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Dressing Your Bump: 7 Maternity Work Outfits for Spring and Summer

written by EMILEE JANITZ

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graphic of maternity work outfits"
graphic of maternity work outfits

Working during pregnancy comes with its own unique set of challenges. For example: Planning much-needed bathroom breaks between meetings and/or figuring out how to avoid the computer screen triggering your agonizing morning sickness. Another fun (are you picking up on sarcasm?) challenge is figuring out what maternity work outfits to wear to your 9-to-5 while you’re pregnant.

There are a lot of considerations pregnant women have to account for when choosing a work outfit—especially when it’s warm outside. If you’re currently pregnant for the first time, you might be facing these challenges head-on, perhaps even surprised by the mathematics that comes into play when planning professional maternity outfits. From learning how to outfit your growing bump, to considering your commute and company dress code, and planning for some much-needed comfort, it’s a lot to handle.

The good news is—unlike managing morning sickness and your shrinking bladder—this challenge actually can be fun to tackle. It just takes a little know-how. I personally was at a total loss when it came to dressing during my first pregnancy. I didn’t know how to best dress my new form, nor did I understand how my clothing needs would change during each trimester, or have any clue as to where to find maternity clothes. But now that I’ve successfully seen two pregnancies through to two healthy babies, I love sharing some of the fashion tips I picked up along the way with other moms.

If you’re pregnant this spring and are looking for some style tips on how to continue feeling like a boss babe while also carrying your little bundle of joy, keep scrolling to check out some fashionable (and comfortable) outfit ideas below. 


7 Maternity Work Outfits for Spring and Summer


Cute and classic: shirt dress + ballet flats

When it comes to dressing for the office, you can’t go wrong with a shirt dress. They are both ultra-comfortable and professional. A cute crossbody bag can add to the look while also holding your essentials during your commute and freeing up your hands (pregnancy is hard enough—take the easy wins whenever possible). Add a pair of ballet flats to keep your look on-trend and your feet in comfort.

shirt dress and ballet flats outfit

Shop this look:

1. striped shirt dress | similar dress

2. gold pearl earrings

3. crossbody bag

4. leather ballet flats | similar flats


Spring chic: leggings + white blouse ​​+ block sandals

It probably goes without saying that leggings are a great choice during pregnancy. Thankfully, we live in a time where we’re not limited to thin, unflattering options. A high-quality pair of leggings will be one of the best maternity clothing purchases you will make—so the sooner you grab a pair during your pregnancy, the better! Pair them with a maternity blouse to make them work-friendly. Block sandals are professional and sturdy enough to wear during pregnancy without fear of falling over. Look for a backless pair to accommodate swelling feet.

leggings, blouse, block sandal outfit

Shop this look:

1. maternity blouse

2. gold hoops

3. black tote bag

4. black maternity leggings

5. mule block sandals


Office casual: maternity jeans + short-sleeve blouse + sneakers

If your office’s dress code airs on the casual side, take advantage of the policy and reach for a pair of maternity jeans. Jeans, of course, go with everything, so choose a breezy top that will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Sneakers add some much-needed support, especially during your third trimester.

maternity jeans, blouse, and sneaker outfit

Shop this look:

1. floral short-sleeve blouse

2. maternity jeans

3. crossbody bag

4. sneakers | similar sneakers


Coastal-inspired: polo + white jeans + mules

White jeans are a fun way to celebrate warm weather. Pair them with a polo top and sandals for a classic, coastal grandma-approved ‘fit. Add a straw tote for an on-theme way to transport your laptop, planner, and other office-day essentials.

polo, maternity jeans, and mule sandals outfit

Shop this look:

1. polo ribbed top

2. white maternity jeans

3. straw tote bag

4. mule flats


Professional: dress + blazer + sandals

When you’re pregnant, it can be difficult to identify appropriate work clothes for hot weather. Thankfully, dresses are the ultimate pregnancy fashion staple. They can be cute or posh (depending on which style you reach for) and are probably the most comfortable outfit option at any and every stage of growing a human being. For a cute, office-friendly outfit this spring, grab a lightweight dress (midi and maxi length dresses work best for pregnancy) and a blazer which can both up the professionalism of your ensemble and help you battle office AC. If you’re early in your pregnancy, you can complete the look with a pair of strappy sandals that offer some lift. However, if you’re in your third trimester and your feet have started to swell, you may consider a flatter option.

dress, blazer, and small heels outfit

Shop this look:

1. boyfriend blazer

2. V-neck midi dress

3. gold pearl bracelet

4. block-heel sandals


Work-from-home: maternity short-alls + knit top + house shoes

Three years ago, I transitioned to working from home full-time. This means I’m always on the hunt for casual work outfits. Pregnant women are adorable by nature—play up the look and your desire for comfort with a pair of maternity short-alls, styled with a knit top. If you’re like me, and like to pretend you’re not working out of your home, a pair of house shoes can help you feel more put-together for the day.

short overalls, white tee, and house shoes outfit

Shop this look:

1. white long-sleeve tee

2. maternity short-alls

3.  knot headband

4. cushion slides

5. temperature-controlled mug


Working from a coffee shop: t-shirt dress + denim button-up + loafers

If you work from home but love to take that WFH lifestyle elsewhere (say, your favorite coffee shop), reach for an outfit that’s cute and casual. When I was pregnant, I loved throwing some of my pre-pregnancy button-ups over my maternity tops and dresses. This allowed me to maximize my closet by changing up looks with pieces from both eras of my lifetime (pregnant and, well, not). T-shirt dresses are the epitome of maternity comfort during the summer months and (when nursing-friendly) can be ultra-practical postpartum.

jacket, t-shirt dress, and loafers outfit

Shop this look:

1. denim button-up

2. striped T-shirt dress

3. blue light glasses

4. slip-on loafers

5. versatile briefcase

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