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Page Turners Only: 14 of the Most-Anticipated New Books of the Year


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most anticipated new books of 2023"
most anticipated new books of 2023

This year has graced us with some pretty spectacular reads already. We couldn’t get through Spare fast enough. We were gifted with new, can’t-put-down romance novels. And not to mention, we haven’t been let down by a Reese’s Book Club pick yet. We even got to see some of our favorite novels turned into screen adaptations—no, we’re still not over Daisy Jones.

Needless to say, if there was a New Year’s resolution worth keeping this year, it’s to read more. But don’t worry if you feel you’ve fallen short of your goals. Jumpstart your summer reading with one of these most-anticipated new 2023 book releases. 

We’ve got your memoirs, your mysterious thrillers, your spicy romances, and plenty more. Here, we’re sharing recently-released favorites as well as upcoming books you can pre-order now. See which of these most-anticipated books of 2023 might be your new favorite. 


Most-Anticipated New Books of 2023


Recently Released

There have been several great reads to come out since the beginning of this year. Whether you enjoy diving into a juicy memoir or are ready for a summer romance, check out these recommendations you won’t want to put down.

the Rachel incident
Caroline O'Donoghue
The Rachel Incident

When Rachel meets James, the course of both of their lives is changed forever, but not in the way you may think. The two spark a friendship that leads them to them being roommates. When Rachel falls in love with a married professor, her and James devise a plan for her to seduce him. Little do they know, the professor has other plans—plans that involve Rachel, James, and the professor's glamorous wife. Get ready for all of the laughs with this one-of-a-kind tale.

Release date: June 27, 2023

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most-anticipated new books
Thao Thai
Banyan Moon

Ann Tran is proud of the life she has created for herself, even if she is estranged from her mother, Huơng. But when she learns the most influential woman in her life, her grandmother, Minh, has passed away and left Ann's childhood home to her and her mother, she's forced to reconcile a relationship she believed to be lost. In a parallel tale, readers are sent back in time to hear young Minh's story in the aftermath of the Vietnam war and her journey immigrating to America.

Named as the Read With Jenna Book Club pick for July, you'll want to grab this one ASAP.

Release date: June 27, 2023

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ruth ware zero days
Ruth Ware
Zero Days

Thriller novel readers, rejoice! A new novel recently came out by seasoned thriller writer Ruth Ware, and this one's just as gripping as you'd expect. Jack and her husband, Gabe, knew their career of choice came with some risks—they get hired to break into buildings and hack security systems, after all. What Jack could never have imagined is that she'd come home one day to find Gabe dead and herself at the top of the police's suspect list. Now she's on the run and searching for the real killer. This one is a mystery until the bitter end.

Release date: June 20, 2023

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love, theoretically
Ali Hazelwood
Love, Theoretically

From the best selling author of The Love Hypothesis comes another STEM-centric love story. Elsie Hannaway has carefully crafted two perfect lives for herself: one as a professor at MIT, and another as a faux girlfriend-for-hire. Her distinct lives are going just as planned until she finds out her favorite client's older brother is the arrogant department head of the physics department—AKA, the one who stands in the way of her receiving tenure. Not to mention, she's wildly attracted to him. Read on to find out how Elsie will solve this most difficult equation.

Release date: June 13, 2023

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cassandra in reverse
Holly Smale
Cassandra In Reverse

This book was dubbed Reese's Book Club pick of June 2023, and for good reason! Cassandra is having the worst day of her life. Not only do her roommates hate her, but she's just gotten dumped by her boyfriend and lost her job. Just when she thought her life was over, she realizes she has the power to go back in time. If you think you know how this one's going to turn out, pick up a copy and be pleasantly surprised.

Release date: June 6, 2023

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yellowface new books 2023
R. F. Kuang

From the author who brought us Babel comes this sharp tale of secrets, lies, and consequences. Author June Hayward isn't seeing the success she expected, but when her biggest competitor, Athena Liu, unexpectedly passes away, June sees an opportunity. She steals Athena's latest novel about the Chinese laborers' efforts in World War I. She even takes on a new name and look of a writer with an ambiguous ethnic background. How long can June keep her secret, and what exactly is the price of her success?

