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Sibling Names to Pair With the Most Popular Baby Names

Source: @thiswildheart
Source: @thiswildheart

As if the pressure of naming one baby wasn’t enough, dreaming up a pair of names perfect for siblings can feel monumental. Perhaps you’re the type that aims for a theme or chooses a beginning letter for the whole family.

No matter the method you use, a set of sibling names should complement one another without blending together. Sound like a tall order? To help you on your baby-naming journey, we’ve detailed the most adorable sibling picks to accompany last year’s most popular baby names for boys and for girls.


Sibling Names for 2020’s Most Popular Boy Names




Henry: Of German origin, this forever-classic means “estate-ruler.” 

Kate: An English name meaning “pure,” Kate is often a sweet nickname for Catherine. 



Everett: With roots in Germany, this darling moniker means “as brave as a wild boar.”

Inez: A Spanish name, the beautiful Inez means “pure.”



Elias: Pronounced “ee-LIE-us,” this option is a Greek name, meaning “Yaweh is God.”

Ivy: Originating in England, this name took a nod from the most literal of places: the classic plant.



William: An English name, this strong and stately pick means “resolute warrior.”

Mae: A sweet, old-fashioned English name, Mae means “bitter or pearl.”



Isaac: A Hebrew name with biblical ties, Isaac means “laughter.”

Anja: A Russian play on the Western Anna, this choice—pronounced “ahn-yah”—means “grace.”



Finn: Of Irish origin, this moniker simply means “fair.”

Alice: A classic choice with an honorable meaning: “noble.”



Elio: With Spanish and Italian roots, this bright and cheerful name means “sunny.”

Belen: While a beautiful choice for baby girls, Belen is also the Spanish name for the city of Bethlehem.




Caleb: Like Jacob, Caleb is a Hebrew name. It means “devoted to God.”

Zari: Sunshine-y and bright, this adorable Persian pick means “golden.”



Nathaniel: Of Hebrew origin, this strong name means “gift of God.”

Sawyer: Once an occupational name, this English pick means “woodcutter.”



Alexander: Evoking strength and bravery, Alexander is a Greek name meaning “defending men.”

Eleanor: With ties to both Greece and England, Eleanor means “bright, shining” or “God is my light.”



Miles: An English name, this simple choice means “merciful.”

Celeste: With roots all around the world—from France to Spain to Portugal—this sophisticated name means “celestial or heavenly.”



Daniel: A moniker with biblical ties, Daniel is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my judge.”

Clementine: Quirky and undeniably cute, this name originated in France, where it means “mild.”



Marcus: With Latin roots, Marcus means “shining and polite.”

Audrey: This classic choice found its start in England, where it means “noble strength.”




August: Of German origin, August means “majestic, great.”

Emme: Pronounced “emmy,” this adorable naming option means “whole, universal.”



Darius: With Persian and Latin roots, Darius is a noble name meaning “kingly.”

Olivia: A Latin name, this popular choice means “olive tree.”



Nathaniel: Of Hebrew origin, this traditional name means “gift of God.”

Isadora: A Greek moniker, Isadora comes with a built-in nickname that’s a picture-perfect fit for Alex: Isa.



Malik: Malik has Arabic roots, where this regal name means “king” or “chief.”

Eliza: A Hebrew name, Eliza means “promised to God.”



Francis: Of Latin origin, this name means “free man.”

Ava: Depending on its origin—Hebrew, German, and Latin—Ava means “life,” “promise,” and “bird,” respectively.



Andrew: Andrew originated in Greece, where the name means “strong and manly.”

Liena: A name with roots in both Germany and China, Liena means “as beautiful as the lotus flower.”



David: A Hebrew name, David means “beloved.”

Daphne: Of Greek origin, Daphne means “laurel tree or bay tree.”


Sibling Names for 2020’s Most Popular Girl Names




Felix: Felix is a Latin name that means “happy” and “fortunate.”

Ada: A long-running favorite in the U.S., Ada found its start in Germany, where it means “noble.”



Samson: A Hebrew name with ties to the Bible, Samson means “sun.”

Beatrice: Of Latin origin, Beatrice is a fitting choice for a newborn baby, as it means “she who brings happiness.”



Micah: Micah has its roots in the Hebrew language, where it means “he who is like the Lord.”

Leilani: A Hawaiian pick, Leilani means “heavenly flower.”



James: James is both an English and Hebrew name and means “supplanter.”

Louise: With ties to both England and France, this darling moniker means “warrior.”



Matthew: For a name that means “gift of God,” look no further than this most popular name list mainstay.

Lydia: A Greek place name, Lydia has a literal meaning—”woman from Lydia.”



Leo: A regal name with Latin ties, Leo brings to mind the king of the jungle: the lion.

Lily: Lily is an English name first given to flowering bulbs.



Julian: This moniker has English and Latin ties and means “youthful.”

Alani: A name with Hawaiian origins, Alani means “orange tree.”



Ezra: Ezra is a Hebrew name meaning “help.”

Hazel: This old-fashioned name found its start in England. It means, simply, “from the hazelnut tree.”



Jonas: Jonas first emerged in Greece, where it means “dove.”

Autumn: Inspired by the season, Autumn takes its meaning from the calendar year.



Kiernan: Kiernan began as a Gaelic surname and, while most popular as a name given to boys, also enjoys gender-neutral appeal.

Rose: Rose has Latin roots and was created to name the popular garden flower.



Gabe: Gabe is a diminutive of the Hebrew Gabriel but is adorable enough to stand on its own.

Juno: Of Latin origin, the regally inspired Juno means “queen of the heavens.”



Benjamin: An ever-popular pick, this Hebrew option means “son of the right hand.”

Alice: Having first emerged in Germany, the classic name Alice means “noble.”




Alfie: A nickname for the old-fashioned Alfred, this English name means “wise counselor.”

Thea: Thea is a Greek name meaning “goddess.”



Emmett: English and Hebrew, Nameberry cites Emmett as the masculine match for the ever-popular Emma.

Arya: A Sanskrit word for “noble” and a play on the operatic Aria, this moniker can’t help but bring musical vibes.



Theodore: This traditional name has Greek roots and means “gift of God.”

Eden: This name, pronounced “EE-den,” has an obvious meaning—”paradise.”



Silas: Of English origin, Silas is a name that means “from the wood or forest.”

Anissa: Anissa is a charming Arabic name for “friendly.”



Simon: A Hebrew name, Simon means “a good listener.”

Adele: Originating in France, Adele is a name that means “nobility.”



Owen: With Welsh ties, Owen—which means “young warrior”—is steadily growing in popularity in the U.S.

Amara: Amara is both a Sanskrit and Arabic name with a solid meaning: “grace.”

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