20 Fun and Easy At-Home Easter Activities for Kids

Like so many other holidays, celebrating Easter gets a little bit more fun once you have kids, whether the Easter bunny delivers baskets of goodies to your house or your family enjoys a festive Sunday brunch. Plus, the arrival of Easter often feels like the formal transition to spring—bring on the sunshine, flowers, and baby animals!

To help celebrate, we’ve rounded up a bunch of Easter craft ideas to do with your littles. Even better news? Many of these don’t require a trip to the craft store and can be made with items you probably already have around the house like toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, or egg cartons. Read on for 20 Easter crafts to do with kids.


1. Easter Sponge Painting

Our favorite crafts are the ones that are simple but fun. These sponge painting techniques are easy and exciting to do. 


2. At-Home Scavenger Hunt Printable

Make family time all that more exciting by conducting a scavenger hunt with this fun printable. 


3. Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family

Before you take out the recycling, hang onto the toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make this adorable craft with your littles. 


4. Easter Bunny Coloring Page Printables

Coloring is always a good idea, especially when it’s festive for the season! These printables are perfect to get your kiddos excited about the Easter Bunny’s arrival. 


5. Handprint Easter Lamb

Mary had a little lamb, and your little ones can too! In fact, they can make them at home and display their hard work proudly on the fridge for weeks to come. 


6. Eggsperiments Activity Kit

Your little scientists will love these experiment kits that can be purchased on KiwiCo’s site. Plus, they’ll learn about physics, biology, and chemistry along the way!

kiwico Eggsperiments

Source: KiwiCo


7. Easter Egg Slime

As slime is taking over the world, we may as well embrace it and make it festive. Be sure to make an extra one of these Easter egg slimes for yourself (you know you want to!). 


8. Easter Treat Calendar Countdown

Calendar countdowns don’t need to be reserved for the winter holidays! Countdown to Easter and get excited for spring with this fun calendar countdown. 

easter crafts activities

Source: Sarah Hearts


9. Handprint Easter Chick

Handprint crafts are some of our favorites to make here at The Everymom because they’re both cute and mark a moment in time. It’s one of those crafts you’ll want to hold onto forever. 


10. Easter Word Scramble Printable

These fun brain teasers will get their gears turning as they get excited for the upcoming holiday. 


11. Marbled Easter Egg Banner

Your kiddos will have so much fun crafting this banner and will be so excited to wake up every day and see it displayed throughout the season. 


12. Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Consider using this cool whip technique for dying eggs this year for a fun marble effect on the eggs. 


13. Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Simple, adorable, and fun. These paper plate Easter bunnies are everything we could want in a craft. 


14. Easter Bingo Printable

It doesn’t get much more fun than a family bingo night, and these printables are perfect for the season! 


15. Egg Carton Easter Bunnies

How cute are these egg carton Easter bunnies? The best part is that you probably have most of the supplies lying around the house. 


16. Pretty Paper Easter Eggs

We can’t think of anything better than decorating for the holiday with beautiful crafts made by your little ones. These pretty paper Easter eggs are simply perfect for just that. 


17. Easter Egg Sun Catcher

The best crafts are the ones you want to keep up all year round to show off. These sun catchers are beautiful enough for year-long admiration!


18. Felt Easter Eggs

Your kiddos will have so much fun designing tons of their own Easter eggs with this affordable and easy craft.


19. Fleece Bunny

Bring the magic of the Easter bunny right into your home by helping your little ones make these fleece bunnies they’ll cherish for years. Pro-tip: be sure to make a couple for the grandparents, too!


20. LEGO Easter Eggs

If your kiddos can’t get enough LEGOs, they’ll love this craft. Help them get into the spring spirit by building these LEGO Easter eggs. 

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