'll find yourself lost in a world of humans and vampires entwined in a legendary tournament held by the Goddess of Death. Oraya refuses to be treated like livestock and is initially hesitant to trust Rain's assistance despite their chemistry. Be warned, you may need a cold shower or two after this one.

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Hot Fantasy Novels to Preorder Now

best fantasy books | A Crown of Ivy and Glass
Claire Legrand
A Crown of Ivy and Glass

Once I heard that this book was originally pitched as Bridgerton meets A Court of Thorns and Roses, it instantly shot to the top of my 2023 reading list. Gemma is a feisty and intelligent woman who's fighting immense grief after her sister is taken and she's abandoned by her mother. If that isn’t enough, Gemma’s body fights off her magic like poison and she finds herself proposing a bargain to a devastatingly handsome man whose family has a history of destruction. Legrand has such a skillful mastery of fantasy world-building that although I haven't read this yet, I'm confident it will be an amazing read.

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best fantasy books | Fourth Wing
Rebecca Yarros
Fourth Wing

I was obsessed with Eragon when I was younger. After all, what kid doesn't like stories of dragons and their riders? Yarros' story takes a similar premise and adds sexual tension and the brutal games of the elite of Navarre. Thought of as a “fragile” woman, Violet doesn’t seem to have a great chance of bonding with a dragon, but the alternative is death. This explosive read is out May 2, 2023 and you can preorder your copy now!

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The Foxglove King
Hannah Whitten
The Foxglove King

Lore escaped a cult at age 13 and has evaded capture for 10 years, even though her death magic ties her to the city. After one of her jobs goes wrong, she's captured and finds herself in the web of the Sainted King’s court where she must use her magic to find out why villagers keep dying. This novel is sure to be dripping with intrigue, romance, and captivating characters.

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