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The Cutest Twin Baby Names for Your Dynamic Duo

twin baby names"
twin baby names
Source: @thewarrenhaus via #sharetheeverymom
Source: @thewarrenhaus via #sharetheeverymom

If the thought of dreaming up one baby name feels like a monumental task, try coming up with two. When Jackie R., a mom of three in Chicago, was pregnant with her twins, her husband wouldn’t even broach the topic of names until they knew the sexes. “He refused to talk about names,” she said. “He didn’t want to think of six [possible names], assuming they might be different for girls and boys.” It wasn’t until an Uber driver tossed out a name they liked that the couple found a pair of twin baby names that clicked.

Whatever your baby-naming experience may be, if you have twins on the way, we’re here to help take the pressure off with 30 beautiful twin baby name combinations. Read on for our top picks for girls, boys, and gender-neutral names below.

Twin Names for Girls

Eleanor and Emma

Old-fashioned and classic, Eleanor and Emma give off bygone-era vibes while still managing to feel fresh and modern. 

Stella and Cora

Short, sweet, and sharing a last syllable, this vintage pair of girl names feels anything but stuffy and antique.

Juniper and Iris

Both nature-inspired baby names, these two are just different enough to pair perfectly together.

Clementine and Clara

Unconventional without veering into unknown territory, both Clementine and Clara hit their peak of popularity in the early 1900s. Is it time they both make a comeback? We certainly think so.

Simone and Samara

If a matching set of names is what you’re after, Simone and Samara are darling options that have a similar look and feel—without dipping into cringe-worthy territory.

Belen and Esme

For a set of Spanish names, Belen, meaning “Bethlehem,” and Esme, a diminutive of Esmerelda, couldn’t be sweeter. 

Evelyn and Alice

In a time when all things granny-chic are sweeping the nation, (hello, wallpaper and pull-on pants), a couple of names fit for our most beloved matriarchs seem especially fitting.

Ada and Amelia

Give your twin girls built-in role models with “A”-names from some of the world’s greatest achievers, mathematician Ada Lovelace and aviator Amelia Earhart.

Charlotte and Louise

Here, an offbeat name like the beautiful Louise tempers the widespread popularity of the well-loved Charlotte.

Amina and Aria

Popular in the Muslim community, Amina means “trustworthy and faithful.” Pair it with another “A” name like Aria—meaning “air” in Italian—for an alliterative option for a new set of twins.

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Twin Names for Boys

Benjamin and Liam

Parents simply can’t go wrong with two names like Benjamin and Liam. Consider them exceedingly popular for good reason—they are classic and versatile, with nicknames aplenty (Ben, Benji, and Li for starters). 

Andrew and Alfie

Sweet and adorable, these names give off old London vibes and would make for the most precious set of little boys in any city.

August and Finn

Seemingly plucked from the pages of an old novel, August and Finn make for an adorable pair of twin boy names.

Darius and David

For a kingly set of names, Darius and David are strong contenders with historic ties. Darius found its roots in Emperor Darius the Great (Persia), while David harkens back to King David of the Bible.

Jacob and Jonah

For two names that share the first letter “J,” Jacob and Jonah have a timeless quality while still feeling new and noteworthy.

Malik and Edmund

There’s something tender and sweet about these soft-sounding names—a perfect pick for two brand new baby boys.

Harrison and Henry

Another strong contender in the shared first letter category, Harrison and Henry are two classic names that have stood the test of time.

Calvin and Caleb

For a pair that goes together like peanut butter and jelly, Calvin and Caleb are an obvious match.

Raphael and Joaquin

Effortlessly cool baby names, these monikers are standouts on their own. Together, they up the hip factor considerably.

Dorian and Daniel

These adorable names just flow well together, making a super-sweet set for a pair of brothers.

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Twin Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Louis and Mabel

When eclectic grandpa meets coastal grandma, great things happen. It’s an especially dynamic duo when paired as two classic baby names.

Jax and Scarlett

Two baby names, each with a bit of an edge, will surely make your twins memorable.

Noah and Trinity

Names with Biblical ties have always been a popular choice. We love this combination because, again, it’s a great mix of traditional and more unique.

Elijah and Aubrey

Even though Elijah and Aubrey share very few letters in common, the strong vowel sounds in each make them mesh together in a lovely way.

Theodore and Sophia

When perfectly masculine meets perfectly feminine, we’re given exceptional harmony. This is the case with this delightful duo.

Levi and Veda

Perhaps it’s the uncommon “V” in each or the fact that they’re both two-syllable names. No matter what, though, their appeal is undeniable.

Ronan and Isabella

What makes Ronan and Isabella sound so wonderful together may be that they both sound like they could’ve been inspired by a medieval fantasy story.

Atlas and Luna

Raise little ones who always reach for the stars with these celestial baby names. Atlas, referring to a mythical Greek Titan, and Luna, meaning “moon,” are practically a match made in heaven.

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Gender-Neutral Twin Baby Names

Joey and Jameson

There’s nothing sweeter than siblings, especially twins, with names that start with the same letter. This combo is the perfect mix of traditional and modern with a little edge.

Casey and Bailey

It’s the shared rhythm and soft ending that makes Casey and Bailey flow so well together.   

Rowan and Sawyer

Maybe it’s their shared “W,” but these darling names—beautiful picks for girls and boys alike—feel like a perfect match.

Rayan and Remi

The Arabic Rayan and French Remi make a sweet set of baby names, whether you’re expecting girls or boys.

Sloan and Blake

Both one-syllable names, this powerful pair means “warrior” and “dark,” respectively, giving your little ones’ names an edgy and cool factor.

Carson and Charlie

If you’re looking for a shared first letter without the matchy-matchy feel of a beginning sound, look to Carson and Charlie. While Charlie has long been known as a diminutive of Charles, it’s exploding in popularity for girls as well.

Amani and Zain

In Arabic, these gorgeous names hold special meanings—”faith” and “beauty,” respectively.

River and Wren

For any parents wishing to harness the peacefulness of nature, a set of names like River and Wren should do the trick. 

Blair and Beckett

As a pair, Blair and Beckett have a pleasant ring to it. Both names originate from English surnames but have plenty of staying power as first names, too.

Kiernan and Cole

Kiernan and Cole are both Old English surnames that would make exceptionally charming picks for a set of twins.

Cameron and Quinn

For names with a shared beginning sound without the repeat first letter, Cameron and Quinn are darling choices.