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19 of the Best Podcasts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

best podcasts for toddlers"
best podcasts for toddlers
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When it comes to mundane tasks, podcasts are a parent’s lifeline to the adult world (seriously, what did anyone do before having a podcast for every topic to listen to while cleaning, working out, or pushing a stroller?). We know there are some great podcasts for moms, but did you know there’s a whole world of podcasts for kids now, too? 

With all the concern about screen time, you might think of podcasts as a nice middle ground between your kids zoning out in front of the TV and reading a book with you. They could listen to one in the car (perfect for all those long summer road trips), at bedtime, or even while waiting for a tedious appointment. So, if you find yourself needing a break from chatting with your charges this summer (a person can only answer so many questions about anthropomorphic trains), just hit “play” on your phone and relax with your “silly little beverage” of choice. 

There are lots of places to look for podcasts for toddlers and preschoolers, including Spotify, Apple podcasts, Audible, PBS Kids, and Nickelodeon. Here are 19 of the best podcasts for toddlers and preschoolers that are both cute and parent-approved. They lean towards preschool age (3-5), but could easily be a hit with kids a year older or younger—never hurts to give it a try!

Best Toddler Podcasts for Bedtime, Naptime, or Quiet Time

For those of us who often find ourselves sitting in our kids’ pitch-dark rooms begging them to go to sleep, these calming podcasts for toddlers can save you from squinting as you try to read a book. 

1. Julie’s Library

What could be more soothing than hearing Julie Andrews (yes, that Julie) read you a story as you nod off in bed? If you’re a fan of classic movies like The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, you will love this podcast as much as your toddler does. In every episode, the Hollywood legend reads a couple of different children’s books. What’s even cuter is that she hosts the show along with her daughter, a children’s book author and educator.

best podcasts for toddlers julie's library

2. Little Stories for Tiny People

This series of original children’s stories is written and performed by Rhea Pechter, a mom with a background in social work. She started the show in 2015 after realizing how much she loved making up tales for her own toddler son. Now, it has more than 100 episodes. 

best podcasts for toddlers

3. Molly of Denali

An extension of the popular PB Kids’ show geared towards children aged 4-8, this show follows Molly, an Alaska Native girl, as she embarks on adventures with her dog and friends. 

molly of denali podcast

4. Blue’s Clues & You: Story Time with Josh & Blue

Now on its second season, Story Time with Josh & Blue is yet another solid story show, perfect for kids who love Blue’s Clues and will find the familiarity of these characters comforting at bedtime.

best podcasts for toddlers

5. Gardenkeeper Gus 

In this sweet, slow-paced show, 6-year-old Gus and his buddy Rel (a squirrel, naturally) mosey around the garden performing little jobs like harvesting vegetables to make a meal. Parents rave about it for kids from about 3 to 6. 

Gardenkeeper gus

6. Nickelodeon’s Goodnight Bedtime Stories

Kids who watch Nickelodeon will love this new podcast, which features the network’s favorite characters from Dora (Dora, Boots), PAW Patrol (Skye, Everest), Blue’s Clues & You! (Blue, Josh), and Blaze and the Monster Machines (Blaze, Crusher, Pickle, Gabby). The shows, which are 10-15 minutes long, feature gentle songs, stories and nighttime routines.

podcast bedtime stories

7. Peace Out: Mindfulness Stories for Kids

Maybe you feel like your kid needs even more explicitly calming content. The episode Ocean Breathing, for example, is a sort of marine-themed visualization exercise that includes deep breathing and counting down slowly. You might even find yourself dozing off in the nursery chair.

Peace Out podcast

8. Sleepy stories on the Calm App

The Calm app has a whole section for kids, including classics such as Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan and newer stories that are written and read in a style that’s meant to be relaxing. Some health insurance policies cover the app as part of their wellness package, so it’s worth looking into whether it’s in your plan. 

calm app kids stories

Best Toddler Podcasts for Road Trips and Travel

Sometimes, you want a good podcast that will entertain your kids but not put them to sleep, whether on a family road trip or a long plane ride. For family podcasts perfect for travel, check out these options.

9. Dorktales Media

This show of reimagined fairytales got a seal of approval from Common Sense Media for its positive messages and role models. The stories are read by a professional voiceover actor, making them stand out from the many YouTube videos out there of regular people reading children’s books. Another big plus: It features diverse characters from around the world. 

best podcasts for toddlers

10. What’s Poppin’ Penny?

This sweet show was named the best podcast of 2023 for preschoolers aged 2-4 by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that rates and reviews media for youth. It centers on a fictional character, Penny, who lives in a multigenerational household and goes on adventures with her magical teddy bear as they try to unlock the secrets of an ancestral poem. There are lots of great social-emotional learning themes woven into the stories.

best podcasts for toddlers

11. Peppa Pig Stories

If your kid adores Peppa Pig (and you can’t help but find those little British accents charming), this is the show for your family. These five-ish minute-long episodes are great for short attention spans. They’re also grouped by theme, as you can look up stories on family, friendship, travel, and other topics that might be more relevant to your little one at a particular time. 

best podcasts for toddlers

12. Let’s Guess Who with Josh & Blue 

What preschooler doesn’t love a good game of “guess who?” In this new game show from Nick Jr., hosts Josh and Blue (of Blue’s Clues) lead listeners through guessing games where they try to figure out who their guest is. Is it a chatty chicken? A talking school bus? Who’s to say?

best podcasts for toddlers

13. Doras Recipe for Adventure

Just launched in May, this cute little Nickelodeon podcast for preschoolers features beloved, bilingual heroine Dora and her monkey buddy, Boots, as they cook her family’s favorite dishes. But first, they have to explore the rainforest to find the missing ingredients. It’s an upbeat, music-filled show great for bopping along to in the car.

best podcasts for toddlers

14. Ready, Set, Ride with Elmo

You can always count on Sesame Street to deliver wholesome, educational content. In this new(ish) series, launched earlier this year, Elmo takes listeners on rides in all kinds of exciting vehicles: trains, planes, cars, and more. The only caveat is it’s exclusively on Audible, which is a potential downside if you don’t already have a subscription.

best podcasts for toddlers

15. The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley and Friends

If you’re wondering who the heck Foley is, she’s yet another Sesame Street monster who can make incredibly realistic sounds with her voice. The show has lots of classic characters, too, including Elmo and Cookie Monster. It’s also exclusive to Audible.

best podcasts for toddlers

16. Super Simple Imagination Time With Caitie!

Made by the same group that produces the popular show Super Simple Songs, Caitie’s Classroom, and others, this podcast show centers each episode on a song and mindfulness activity.

best podcasts for toddlers

17. Circle Round

For the family who loves learning about other cultures, Circle Round, created by Boston public radio station WBUR, adapts folktales from around the world into plays performed by professional actors. The audio quality is seriously impressive (lots of sound effects and music), and the episodes range from 15-25 minutes. They end with activities aimed to inspire deeper conversations to have with your kids. 

best podcasts for toddlers

18. Moment of Um: bite-sized answers to big questions!

If your kid has reached the age where they have a question about everythingWhy does hot sauce make your nose run? How do you become an astronaut? How far has any astronaut traveled? Do fish have tongues?—they’re in luck! All of these questions, and many more, are answered on this podcast designed for kids ages 4 and older.

best podcasts for toddlers

19. Thomas & Friends™ Storytime

Given this show’s decades-long staying power, it’s clearly figured something out about the toddler psyche. The podcast builds on the show, making it an ideal choice for the kid who just cannot get enough of the magical island of Sodor. 

best podcasts for toddlers
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