6 of the Best Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned this summer, it’s that kids don’t need much to make it feel special. So much joy can be found within the long, unstructured days of summer—especially during this season of slowing down and appreciating the small moments.

Longer days spent running, scooting, playing, and imagining outside. Afternoon naps sometimes stretching into the early evening. Later bedtimes for spotting fireflies aglow outside their windows. Cold, fun-to-eat sweet treats making their hands sticky and their smiles sweeter. Soaking in the sunshine, hearing the giggles from the kiddie pool, or seeing tiny hands splashing in the water table serve as gentle reminders about the simple joys of childhood summer.

As summer stretches into August, perhaps you’re looking for new ways to keep the kids cool and entertained. We’ve rounded up six of the best ways to beat the heat—check them out below.


1. Indulge in a Chilly Sweet Treat

Few things feel more like summer than eating ice cream on a hot day. And Bubbies Mochi Ice Creams are perfectly portioned for little hands and for moms looking for mindful treats at less than 90 calories each. Bubbies’ Mochi Ice Cream are made with super-premium ice cream packaged inside a soft and chewy dough. Fruit-forward flavors like Strawberry and Mango are refreshing treats and delectable bites like Salted Caramel and Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites are favorites in our house. If you’re looking to mix up your sweet treat routine, Bubbies Mochi Ice Creams come in 30 different flavors (yes, 30!) that your family is sure to love.



My kids certainly got their sweet tooth from me, so I’m happy Bubbies has an ingredient list I can feel good about. Bubbies products are gluten-free, non-GMO, and made without artificial ingredients or corn syrup. We’ve tried them one-at-a-time and also skewered up a few for a cool, colorful, and less-mess treat. Enjoying them together with my kids makes for a fun little backyard break from work while we’re all home together.

You can find Bubbies nationwide using their store locator so you can grab them during your next safe grocery store run or order online.


2. Get Outside Early (or Late)

My kids are morning people; they always have been. Each day around 6am, they remind me of little Anna from Frozen: “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, and I have to play!”

During this extended time at home, my husband and I have used our personal alarm clocks as motivation to get up and get moving together. We frequently take early morning walks as a family, enjoying the early rays of sunshine (which my kids now call “spotlights”) peek down through the trees and dodging the neighbors’ sprinklers.

If your babies or kids are also early risers, take advantage of the cooler temps in the morning for outdoor play or a walk around the neighborhood. If your kids can fall asleep in the stroller (and stay sleeping for the transfer), evening walks are another way to enjoy the outdoors when the sun’s on its way down and the air is a little bit cooler.


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3. Stay Cool On-the-Go

Of course, early morning and early evening walks aren’t the only options for summer activity. Warm weather entices us to be outside as much as possible and many portable products are out there to help you stay cool while strolling through the city, heading the park, planning a beach day, or just running errands around town. And don’t forget the water bottles for the kids—and for you.


YETI Kids' Water Bottle

Unscrew the top and add ice. Comes in 6 fun colors!


4. Simulate the Beach in Your Backyard

Maintaining physical distance can sometimes be hard when everyone wants to be at the neighborhood pool or local beach. A backyard or balcony setup can be fun for your kids—and for you.

Dip your toes in the kiddie pool, pop your earbuds in to listen to a favorite podcast, and watch the kiddos enjoy splashing in the water table, stomping on the splash pad, or scooping in the sandbox. A cute umbrella can also provide much-needed shade and beachy vacation—or staycation—vibe.

5. Try a New Summer Drink Recipe

Staying hydrated is even more pressing during the hot days of summer. Mix up your water repertoire by trying a recipe for infused water with seasonal fruit or fresh herbs.

Pregnant this summer? It probably feels even hotter, am I right? Try crafting up a refreshing mocktail like this Watermelon Mojito and toast yourself! You’re growing a human after all.


Source: @alainakaz


6. Jump Into the Kids’ Outdoor Water Play

Early motherhood means a lot less lying on a lounge chair and a lot more eyeing the water to sure your kids are safe, not drinking the water, or eating the sand.

Go all-in and splash them if they splash you, play Marco Polo, jump off the diving board, or join in the water fight. The lounge chair days will return someday, but right now we’re all chasing small moments of joy. Grab the hose and enjoy the moment.


This post was in partnership with Bubbies Ice Cream but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.