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35+ Baby Boy Names That Begin With J and Aren’t John, James, or Jacob

Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

With millions of places to draw baby name inspiration from, it can be challenging to select the perfect one for a newborn without a little help. That’s why narrowing it down is key when it comes to the baby name selection journey. There are lots of things we can consider. Do we want to be inspired by the season of the year in which we’ll be welcoming the baby? Or honor someone in our family tree? Or maybe we want to continue a personal or familial tradition with the baby name we choose.

When narrowing down baby name options, it can be fun to go the Kris Jenner route and select one letter that all of your kiddos’ names will start with. While she, of course, went with K, there are a lot of great options that fall under its predecessor in the alphabet. That’s why we wanted to compile a list of some of our favorite boy names that start with J. And while we love the popular options like John, James, and Jacob, we wanted to look a little bit out of the box to see what else is out there. Read on for 35+ baby boy names that start with J.

Baby Boy Names that Start with J


This snappy Greek and Hebrew title has the wholesome meaning of “healer.”


A great gender-neutral option, this British name is perfect for a newborn that’s sure to be the most treasured part of your life as it holds the meaning of “precious stone.”


This classic title will never go out of style and is a popular given name, as well as a surname. Fittingly, it means “son of Jack.”


Whether you have an affinity for Mick Jagger or Jägermeister (or neither!), this baby name option is edgy and a great alternative ‘J’ name. With British origins, it holds the meaning of “one who cuts.”


Hoping for a little one with a calm and gentle demeanor? Set the tone right off the bat by giving him this Greek name meaning “calm” and “tranquil.”


Another edgy option that’s gaining in popularity for both boys and girls is this British moniker that shares a title with a popular whiskey brand. For a cool alternative to James, this name meaning “son of James” is a great option to consider.


Because a newborn is sure to be the most beautiful part of your life, opt for this Arabic name that means “radiant.”


For an angelic baby name option, consider this Hebrew title that means “to descend.”


There’s no shortage of boy names that exude strength, and this may just be one of the coolest. It has British origins and means “spear-strong” and is often seen as an alternative to the popular Garrett.


Fans of Twilight may quickly equate this name to a dreamy vampire. If that’s not reason enough to consider it, you may appreciate that the Persian title means “treasurer”—perfect for the little one who holds your heart.


Everything is new to the eyes of a newborn, so giving him this title meaning “new house” might be quite fitting, especially when bringing him home for the first time.


For a name that feels a little rebellious, Jax is it. The title is a modern spin on a classic and holds the meaning of “son of Jack.”


Because we know you’ll be incredibly “thankful” to bring your little one home, consider giving them this Hebrew title of that meaning.

baby boy names that begin with J
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At one point, Jeffrey was in the top 10 most popular baby boy name choices. While it has since steadily declined, the name meaning “God’s peace” is a great classic option to consider.


This unique name of Scandinavian origin means “son of Jens” and has slowly been gaining in popularity in recent years. We can see why! We love how unique it is.


Another surname turned first name is this title fitting for any little boy with an influential John in his life as it holds the meaning of “little John.”


Since you’re sure to be singing “Joy to the World” when bringing baby home, consider giving him this title meaning “the Lord exalts.”


Similarly, Jeremy is the anglicized version of Jeremiah and also means “the Lord exalts.” Take your pick of two great baby boy names that start with J.


This historical name is just as cool as it sounds. Of Arabic origin, it means “city of the moon.”


Give baby a “sacred name” with this Greek title that holds this meaning.


Because bringing home a newborn is always a gift, selecting a name that means “gift” in Hebrew is highly fitting.


For a unique name that exudes effortless confidence, consider this snappy title referring to a “black stone.”


For a highly Biblical name that has always held its own on the charts, this strong name meaning “Jehovah is God” is the way to go.


While this title is traditionally short for Joseph, we happen to think it makes a great name on its own as well. And just like having a baby will add so much to your life, this name rightfully means “God will increase.”


We love that the use of last names as first names is at the forefront of a lot of minds right now. Similar to many surnames, this one is perfect for a boy with an important John in his life as it means “son of John.”


For a little one who flies into your life like a precious “dove,” this masculine Hebrew name is quite perfect.


This popular surname receives new life when used as a given name. Of Welsh origins, it also refers to the “son of John.”


Raise a little one who’s always willing to be helpful with this Hebrew name that refers to “support.”


If you find yourself as enthusiastic as Rachel Green in Friends for the name Joshua, we can relate. We love this boy’s name that starts with J and means “God is deliverance.”


Whether you think of the iconic band that gifted us Don’t Stop Believin’ or the adventure that is welcoming a newborn, this name meaning “trip” or “expedition” is fitting for either.


You can never go wrong with a music-inspired baby name, especially one that relates to The Beatles. The beautiful name means “praised” in Hebrew.


If you like to keep your baby names highly unique, we’ve got you covered. This distinguished variation of Jordan means “to descend.”


A great option for either a little boy or girl, this French title translates to “youthful.”


Also meaning “youthful,” Julian is the short form of the classic Greek and Latin moniker Julianus. Another derivative includes Julias.


For a proud title that will encourage any little one to always do what’s right, opt for this English name that means “impartial” and “fair.”


While these days it may be impossible to not associate this name with the pop star Justin Bieber, we don’t have any problem with that. Even more so, we love that the name means “righteousness.”