15 Mugs to Start Your Day With a Smile

all from small businesses!

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If you’re a mom, mornings may not be so leisurely when your little ones are young. In fact, mornings may start before the sun rises! But if you’re lucky, you get to have time for some extra snuggles with your cuties, and that can start your day off in the best possible way. Everyone’s morning routines may be different on any given day, but I’m sure we all would welcome any hacks to make it run more smoothly. One thing that can help mommies start the day on an uplifting note is by incorporating some form of mindfulness, even if it’s just for five minutes.

But on those extra-hectic mornings when your kids decide to wake up even earlier, you may need an extra boost to get you through the day. Below is a roundup of our favorite motivational mugs to start your day with a smile (and some caffeine, too!).

cute mug
Rachel Allene

Joy Comes in the Morning Coffee Mug

With the mission to uplift and empower women, Rachel Allene's mugs are an everyday inspiration.

Etsy | simplemadegreetings

Today I Will Give It My Some Mug

As a wife, mom, and teacher, the founder of Simply Made greetings Jessica, Miller said it best: When you just can't give it your all, give some.

Etsy | TravelingTreeDesign

Oh For Fox Sake Coffee Mug

Who can resist a kid-friendly pun? When you just can't adult, fill your cup with coffee—or whatever you'd like.

Etsy | SisHealYourselfShop

Sis Heal Yourself Mug

Coffee is healing, right? Grab this gorgeous coffee cup and take care of yourself while you're at it.

Golden Gems

You Are Magic Baby

Cofounded by two sisters, Golden Gems offers tons of cheeky and fun mugs just like this one!

cute mugs
Etsy | blackgirlhealingshop

Self-Care Over Everything Mug

With this minimalist mug, you'll want to do nothing but meditate, manifest, and mind your business.

Etsy | ExpressiveImprintsCo

No Matter What Path We Take Mug

Give the gift of "a little piece" of yourself to any of your coffee-loving loved ones!

Etsy | BitchinDesignCo

Mental Health Mug

Delivered with fun stickers, this mug is the perfect reminder for the days when we need to hear it the most—from feminist shop Bitchin Design Co.


You Grow Girl Mug

With a heavy emphasis on relatability, this shop's coffee mugs will always keep you going while you're growin'.

Etsy | AbbaShopBoutique

Kindness Mug

Owned and operated by Denise Ucros, Abba Shop Boutique specializes in always putting a smile on your face—and this larger-size mug can hold 15 ounces of coffee for those mornings when you need a little extra.

mija mug
Etsy | GrowingUpHispanic

MIJA You Got This Mug

Using funky colors, relatable graphics, and pieces of Hispanic culture, Growing Up Hispanic has mugs for any time of the day.


You're the Concha to My Cafecito Coffee Mug

ERESFUEGO translates to "you are fire," and you'll definitely feel like it sporting this brand's apparel and sipping from this mug every morning.

Etsy | EntrepreneursGuide

Tea Lover Affirmation Mug

This U.K. company knows that it's the little things that get us out of bed. Anything's possible with a bit of positivi-tea!

Etsy | LetItBeYoursCo

Self Love Mug

Based in Kokomo, Indiana, Let It Be Yours Co. puts creativity and fun at the forefront of all their products.

iced coffee cup
Etsy | BananaGoWee

Ice Coffee Cup With Lid

And for those who need an iced coffee pick-me-up, this smiley-face version will hopefully perk up your a.m.

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