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From Vintage to Modern: 70+ Baby Girl Names That Start With ‘M’


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girl names that start with m"
girl names that start with m
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Source: Etsy | Mod Wood Co

The idea of having endless possibilities sounds great… in theory. Having a world of options at your fingertips for ice cream flavors, travel destinations, or where we want to go for dinner seems like a dream come true. Most of the time, though, the reality of having to choose one out of an endless amount of choices may actually make the decision more difficult. So when it comes to selecting the perfect baby name for a newborn, having even just a little bit of direction can go a long way, and choosing a letter of the alphabet can start narrowing down the options. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most marvelous baby names that start with ‘M’ for little girls in one place.

This selective—although still abundant—list of M names for girls is full of options—from vintage picks to more modern monikers. So, if the letter ‘M’ has special meaning to you, or you’re simply looking for any spark of inspiration for your baby’s name, you’re in the right place. Read on for over 70 baby girl names that start with ‘M.’

Unique Girl Names That Start with M


This highly unique name that brings to mind the scent of freshly baked pancakes has only hit the SSA charts once in 1902. Perhaps it’s time for a revival!


Raise a little one who’s not afraid to do her own thing with this totally cool name meaning “rebellious.”


This French version of the English Margaret is as elegant as it is rare. Meaning “pearl,” it offers a number of nickname options while leaving a highly luxurious title to grow into. As a bonus, the baby would share a birth name with the acclaimed American poet Maya Angelou.


As perhaps one of the prettiest girl names that start with ‘M’ on our list, we’re surprised it’s rarely made it onto the charts. Marigold is so rare that it didn’t hit the top 1,000 baby names until 2022. The English name refers to a “golden flower.”


There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by a Disney movie when picking a baby name. Merida is the name of the main character, a headstrong Scot, in Brave. What’s even better is that it has the powerful meaning of “one who has achieved high honor.”


Of all the baby girl names starting with ‘M’ with lovely meanings, this may be our favorite. The variant of Maribel holds the meanings of “drop of the sea” and “beloved.”

girl names that start with m
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Old-Fashioned Girl Names that Start with M


Fitting for a little girl who’s sure to be your new love is this sweet name of Latin origin meaning “lovable.”


If you feel “intoxicated” by the scent of your newborn, don’t worry, you’re not alone. And in that case, maybe this Irish name meaning “intoxicating” and “she who rules” is the perfect option.


This gender-neutral name option reached peak popularity for boys in 1921. With Latin, Hebrew, and Greek ties, the name holds several meanings of “star of the sea,” “bitterness,” and “wished for.”


For many of us, this name will be very nostalgic and bring back memories of our favorite childhood movies. It has a strong meaning of “mighty in battle.” Plus, it can be shortened to the sweet nickname of Tillie.


This French name for a baby girl has the lovely, musical meaning of “songbird.” Absent from the list of the most popular baby girl names for over 50 years, Mavis started gaining momentum again in 2016 among the resurgence of vintage baby names.


Slowly making its way back up the charts after hitting its peak in 1901, Mina has a rich history. With ties to Bram Stoker’s Dracula and German, Sanskrit, Indian, and Persian origins, it holds several meanings. Included are “love,” “starling,” and “daisy.”

Biblical Girl Names That Start with M


An Anglicized version of the word Magdala, the sweet title refers to a village near the Sea of Galilee, said to be the birthplace of Saint Mary Magdalene.


Meaning “bitter,” Mara has ties to the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament. After losing her two sons and husband while out of her homeland, Naomi wanted to change her name—meaning “pleasant”—to Mara because of its somber meaning. Although the meaning may be dismal, it exudes strength thanks to the Biblical tale.


Referring to well-known Biblical figures like the Virgin Mary and Saint Mary Magdalene, Mariam is also the older sister of Moses and is said to be a prophetess in the Book of Exodus.


Referencing the Virgin Mary, this lovely title has both Hebrew and Spanish origins. Its Spanish roots hold the meaning of “sunny sea.”


