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Our Favorite Summer-Inspired Baby Names

written by DANA PETERS
Source: @jess.liao
Source: @jess.liao

For some of us, endless summer is the ultimate dream. In a season full of sunshine, beach days, and baseball, it’s easy to see why a baby name inspired by the season just makes sense. Mamas who welcome their babies or find out they are pregnant during the summer months may feel especially drawn to choose a name that symbolizes the sun, water, or blooming flowers.

Keep reading for our favorite summer-inspired baby names that will shine as bright as your new bundle of joy.


Summer-Inspired Names for Baby Girls


Origin: Latin

Sweet and slightly old-fashioned, June clearly gives a nod to the summer season. Similar names include Juno or the Scandinavian version, Juni.



Origin: French

Rosalie is a French name meaning “rose,” and a nod to the flowers that bloom brightly during the summer months.



Origin: Greek

A lighter, more feminine-sounding version of Helen, Helena is a classic name meaning “shining light.”



Origin: Persian

The name Jasmine is reminiscent of the summer Jasmine flower that blooms in the months of June, July, and August.



Origin: Scottish

Isla, pronounced EYE-la, comes from the name of a Scottish island and channels the season’s association with water.



Origin: English

Does this one really need an explanation? Summer as a name gives off relaxed and happy vibes.



Origin: English; Latin

Lucy means “light” and pays homage to the lighter-feeling days of summer. Historically, it was a name given to babies born at dawn.



Origin: Latin

Unlike many other flower names, Poppy has a bit more spunk to it rather than being overly feminine and delicate.



Origin: Italian

Meaning orange-red in Italian, the name Sienna is characteristic of bright, bold summer sunsets.



Origin: Latin

Use the nickname Bea (pronounced Bee) to inspire thoughts of honey bees and flowers.


Summer-Inspired Names for Baby Boys



Origin: Latin

Leo, meaning “lion,”  is a strong name and also one of the reigning Zodiac signs during the months of July and August.



Origin: Persian

Popularized by shows like Scandal and Gossip Girl, the name Cyrus means “sun.”



Origin: Hawaiian

A powerful one-syllable name, Kai has many different meanings around the world. In Hawaiian, it means “sea.”



Origin: Italian

Similar to the popular Enzo, Elio, pronounced EH-lee-o, is a boy name meaning “sun.”



Origin: Latin

Lucius means “light” and was given to baby boys born at dawn in ancient Rome. Try it for a less popular version of Luca or Lucas.



Origin: Welsh

Meaning “son of the sea,” the name Dylan is perfect for families who like to spend their summers by the beach.



Origin: English, Irish

Beckett means “beehive” and inspires images of nature including summer bees and playing outside.



Origin: German

A diminutive of Raymond, the name Ray means “wise protector.” Summer-loving parents will love this name for their ray of sunshine.



Origin: English

Notes: Brooks simply means “of the brook,” bringing to mind babbling water perfect for summer splashing. Brooks also cracked the top 100 baby names in the U.S. in 2020.



Origin: English

Notes: A spin on the popular (and summer month-inspired) name, August, Augustine means “great, magnificent.” Try Gus as a nickname.

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