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5 Ideas for More Steamy Sex, Inspired by ‘Bridgerton’


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bridgerton steamy sex"
bridgerton steamy sex
Graphics by: Anna Wissler
Graphics by: Anna Wissler

Have you gotten enough of the steamy Netflix series Bridgerton yet? Maybe we’re biased, but we’ve had a hard time choosing which season we love more. Season 1 gave us a firsthand look at how sex can happen whether or not our parents gave us the sex talk, while Season 2 consisted of a slow, smoldering love affair. And now, as Season 3 just dropped on the streamer, our love for Bridgerton has been refueled yet again. Whether you and your partner see yourselves in the stories of Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings, Lord Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, or Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, we believe the series gives a nice peek into the many ways to add more steamy sex into your life.

That’s not to say you have to convince your partner to watch every episode of Bridgerton, but they’ll certainly be fans of the sexy ideas you might suggest from the show. Personally, my partner isn’t the biggest fan of Bridgerton, but he can agree that some of the things I’ve suggested from the series have increased our anticipation for sex.

Ready to spice things up in the bedroom with some steamy sex inspired by Bridgerton? Keep reading for five easy ideas to add more spice into your relationship.

1. Try Different Locations

The bedroom may usually be your place of choice, but what if you, within reason, tried having sex in different locations? There are several places within your home that you can experience anything from a quickie to extended lovemaking. Who can forget seeing Lord Anthony Bridgerton’s bare rear as he had sex up against a tree in Season 1? Better yet, what about his hot and heavy romp with the opera singer at the opera house? While having someone stand guard as you and your partner give in to your desires doesn’t exactly sound steamy, it’s the thrill of having sex in different locations that makes it fun.

Bath or Shower

The middle of Season 2 briefly shows Lord Anthony Bridgerton submerged in a bath with his bare chest exposed. Something tells us his Lordship didn’t have any problem with exposure given his steamy sex scenes throughout Season 1. In the spirit of Lord Anthony, you and your partner can try having sex while taking a bath or shower. It can be a little slippery, but as long as you’re being safe, a quick romp can be exciting. You can either have your partner join you after you’ve entered the bathtub or shower, or you can enter at the same time. From there, slowly washing each other’s bodies can turn into sensual touching that leads to sex that’s hotter than the water’s temperature.

In a Tight Spot

If you have a walk-in laundry room, pantry, closet, or other small, private room, the tight squeeze will mean you have to get close and creative. How many times were Kate and Anthony face-to-face and breath-to-breath and *almost* lost themselves to desire? And we love that Penelope and Colin seem to be bringing that same energy into the new season, too.

To help build your own anticipation, you can leave your partner enticing notes in their car or around your home that end with “meet me in the laundry room at ____ time.” This quickie encounter could occur while your kids are asleep or preoccupied with their favorite TV series, depending on their age. It can be a quick moment possibly followed up by a longer session when the two of you aren’t busy.


Just like the Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton explore their passions in the garden—as do Anthony and Kate—your patio/balcony can serve as another fun location to really take things up a notch. This is especially true if you have an enclosed patio/balcony and a fence that secures the perimeter of your home. As exciting as it can be to have sex outside in a park, it’s actually illegal to have sex in a public place. Your own backyard or private balcony is a safer option.

2. Wear Lingerie Inspired By Bridgerton

As we’ve seen throughout the seasons of Bridgerton, corsets were a huge part of women’s wardrobes back in the Regency era. Actually, can we take a moment to reflect on Kate’s sexy lingerie moment in Season 2 as well? I’m not sure about you, but I immediately started looking for a lingerie set that featured a corset to add to my collection (side note: today’s corsets are a little more comfortable, meaning you’re less likely to pass out or have difficulty breathing). Even if your partner says you don’t have to wear lingerie to help get them in the mood, it can be fun to surprise them with a dainty or spicy set that, well, makes their temperature rise.

3. Or Wear Nothing at All

We can’t wait for a future season’s exploration of artistic brother Benedict Bridgerton’s story. Season 1 included plenty of steamy moments, but Season 2 inspired an idea to try them at home. Pose nude or draped in sheets, showing (and teasing) a little peek of what’s underneath. If you aren’t artistic or don’t want the kids finding any naughty sketches, consider standing or laying in front of your partner for a moment without letting them touch you to build the anticipation when you finally come together.

4. Start Solo Sex, Later Joined by Your Partner (or Not!)

In Season 1 of Bridgerton, fans got a chance to watch Daphne Bridgerton explore the world of self-pleasure through masturbation. Although she wasn’t well-versed in anything related to sex, this introduced her to the concept that sex can be initiated by herself. Consider initiating masturbation with yourself—you could use your favorite vibrator or invite your partner to watch. Or enjoy some solo time just for your own pleasure!

5. Spend a Week of Intimacy Catering to Each Other’s Love Languages

One of the best things about Bridgerton is that it reminds us there is something beautiful about witty banter and paying attention to things our partners like. If you know each other’s love languages—quality time, physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts—try to be intentional with your partner to up the intimacy outside the bedroom too.

For example, in Season 1, Marina explains what led to her pregnancy by detailing how bundles of cake and biscuits filled with love notes wooed her. Her love languages are probably words of affirmation and receiving gifts. In Season 2, although Anthony and Kate were not officially dating, Anthony learns early on that she was interested in activities like horseback riding and hunting. Anthony got a chance to see a different side of Kate as they spent quality time together on the hunt and playing croquet, which added to the smoldering tension already growing between them.

I think we can agree that Season 1 of Bridgerton had more vivid sex scenes, but Season 2 is still special because it showed how much anticipation can encourage more steamy sex. And we can’t wait to see what sexy moments and inspo Season 3 has in store for us, too. As exciting as having sex in different places or having a partner watch you pleasure yourself can be, romantic gestures and intimate moments are sexy too. If this makes you want to binge watch Bridgerton again just for the steamy sex scenes and sexual tension, we won’t judge. In fact, we’re probably already watching again with you!

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