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15 Couples Baby Shower Themes We Love

couples baby shower themes"
couples baby shower themes
Source: Anna Wissler
Source: Anna Wissler

While baby showers have traditionally been focused on pregnant moms, the trend is growing to celebrate the expecting couple instead of just the mama-to-be. Of course, parenting is about both parents, even if one of them is technically growing the baby. Both parents can be celebrated as they prep for their big arrival, especially with the right couples baby shower themes.

The beauty of a couples baby shower is that it opens the guest list even more. Family and friends that typically may not be interested in a traditional shower may be excited to come to a co-ed event with the right theme. Couples baby showers quickly become a whole family affair, meaning even more love shared and memories made.

If you’re planning a couples shower, there are some fun themes to explore that aren’t too feminine and will easily have all attendees enjoying themselves. Need some inspiration? Read on for 15 fun couples baby shower themes.

1. Baby-Q Shower Theme

Fire up the grill and have a BBQ with a baby twist. Consider serving mini everything, like mini hot dogs and sliders. Fancy it up with a french fry bar! If you’re sending guests home with party favors, consider a BBQ sauce with a custom label.

couples baby shower themes
Source: @kateaspen | The Aspen Brands

2. S’more Fun With You Shower Theme

Life is certain to be s’more fun with a little one, so use this as the inspiration for your shower. Set up a DIY s’more bar for guests to enjoy. Set up a campfire—a Solo Stove works too—and you can even take the theme one step further with a full-out camping setup including cozy tents.

3. Taco ‘Bout a Baby Shower Theme

Celebrate with a taco-themed fiesta. Set up a taco bar with tons of fixings where guests can create their own platter to enjoy. The best part of this theme is that it incorporates plenty of vibrant colors—perfect for a gender-neutral option.

4. Baby Brunch Shower Theme

Order up a platter of bagels and coffee for a baby-themed couples brunch party. Set up a DIY fruit, yogurt, and granola bar. Plus, it wouldn’t be brunch without plenty of mimosa or Bloody Mary crafting opportunities.

couples shower decor
Source: Etsy | A Wild Bloom Printables

5. Baby Olympics Shower Theme

For competitive parents and guests, an Olympics-themed shower sets the scene for fun and games. Set up a relay race with baby strollers, do a “water breaking” themed balloon toss, or set up a game of bowling with baby bottles. Use decor inspired by the actual Olympics with things like trophies, rings, and colorful and gold accents.

6. Ice Ice [Cream] Baby Shower Theme

If you’re welcoming a summer baby, consider cooling down with an ice cream party. Set up a DIY sundae bar for your guests to enjoy. The expecting host and any pregnant guests are sure to enjoy themselves at an ice cream party, and it allows for plenty of fun colors in the decor.

7. Beach Babes Shower Theme

Live near a beach? Bring your party to the sand for a beach baby themed gathering. If you’re not close to a beach, you can still do a surf-themed party in your backyard. No matter what, play into the colors of a beach scene with blues, yellows, and greens. Place surfboard decor throughout to really tie it all together.

beach baby shower theme
Source: @takeitfromhereevents | Take It From Here Events

8. Welcome to the World Shower Theme

For travel-loving parents, a travel-themed shower is a perfect choice. Decorate with pictures of the parents from their travels and serve food from their favorite destinations. Play travel-themed games, like making a list of unique parenting traditions celebrated around the world and have guests guess where they take place (for example, it is customary for parents in Scandanavian countries to leave their babies in strollers outside to nap).

travel baby shower
Source: @polishedeventdesign

9. Color Us Excited (Tie-Dye Party) Shower Theme

Get a little messy with a color party. The main activity can be tie-dying baby onesies for mom and dad to keep. Hang up all the onesies as they dry for a photo-ready backdrop.

10. Ready to Pop (Champagne Party) Shower Theme

While the mom-to-be is waiting to “pop,” guests can pop some bubbly in anticipation. This exciting theme is fit for a mimosa and/or champagne cocktail DIY bar. Have sparkling cider on hand for guests (and the guest of honor) that may skip out on alcohol but still want to participate in the fun.

champagne baby shower
Source: @polishedeventdesign

11. Starting Our Story Shower Theme

Start to fill your baby’s library with a literary-themed baby shower. Have each guest bring their favorite book from their own childhood and ask them to write a welcome note to the baby on the front of the book. Build up the decor with classic children’s books throughout for a fun, library-centric event.

literature baby shower
Source: @emily_retamozo

12. A Baby is Brewing Shower Theme

While the mama-to-be may be partaking in non-alcoholic beverages, a brew-themed baby shower is inviting for everyone on the guest list. If the parents are fans of craft beers, breweries, or the classic cold beverages, this theme that plays on both beer and baby bottles is a fun, casual option to go with. It pairs perfectly with a backyard cookout that the whole family will enjoy.

couples baby shower baby is brewing
Source: @sdcookieguru

13. Let the Adventure Begin Shower Theme

For a couple who is always spending time in the great outdoors, this theme that honors their greatest adventure yet is the way to go. Plenty of green accents, maybe a few animal cutouts, and any other outdoor elements will make this a theme they both love.

adventure baby shower
Source: Etsy | Happy Color Party

14. Lace Up, A Baby Is on the Way Shower Theme

An athletic couple can surely appreciate this sneaker-focused theme. Use shoe laces in creative ways as a special decor touch. Plus, this theme opens the door to fun activities like a basketball tournament between attendees.

couples baby shower themes
Source: @thesugarkitchen_

15. Blue Jean Baby Shower Theme

It doesn’t get much more adorable than this theme centered around all-things denim. Plenty of blues will lend this a great theme for welcoming a little boy, but can easily be made more feminine or gender-neutral as well. Make the star of your decor silverware holders made out of jean pockets made from thrift-store denim for an extra special touch.

blue jean baby couples baby shower
Source: Etsy | Upcycled Textile Co
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