25 of Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables

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kid-friendly coffee tables
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When you’re first “nesting” and making your house a home for the little who has yet to come, there’s so much attention paid to the crib and the clothes and the adorable onesies. But, as your baby grows up and starts movin’ and shakin’ you realize something—everything is a threat. Those outlets? Dangerous. Art on the walls that could fall? Dangerous. And another thing to add to this list? Those coffee table corners. It’s unavoidable that kids will get bumps and bruises, but those sharp corners, heavy materials, and potential for splinters have us looking for a new piece to add to our living rooms: kid-friendly coffee tables.

Of course, the safety of our little ones is always the number one priority. That doesn’t mean I want to compromise on style, design, and the aesthetic of my living space. You could say I want the best of both worlds: a kid-friendly space that is still beautiful and inviting. Because I’m a firm believer that moms should get what they want, I went on a mission to find the most stylish kid-friendly coffee tables. These pieces are free of the sharp corners, nooks and crannies that little fingers tend to find way too easily, and easily breakable materials that can turn into a disastrous sight in the blink of an eye. If you’re in the market or simply dreaming of a future space to design, scroll on to shop the kid-friendly coffee tables we’re loving right now.


Round Coffee Tables

You simply can’t go wrong with a classic round coffee table—these styles pull spaces together beautifully and will level up your room with the fun textures and designs. These coffee tables look best in small spaces, with couches smaller than 80″ wide and chaise or sectional couches. 


Nobles Coffee Table

This drum-shaped coffee table is perfect for tumbling toddlers—it's practically sideless! The boho-meets-traditional style is chic and functional.

3 colors available

kid-friendly coffee tables
World Market

Round Driftwood Wood Ball Coffee Table

Completely corner-less, this round coffee table from World Market looks great from every angle and is designed to protect little heads.

Serena & Lily

Market Coffee Table

This jute and bamboo coffee table from Serena & Lily is multi-purpose: there are no corners to bump into, and the easy-to-clean enamel top can be removed to store extra blankets, toys, and more.

kid-friendly coffee tables

Sayles Hollow Coffee Table

This bamboo coffee table from Wayfair is sturdy enough to act as a coffee table, yet has the shape of a safe, soft pouf!

Etsy | Anand Art And Craft

Wood Drum Coffee Table

How gorgeous is this wood drum coffee table? Plus, there is no risk of tipping or sharp sides!

World Market

Carved Coffee Table

This lattice wood coffee table is artful and eye-catching, and not the least bit risky for little ones.

kid-friendly coffee tables
World Market

Round Driftwood Ridged Coffee Table

Another great round wooden option, this handcrafted ridged coffee table brings something special to any space.


Rectangle & Oval Coffee Tables

The less than traditional shapes add a unique, eye catching element to the look of your room. Plus, there are options for every preferred aesthetic: traditional, mid-century, minimalist, and more! These options are great for traditional sofas 80″ wide or larger. 


Acrylic Coffee Table

If you're looking for a floating effect with your coffee table, this acrylic option from CB2 comes with rounded edges.


Stockholm Coffee Table

The oval shape of this walnut veneer coffee table from IKEA is not only safe for kids, but it's also a chic, budget-friendly decor option.

Crate & Barrel

Oval Natural Wood Coffee Table

This minimalist coffee table is perfectly family-friendly with its gentle curves and no sharp edges.

kid-friendly coffee tables

Francoise Solid Wood Coffee Table with Storage

This rustic oval table is made from eco-friendly reclaimed wood, and the shape is great for all kids.

kid-friendly coffee tables
World Market

Deckard Coffee Table

A pricier option than others on this list so far, this coffee table looks super high-end—and is still baby and kid friendly!


Listerby Coffee Table

A coffee table that's a rectangle but also has rounded edges? Yes, please!

Ottoman Coffee Tables

Ottomans are great stand-alone fabric pieces, or you can put two together for a larger coffee table. They make for the ultimate kid-friendly option as they’re soft and durable. To up the coziness factor in your space, consider one of these stylish ottomans. 

kid-friendly coffee tables

Source: Kayla Gann

etsy ottoman pouf
Etsy | Ottoman Marrakech

Moroccan Leather Ottoman Pouf

This editor-favorite Etsy ottoman pouf is a great budget-friendly option and comes in four colors and many sizes.


Tufted Ottoman

This grey tufted ottoman is soft and cushy, so it is great for little kids. It's also a great multipurpose item—it can be a seat or a table!

3 colors available


Jute Pouf

If you're looking for a kid-safe, versatile coffee table that looks great inside or outside, this jute pouf is perfect for you.

West Elm

Marin Leather Ottoman

We love all-things West Elm, and this leather ottoman is both soft and sturdy—the perfect safe coffee table for a family room.

kid-friendly coffee tables
One King's Lane

Marceau Ottoman

This cotton ottoman has a supportive bracket brace, so there is no risk of tipping.

9 colors available


Leather Square Ottoman Pouf

This leather ottoman is nice and big, so it's a great option for displaying coffee table books and trays on a kid-safe surface.


Splurge Coffee Tables

The perfect mix of elegance, functionality, and style! With how much time you spend in your living room, it’s only right to furnish it with pieces that you not only love, but that will last. These pieces are from distinguished brands that craft high-quality pieces that are worth the investment. 

kid-friendly coffee tables

Source: Mika Perry

kid-friendly coffee tables
McGee & Co.

Grady Coffee Table

This round coffee table is ideal for kids because of its storage space and lack of corners. Plus, the tiered base is also fun for blanket fort-building!

McGee & Co.

Palmer Coffee Table

This hand-woven coffee table from McGee & Co. is soft and sturdy, so it's perfect for little ones of all ages.

kid-friendly coffee tables
Lulu and Georgia

Jacob Round Coffee Table

This drum-shaped coffee table from Lulu and Georgia is simple, large, safe, and easy to clean. What's not to love?

Serena & Lily

Bamileke Coffee Table

If you're looking for a corner-less coffee table that will be able to withstand outdoor weather, look no further than this basketweave style table from Serena & Lily.

2 colors available

One King's Lane

Quinn Ottoman

This rectangular ottoman is upholstered and soft, so it is safe for little heads (or just for resting your feet)!

5 colors available

kid-friendly coffee tables
Serena & Lily

South Seas Coffee Table

This rectangular, double-shelf coffee table is made with handwoven rattan and is great for displaying (and storing!) favorite items.

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