Sarah Hunt-Blackwell

News & Politics Contributor
Sarah has been a Contributing Writer covering politics, current events, and breaking news at The Everygirl Media Group since early 2021. Her content focuses on developments in local and national government, racial justice, and human rights. Sarah would not be Sarah without her faith, family, music, and travel—in that order.
  • Location: New Orleans, LA
  • Education: Vanderbilt University & Tulane Law School


Before joining The Everygirl Media Group, Sarah was an account executive for a notable communications and public relations firm in the southeast. She’s currently in her final year of law school, where she’s building on her past communications experience and pursuing a concentration in media law. Sarah has been passionate about media and journalism since childhood and has spent her early career developing her skills as a writer and researcher. From technology and digital privacy to Black literature and Afro-diasporic history, Sarah has a particular interest in equity gaps among the Black community. She uses her gift of communication with the intention to contribute—even incrementally—to the elevation of Black Americans and people of African heritage.


Since joining The Everygirl Media Group, Sarah has expanded the site’s conversation on key issues like COVID-19, racism, and gun violence. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, unprecedented events on Capitol Hill, a global pandemic, and a national reckoning with various forms of racism in America, Sarah’s work reflects readers’ heightened consciousness of these prevalent issues. Sarah writes objectively, sharing accurate and unbiased information. She believes that honest acknowledgment about the current state of the world is critical for societal improvement, and she sees the merging of lifestyle content and news information as a step in that direction.

Fun Stuff

Sarah would not be Sarah without her faith, family, music, and travel—in that order. You won’t find her without headphones or lemon water, and nothing beats an afternoon at the park with good friends and ice cream. Sarah is the tourist who wants to hit the art and history museums, best food spots, and cultural gems in a new city. And she’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé did, indeed, have one of the best *videos* (read: everything) of all time.

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