5 of My Favorite Self-Care Items From Trader Joe’s

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trader joe's self-care items
Graphics by: Leigh Ryan

If you’ve been following The Everymom for a while, you surely know that we love all-things Trader Joe’s around here. From the brand’s impressive array of frozen foods and unique condiment aisle to its delicious snacks and wine selection (if you know, you know), TJ’s is one of our favorite grocery stores for many a reason.

But have you ever taken a look at your local store’s self-care section? If not, I’m here to let you in on a little secret: it’s just as amazing as you might expect. While it’s filled with toiletry basics like shampoos, conditioners, and soaps, TJ’s also offers moisturizers and sunscreens, face masks, oils, and serums, makeup-removing wipes and cleansers, and so much more.

To hopefully bring some buzz to my go-to Trader Joe’s aisle (and create some new fans, too!), I rounded up five of my favorite TJ’s self-care items that I use almost daily. Keep reading for my recs! 


1. Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

trader joe's self-care items

I bought this product on a total whim during a long-ago TJ’s run, and I’m now nothing short of obsessed with it. I’ve tried a lot of different drugstore face creams over the years, and nothing compares to the soothing feel of this gel moisturizer. Made with aloe and green tea extract, the consistency of this product is, like its name suggests, a gel, which I love compared to the usual oily lotions I’ve used before.

I go through these little jars pretty often because I slather this moisturizer all over my face and neck day and night, and as I said, it’s really soothing. It feels cool and refreshing on my face, which is especially a treat at night before bed. I highly recommend it as a daily moisturizer to keep your skin bright and hydrated, but do take note it doesn’t include any SPF, so make sure you’re adding that in elsewhere as part of your skincare routine.


2. Rose Water Facial Toner

trader joe's self-care items

This rose water facial toner does just what it says on the bottle’s label: hydrates and refreshes my face to help me feel ready to take on the day. I used this a lot over the summer after spending time outside in the sun to give my skin a boost of mid-day hydration. But I’ve actually found it to be even more useful now that we’re entering the cold, dry, winter months with keeping my skin feeling supple and moisturized.

The rose water scent is heavenly, and a little spritz goes a long way in helping me feel energized and rejuvenated. (It’s truly the little things nowadays, people!) I especially like it now that I’m working from home full-time and spending so much more time in front of screens. It may seem like something you don’t need, but I promise it’s a very small self-care ritual that brings a smile to my face and gives me a pick-me-up after a long day.


3. Cucumber + Citrus Face and Body Wipes

trader joe's self-care items

These. Are. So. Great. First of all, they smell absolutely amazing. The cucumber and citrus scent these wipes are infused with is so perfectly light and refreshing in a way that seems organic and not like something artificially scented at all. This handy pack comes with 64 pre-moistened towelettes that are both adequately sized (anyone else despise a teeny, tiny wipe?!) and each contains just the right amount of moisture to get the job done.

I’ve used these to remove makeup in a pinch but mostly grab them when I feel like my body could just use a bit of a refresh after a light workout or, more often than not, a long day of sitting at my desk and feeling blah. Though they’re not disinfecting wipes, they’re also great to have on-the-go for when you need a wet wipe to deal with a sticky spill, dusty playground hands, or literally anything else.


4. Watermelon Overnight Face Mask

trader joe's self-care items

If you’ve read anything else I’ve written about skincare on The Everymom in the past, you probably know I’m a total skincare novice and do not have a great track record with keeping up a routine. So, I instead rely on random products like this one to keep my skin looking bright and moisturized—and this little guy did not disappoint when it came to doing just that.

I’ve been applying this all over my face and neck before bed lately (after using a small amount of my favorite gel moisturizer, listed above) to give my skin an added boost of glowy hydration and make it look like I actually get enough sleep (spoiler alert: I do not). This product only contains a few, clean ingredients and has the consistency you’d definitely want in an overnight mask: super easy to apply, not too heavy to wear while sleeping, and doesn’t make a big mess on your pillow. An added bonus: the packaging is so chic and makes it look like an expensive skincare product. But it’s only—wait for it—$6.99!

5. Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash

trader joe's self-care items

I bought this TJ’s body wash a few months ago after another Everymom editor, Laura, raved about it in our team’s June 2020 Editor Empties post. I’m always on the lookout for clean body washes that still get the job done, and after reading Laura’s review, this one seemed to totally fit that bill. Fast forward to today, and this product is my go-to. It smells so lovely and actually does leave my body feeling a little tingly (as the label suggests) which is a refreshing and invigorating way to start my mornings.

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