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65 of Our Favorite Summer-Inspired Baby Names

summer baby names"
summer baby names
Source: @raven.vasquez
Source: @raven.vasquez

For some of us, endless summer is the ultimate dream—a season full of sunshine, beach days, and baseball. When the season we’ve been waiting for all spring finally arrives, we tend to get energized. It’s much easier to put a smile on our faces and a spring in our steps when there’s sunshine and warm weather waiting for us outdoors.

It’s easy to see why a baby name inspired by the sunny season just makes sense. Mamas who welcome their babies or find out they are pregnant during the summer months may feel especially drawn to choose a name that symbolizes the sun, water, or blooming flowers. If this is you, keep reading for 65 of our favorite summer-inspired baby names that will shine as bright as your new bundle of joy.

Summer-Inspired Names for Baby Girls


Origin: Latin | Meaning: The Golden One

You’re sure to raise a golden child with this unique but lovely moniker meaning “the golden one.”


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Voyager

Use the nickname Bea (pronounced like “Bee”) to inspire thoughts of honey bees and flowers.


Origin: British, English | Meaning: Day’s Eye

Summer means tons of beautiful blooming flowers. One of the most delicate, that also makes an adorable baby name, is Daisy.


Origin: Greek | Meaning: Laurel Tree

Nature-inspired baby names go hand-in-hand with summer names, especially this title meaning “laurel tree.” This name made a major resurgence in recent years thanks to the hit Netflix show Bridgerton.


Origin: Greek | Meaning: Shining Light

A lighter, more feminine-sounding version of Helen, Helena is a classic name meaning “shining light.”


Origin: Spanish | Meaning: Island

Isla is brought to our list from the name of a Scottish island and channels the season’s association with water. Plus, in Spanish, this lovely name means “island.”


Origin: Persian | Meaning: Gift from God

The name Jasmine is reminiscent of the summer Jasmine flower that blooms in the months of June, July, and August.


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Young

A sweet and slightly old-fashioned baby name, June clearly gives a nod to the summer season. Similar names include Juno or the Scandinavian version, Juni.


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Shining

Because your little girl is sure to be the “shining” star of your world, give her this delightful title.

summer baby names
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Origin: African | Meaning: Sunshine

This beautiful African title holds the summer-centric meaning of “sunshine.”


Origin: English; Latin | Meaning: Light

Lucy means “light” and pays homage to the lighter-feeling days of summer. Historically, it was a name given to babies born at dawn.


Origin: French | Meaning: Pearl

Meaning “pearl,” Margot is a nod to June’s pretty birthstone.


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Red Flower

Unlike many other flower names, Poppy has a bit more spunk to it rather than being overly feminine and delicate.


Origin: French | Meaning: Rose

Rosalie is a French name meaning “rose,” and a nod to the flowers that bloom brightly during the summer months.


Origin: Spanish | Meaning: Treeless Grassland

The green grass grows best in the summer sunshine. That’s why this name meaning “treeless grassland” may be a great fit for a summer baby (or anyone who appreciates the Southern city!).


Origin: Italian | Meaning: Orange Red

Meaning “orange-red” in Italian, the name Sienna is characteristic of bright, bold summer sunsets.


Origin: English | Meaning: Summer Season

Does this one really need an explanation? The name Summer gives off relaxed and happy vibes.

More Summer Baby Names for Girls

  • Birdie
  • Celeste
  • Clementine
  • Clover
  • Florence
  • Juniper
  • Lily
  • Marigold
  • Marina
  • Olivia
  • Phoebe
  • Rose
  • Ruby
  • Sylvie
  • Willow
  • Xanthe

Summer-Inspired Names for Baby Boys


Origin: English | Meaning: Great, Magnificent

Notes: A spin on the popular (and summer month-inspired) name, August, Augustine means “great” and “magnificent.” And we love the cute moniker Gus as a nickname!


Origin: English, Irish | Meaning: Beehive

Beckett means “beehive” and inspires images of nature including summer bees and playing outside.


Origin: English | Meaning: Of the Brook

Notes: Brooks simply means “of the brook,” bringing to mind babbling water perfect for summer splashing. Brooks also cracked the top 100 baby names in the U.S. in 2020.


Origin: Persian | Meaning: Sun

Popularized by shows like Scandal and Gossip Girl, the name Cyrus means “sun.”


Origin: Welsh | Meaning: Son of the Sea

Meaning “son of the sea,” the name Dylan is perfect for families who like to spend their summers by the beach.


Origin: Italian | Meaning: Sun

Similar to the popular Enzo, Elio, pronounced “EH-lee-o,” is a boy name meaning “sun.”


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Flowering

This historical and distinguished name is fit for a comeback and means “flowering.”


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Fiery

Anyone of the Catholic faith my recognize this name as a Patron Saint. But it’s also a great uncommon baby name that invokes the summer heat with the meaning of “fiery.”


Origin: Hawaiian | Meaning: Sea

A powerful one-syllable name, Kai has many different meanings around the world. In Hawaiian, it means “sea.”


Origin: Latin | Meaning:

Leo, meaning “lion,”  is a strong name and also one of the Zodiac signs for babies born in July and August.

summer baby names
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Origin: Latin | Meaning: Light

Lucius means “light” and was given to baby boys born at dawn in ancient Rome. Try it for a less popular version of Luca or Lucas.


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Traveler, Pilgrim

Summer is the season of traveling. That’s why this unusual name is fitting for adventurous parents who are looking for something uncommon.


Origin: Hindi | Meaning: Conferring

Short but sweet, this name of Hindi origin means “conferring” and shares the title of the Hindu sun god.


Origin: German | Meaning: Wise Protector

A diminutive of Raymond, the name Ray means “wise protector.” Summer-loving parents will love this name for their little ray of sunshine.


Origin: Greek | Meaning: Where Roses Grow

A unique title to be sure, and one that’s been brought to light as a gender-neutral option thanks to Hollywood “It” Girl, Hailey Rhode Bieber. The enchanting moniker means “where roses grow.”


Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Sun

This old-school name is as classic as it is perfect for a summer baby with the meaning “sun.”


Origin: German | Meaning: Untamed

We all feel just a bit more freedom in the summertime. Let your little one let out their wild side with this powerful name meaning “untamed.”

More Summer Baby Names for Boys

  • Aurelio
  • Banks
  • Beck
  • Cruz
  • Heath
  • Julian
  • Leland
  • Murphy
  • Onyx
  • Reed
  • Reef
  • Sol
  • Sonny
  • Sylvan
  • Thatcher
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