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Cute and Creative Christmas Baby Shower Ideas to Welcome the Best Gift Ever

christmas baby shower"
christmas baby shower
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

It’s safe to say if anything can top the most wonderful time of the year, it’s when you bring a new baby home. When you think about it, the magic of the holiday season offers all the same kind of excitement, joy, and anticipation of welcoming a baby. And with all of the festive decorations, music, and families already gathered together, it’s no wonder people are choosing to throw a holiday or Christmas baby shower more than ever.

Hosting a Christmas baby shower is a great way to celebrate a little one making their appearance in the world during the winter months. But who’s to say anyone who loves the holidays can’t pull a Christmas in July moment and use the baby shower theme any time of year? If you love the magic of the holidays or are hosting a shower for someone who does, and want to celebrate welcoming a newborn like the first snowfall, you’re in the right place. Bring the magic of the holidays to life with these Christmas baby shower ideas.

Unique Christmas Baby Shower Themes

Santa’s Little Helper/Santa Baby

There’s no shortage of Santa decorations available around the holidays. Either buy new or repurpose some classic Christmas and Santa decorations you have lying around to decorate the space. Welcome the newest little helper in your life with tons of red and green, festive touches, and maybe even someone dressed in a Santa costume. And don’t forget the Christmas tree, stockings, and Elf on the Shelf!

Winter Wonderland

Transform your space into the North Pole by making it a winter wonderland! Think tons of blue and white, some fake snow, and plenty of snowflake decor. A balloon arch with white, light blue, and darker blue with a few snowflake balloons will make for a perfect photo op. Easily incorporate pinks or other colors if you prefer including more traditionally gender-related colors. Winter baby shower decorations can include other personal touches you love about the winter months like ice skating, sledding, or skiing in the decor.

Ugly Sweater Party

Take one of the most fun party themes of the season and transform it into a baby shower. Encourage attendees to dress in their favorite “ugly” sweater. Have a contest for the best sweater—whoever wins gets a prize! Lean into Christmas nostalgia with kitschy decor to get everyone in the fun and festive spirit.

Gingerbread House

The best baby showers have memorable activities that guests can look back on. What better way to celebrate the coming of a sweet little baby than by decorating gingerbread houses, perhaps with a “What’s Baking” theme? Supply the gingerbread house materials, frosting, and candy to see how creative everyone can get with decorating.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Get nice and cozy with the people who mean the most to you with this theme! Think classic Christmas music, hot chocolate (a spiked option for the non-expecting guests), and a cozy fireplace. Pick up some vases, ornaments, and garland to deck the halls with all things festive.

“Ice, Ice Baby”

Just like the Winter Wonderland, this theme will have tons of shades of blue and white. But this time, everything will be ice-themed! Serve frozen treats like shaved ice, ice cream, and a frozen cocktail/mocktail. Go all out by including a baby-themed ice sculpture that would make even Queen Elsa proud!

Christmas Baby Shower Party Invitations

Get attendees excited for the big event with on-theme invitations. Be sure to send them out in advance—generally, three to six weeks is recommended. Include the basics like location, time, and registry information, as well as any other themed requests. These could include recommended attire or a request for books in lieu of cards.

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Christmas Baby Shower Decorations

Few things are as heartwarming as decorating for the holidays. Take that same joy and excitement and harness it for baby shower decorating. The best holiday baby shower ideas can include decor that you would already be using for decorating your home. Or, in many cases when buying something new, chances are you’ll be able to repurpose and reuse it. In addition to festive Christmas decorations, you may consider a fun backdrop for photos like a balloon arch, and simple touches like themed cocktail napkins. Once you have the theme you’re going with, it’ll be easy (and exciting!) to find decorations that fit just right.

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Games and Activities

To get everyone in the spirit of both the holidays and showering the mom-to-be, you’ll definitely want some festive baby shower games at the ready. These can take the place of traditional baby shower games like “guess the baby food flavor” or “name that baby animal.” Or, they can go alongside some tried and true favorites for tons of celebratory fun. Consider these festive options:

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Ice Breaker

It’s always nice to start the event with an icebreaker! Choose some fun, classic baby shower games designed in theme to get everyone having fun right off the bat.

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Gift Exchange/White Elephant

A classic Christmas party often includes a traditional or white elephant gift exchange. While the purpose of the baby shower will, of course, be to shower the expecting mom with gifts, to fit the theme, it could be fun to include everyone! Consider having a small $5-$10 limit for everyone to bring a gift and to play a gift exchange game with. That way, everyone will go home with a present and something to remember the day.

Christmas Movie Trivia

There’s nothing quite as fun as watching Christmas movies. Put guests to the test with some fun Christmas movie trivia. Winners go home with a festive prize!

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Food & Drink

Along with a normal array of party shareables like dips, charcuterie, and hors d’oeuvres, it would be fun to include some festive food and drink options. Christmas baby shower food ideas can include Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and a seasonal cocktail/mocktail. Either have themed Christmas cookies made for the event or spend an afternoon baking some of your favorites before the big day. Don’t forget the gingerbread cookies!

Christmas Baby Shower Party Favors

There are some really great and meaningful ways to show appreciation to guests who attend a Christmas baby shower that are thoughtful as well as festive. Plus, these ideas can double as baby shower prize ideas!

Customized Ornaments

The best party favors are ones that can actually be used. Give everyone an opportunity to look back on the special day year after year with a customized Christmas ornament they can hang on their tree. Either get everyone in attendance the same style or pick one out for each individual personally.

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Mini Stockings

For a simple and adorable party favor, grab some mini stockings to put goodies in. Fill them with small items like lip balm, hand cream, nail polish, and the like for a favor that’s both festive and usable.

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Hot Chocolate Mix

Sending guests home with an edible party favor is always a great way to go. They’ll love not having the clutter of another item and instead will have a nice treat to sip on while reminiscing about the day. Going the hot chocolate route is perfectly on theme and can easily be purchased or DIY’d with a jar, some mix, and marshmallows for a good budget-friendly favor.

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Holiday Scented Candles

No one will ever complain about heading home with a brand-new candle. Pick out a few in a seasonal scent that they’ll light again and again for the rest of the year.

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Seasonal Plants

Just because it’s a winter-themed shower doesn’t mean plants can’t be involved! Go for a Christmas flower like poinsettias or a Christmas cactus to give guests something they’ll be excited to take home.

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Planning Tips

Like any party planning endeavor, there are some best practices to make the planning and executing steps less stressful.

Create a Checklist

Before hitting ‘add to cart’ on anything or sending out the first invite, make a checklist of everything that needs to get done to host the perfect baby shower. Not only will this keep you organized and on track, but who doesn’t love the feeling of accomplishment as you check items off of your list?

Set a Budget

Like all good things, we should have a spending limit. When it comes to throwing a baby shower, stress should be limited as much as possible—especially financially. Whoever is hosting the shower should come up with a realistic budget for everything they’ll need like food, decorations, favors, etc. It’s not a bad idea to tap on some other people who are close to the mom-to-be to help pitch in as well.

Consider the Weather

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the holidays are a magical time. That doesn’t mean that the magic can’t quickly be dampened by bad weather. Be conscientious when choosing a venue. Consider its proximity to the majority of guests so it’s not too difficult for them to attend even if the weather ends up being less than ideal.

Personalize the Day to the Mom-to-Be

Remember that this day is all about the mom-to-be. When it comes to choosing a theme, food, guests, and the like, be sure to always keep her in mind. Do this and we know she’ll have the most wonderful day being showered with love and excitement.