Release date: May 16, 2023

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meet me at the lake
Carley Fortune
Meet Me at the Lake

We couldn't get enough of Carley Fortune's first hit, Every Summer After, and are so excited to dive into her newest novel. This time, duo Fern and Will spend 24 magical hours together. Separated by distance, the two agree to meet after one year. The problem is, when Fern arrives, she sees that Will isn't there. Now, nine years later, Will reappears in her life. She must fight the internal battle of deciding if she can trust the man who broke her heart all those years before.

Release Date: May 2, 2023

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best beach reads happy place
Emily Henry
Happy Place

Emily Henry has the 'beach read' genre down to a science, so if you're looking for a summer vacation pick, this might just be it! Harriet and Wyn were the perfect couple... until they weren't. But they can't seem to break the news to their best friends that they've split. Attempting to keep their secret, the duo must act like nothing's wrong at their annual friend getaway to Maine—and neither wants to admit how much they still want each other.

Release date: April 25, 2023

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Because we all deserve something to look forward to, pre-order or make a note on your calendar to be the first to reserve these at your local library.

hello stranger Katherine center
Katherine Center
Hello Stranger

A little something for the hopeless romantics (and fans of a little spice) will be available before we know it. Just as Sadie Montgomery is celebrating the biggest accomplishment of her life—being named a finalist in the North American Portrait Society competition—she's diagnosed with a neurological disorder. Her condition is known as 'face blindness,' which is characterized by the inability to recognize faces. Needless to say, this is no time for a love interest, but Sadie finds herself with two. What she learns is that we often find exactly what we need right when we least expect.

Release date: July 11, 2023

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most-anticipated new books
J. Randy Taraborrelli
Jackie: Public, Private, Secret

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is an icon unlike any other. She once shared with a former lover, "I have three lives: public, private, and secret." With hundreds of interviews over a thirty year period, author J. Randy Taraborrelli pieces together the intimate parts of the former first lady's life as we've never seen before.

Release date: July 18, 2023

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things we left behind
Lucy Score
Things We Left Behind

Fans of the Knockemout series, get ready! Book 3, which will tell Lucien and Sloan's story, will be just as sweet and spicy as you'd expect. In this enemies to lovers tale, we have an unexpected duo that can't seem to figure out where their fiery attraction comes from. When a small town librarian ready for a family meets a brooding business mogul, what could go wrong—or very right?

Release date: September 5, 2023

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Stephen king holly
Stephen King

Just in time for spooky season is a new novel from the king of horror himself. This time, Stephen King thrills readers by bringing back a repeat character, Holly Gibney. Holly is just about to go on leave from her strenuous detective job when she hears the desperation in a mother's voice who's daughter, Bonnie Dahl, has gone missing. Down the road from where Bonnie disappeared is a seemingly distinguished couple who may just be harboring a sinister secret.

Release date: September 5, 2023

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it's on me Sara Kuburic the millennial therapist
Sara Kuburic
It's On Me: Accept Hard Truths, Discover Your Self, and Change Your Life

Every now and then we need a really good self-help book to recenter our focus on self-care, and we have high expectations for this one. Learn how to identify what the author coins as 'self-loss,' and how to gain self-awareness. Author Sara Kuburic is a psychotherapist, a USA Today columnist, and is affectionately known as 'The Millenial Therapist' on Instagram.

Release date: September 19, 2023

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lies and other love languages
Sonali Dev
Lies and Other Love Languages

There's nothing quite like the bonds of women. Though the bond between Vandy, Mallika, and Rani may be based on an tumultuous history, it will also take them each to new depths of self discovery. Each woman's life isn't going as planned, and when they're thrusted back into one another's lives, their journeys of motherhood and friendship take them to places they never knew they needed to go.

Release date: September 26, 2023

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