Perhaps the most obvious girl name with Biblical ties, Mary is a timeless pick meaning “beloved.” For the first half of the 1900s, Mary was the most popular girl’s name in the United States, so it was often paired with other first names—like Ann, Beth, or Grace—to differentiate.


A modern twist on Biblical names is this virtue title meaning “compassion.” Followers of the Bible believe God to be “rich in Mercy.”

baby girl names starting with m
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Modern Baby Girl Names Starting with M


With a rhythmic sound and the meaning of “weapon,” the perfect mix of sweet and strong meet in Macie.


Bringing to mind the beautiful Magnolia tree and its flowers, this name has Latin roots and means “of great excellence.” After remaining uncommon for much of the 20th century, the name saw a resurgence in the early 2010s, likely due to the popularity of the TV show Fixer Upper.


Last names for first names is another trend parents are loving these days. This uncommon option would be adorable on a sweet little girl and holds an even more adorable meaning of “blessed.”


Not hitting the SSA charts until 2001, likely inspired by pop culture—The Sopranos TV show debuted in 1999, with Meadow as the eldest daughter in the Soprano family. Raise your very own flower child with this darling nature-inspired baby name meaning “grass” and “vegetation.”


One of the most popular girl names today, Mia is associated with the Italian word mia and the Spanish word mía, both meaning “mine.” Mia originated as a short form of Maria, which ultimately derived from the Hebrew name Miryam.


Just like other parents, get inspired by far-off places when naming your little one with a chic geographical baby name—like this one inspired by the Italian city.


Raise a little pop star by gifting her this affectionate name that draws to mind the talented singer, Miley Cyrus. Her name is Gaelic and means “proud chief.”


Don’t be surprised if you start to see more and more of these ‘virtue’ style baby names popping up all around. It doesn’t get much better than this one that explains exactly what welcoming your baby girl will be, an “extraordinary event.”


This tranquil Scottish and Irish baby name holds the meaning of “mouth of the River Roe.”


These days, parents love using traditional last names as first names—and so do we! This fun option has Irish roots and means “sea warrior.”


A popular choice for little girls all over the world is this name that hit the charts in the U.S. in 2005. Perfect for a little girl, it means “gracious.”

More Girl Names That Start With M

  • Mackenzie: Scottish | “Fire-born”
  • Madana: Sanskrit | “The god of love and desire”
  • Madison: British | “Son of Matthew”
  • Mae/May: Latin | “She who has the most”
  • Maggie: Greek | “Pearl”
  • Maia: Greek | “Great,” “Mother,” “Nurse”
  • Maisie: Scottish | “Pearl”
  • Malika: Arabic | “Queen”
  • Mallory: French | “Unlucky”
  • Margaret: Greek | “Pearl”
  • Margot: French | “Pearl”
  • Mariah: Latin | “The Lord is my teacher”
  • Marie: French | “Star of the sea”
  • Marilyn: British | “Star of the sea”
  • Marina: Latin | “From the sea”
  • Marissa: Latin | “Of the sea”
  • Marley: British | “Marshy meadow”
  • Martha: Aramaic | “Lady”
  • Martina: Latin | “Son of Mars”
  • Maxine: Latin | “Greatest”
  • Maya: Sanskrit | “Illusion”
  • McGuire: Irish | “Son of Odhar”
  • McKenna: Scottish | “Born of fire”
  • Megan: Welsh | “Pearl”
  • Melania: Greek | “Dark”
  • Melanie: Greek | “Black”
  • Melinda: Latin | “Sweet”
  • Melissa: Greek | “Honeybee”
  • Melody: Greek | “Music”
  • Meryl: Celtic | “Bright sea”
  • Michelle: French | “Who resembles God”
  • Mila: Spanish | “Miracles”
  • Milani: Latin | “From Milan”
  • Millie: German | “Gentle strength”
  • Miranda: Latin | “To admire”
  • Moira: Greek | “Destiny”
  • Molly: British | “Star of the sea”
  • Mona: Irish | “Noble”
  • Monica: Latin | “Advisor”
  • Monique: French | “Advisor”
  • Morgan: Welsh | “Circling sea”
  • Morgana: Welsh | “Circling sea”
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