30 Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables You’ll Love

When you’re first “nesting” and making your house a home for the little who has yet to come, there’s so much attention paid to the crib and the clothes and the adorable onesies. But, as your baby grows up and starts movin’ and shakin’ you realize something — everything is a threat. Those outlets? Dangerous. Art on the walls that could fall? Dangerous.

Something we’re experiencing right now? Those coffee table corners. It’s unavoidable that kids will get bumps and bruises, but those sharp corners, heavy materials, and potential for splinters got us looking for a new piece to add to our living rooms. These are the options we’re loving right now.


Round and Square Coffee Tables

These coffee tables look best in small spaces, with couches smaller than 80″ wide and chaise or sectional couches.

Rectangle and Oval Coffee Tables

These are great for traditional sofas 80″ wide or larger.


Stand-alone fabric pieces, or put two together for a larger coffee table.

Source: Kayla Gann

Splurge Coffee Tables We Love

The perfect mix of elegance, functionality, and style!

Source: Mika Perry

One King's Lane

Quinn Ottoman

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