11 Comfortable and Flattering Maternity Jeans You’ll Love

Getting dressed while pregnant can seem like a major chore. While most days you may opt for leggings, it’s nice to have a handful of well-fitting maternity clothes for when you’re ready to go a step above sweats.

Whether you’re anti-maternity wear or are excited for an excuse to shop for new clothes and your new body, jeans are a staple worth adding to your maternity wardrobe.

There are a couple of things to consider when purchasing maternity jeans. First, find a pair that you feel comfortable and confident in. Some styles have over-the-bump paneling, while others have stretch side paneling that help to keep your jeans in place. Try on a few pairs and see what works best with your body and bump. Move around, do some squats and lunges, and make sure the jeans are staying in place and aren’t sliding down your belly.


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Look for soft and fitted fabrics that have some stretch. And by stretch, we don’t just mean around the belly. Typically, it’s not only your belly that will be expanding, and you’ll want something that will fit up until your due date.

And next, consider the price. Maternity wear can have a relatively short lifespan. Splurging on a pair you absolutely love can be worth it. You’ll get plenty of wear out of them, plus you can save them for future pregnancies, sell them secondhand, or pass them along to a pregnant friend when you’re done.

Today, we’re sharing 11 pairs of maternity jeans that we love, including budget-friendly styles and worthwhile splurges.






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