The 20 Best Tech Gifts for Kids

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best tech gifts for kids
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While aimlessly strolling up and down the toy aisles at Target, I couldn’t help but overhear a fellow mom. She was mumbling to herself about finding something tech-related for her children. Typically, I wouldn’t intervene, but I could relate. I was searching for something creative for my own toddler. When I approached the mom and asked her what exactly she was searching for, she laughed and said, “I wish I knew. Something fun, yet educational, I guess.” After we talked some more, we went our separate ways. However, I kept thinking about how she didn’t know what she was looking for.

For babies, sometimes the simplest toys help them learn the most. But as babies grow up, there are cool (and educational) tech toys and gadgets to consider. If you’re looking to buy tech gifts for kids—whether for a birthday gift or an everyday learning activity—but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites by age.


Tech Gifts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

yoto player

Yoto Player

This all-in-one storytelling toy includes audio books, night light, clock and more.

Plus, the Yoto Players comes with a magnetic charging station and make-your-own card.

Read our honest review of the Yoto Player and similar Toniebox here.

Leap Frog Academy Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad Academy Kids’ Learning Tablet

LeapFrog has been a staple in our household. It comes with educational apps that are already installed and LeapSearch which is a kid-friendly browser. What's even better is kids will have access to a 3-month trial of LeapFrog Academy that takes them on learning adventures.

VTech Learning Apple
Walmart | VTECH

ABC Learning Apple Interactive Alphabet and Phonics Toy

This interactive and educational toy is great for your younger kids who are still learning the alphabet. Featuring all 26 letters and accompanying words that begin with them, your kids will love pressing the buttons. It comes with 8 learning options and the ability to move the hand on the clock so your kids can also learn about time.

watches for kids
Uncommon Goods

Preschool Time-Teaching Watches

Another gift to help little ones learn to tell time, these teaching watches make it more fun, with colors and animals on the face of the watch.

kids tablet

Kids Fire 10 Tablet

We've all allowed more screen time than ever in the past few years, and the Amazon Fire is our preferred kids' tablet due to its price and durability.

digital camera

Kids Digital Camera

This camera is perfect for the kid who's always asking to take pictures on your phone. Encourage their interest in photography with their own digital camera.

3 colors available

Tech Gifts for Kids

Magic Sketch Storage Case

Magic Sketch™ Kids Drawing Kit with Storage Case

If you're familiar with an Etch-a-Sketch and loved it, your kids will enjoy this Magic Sketch Drawing Kit. We love that it comes with 18 templates that allows them to focus on drawing, learning or games! Plus, once your child is finished with their design, all they have to do is push the Magic button at the top of the sketch pad to erase it.

80s toys

Speak & Spell Electronic Game

Did the classic speak & spell game make this list? Yes it did. Featured in the 1982 iconic movie, E.T., this one carried us through our childhood. It's recommended for kids 7+, so is the perfect gift for early elementary kids.

walkie talkies

Walkie Talkie Set

Another throwback toy that still holds up, walkie talkies are the perfect gift for little ones to work on their communication skills, whether at play with each other or communicating with parents and caregivers when out and about.

multiple colors sets available

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

There's something about a spinning globe that seems to capture the attention of kids so why not gift them with their own? The difference is this globe allows kids to learn about different cultures, animals and more via interactive videos. You may find yourself having fun learning about different countries around the world too!

Kidzlane Dance Mat

Kidzlane Dance Mat

No matter what grades your kids are in, they're probably getting exercise in the form of recess or a mandatory physical education class. To help keep them active at home in a fun way, consider buying a dance mat. You can even host your own 'dance battle' at home with your kids. How fun is that?

tech gifts for kids

Karaoke Microphone

A fun musical gift, this Bluetooth karaoke microphone comes in multiple colors and can connect to many popular music platforms. While you're shopping, consider some noise cancelling headphones for yourself.

Clementoni Mio Robot
Fat Brain Toys

Clementoni Mio Robot 2.0 Robotic Toy

Are your older kids interested in science fiction? If so, this tech toy is perfect for them. Not only will they be able to build Mio the Robot, but they can program by pressing buttons on its circuit board. There is also an app you can download that allows your kids to control Mio too.

coding dolls
Amazon | SmartGurlz

SmartGurlz Coding Doll

These robot dolls are a perfect combination of problem-solving and storytelling. There are different challenges or “missions” that allow kids the freedom to use their imagination and critical thinking skills.

tech gifts for kids
Amazon | BEIJUE

Handheld Games

It's inevitable that one of your kids is interested in video games. You may have had to explain why they can't bring their PS5 with them on your family vacation. If so, look no further than the Beijue Handheld Gaming System. It has 100 educational games that will keep your kid occupied during long road trips, plane rides, or while standing in the grocery line with you. Sounds like a plus to us!

Tech Gifts for Tweens and Teens

tech gifts for kids
Amazon | GOCUBE

Smart Connected 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Do you remember when Rubik's Cubes were popular when you were in middle school? We sure do which is why we think the GoCube Magnetic Speed Cube is great to introduce to your preteen. It's Bluetooth-enabled and connects to an app that has games and lessons that strengthen your preteen's logic. Also, if they're having trouble solving the cube, the app has a tutorial to help them figure things out!

best tech gifts
Uncommon Goods

Make Your Own Video Game Set

For ages 8+, this set allows young coders to create their very own video game, using their imagination and technology.

tech gifts for kids

JBL Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

While not necessarily an educational tech gift, this waterproof hanging speaker can be used to jam out in the shower or to clip onto their bike or backpack.

multiple colors available

tech gifts for kids
Amazon | ATTOP

FPV Drone

Do you have a preteen who's interested in photography or capturing home videos? Why not treat them to their very own remote-controlled drone? It comes with 4 propeller guards that'll keep them safe and has 3 adjustable speeds. Not only that but it comes with a camera that can be controlled with simple hand gestures.

instax camera tech gifts for kids

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Whether your kid is a future photographer or just loves to snap pics with friends, this mini film camera is a great gift.

more colors available

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