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17 Gorgeous Rooms That Will Have You Swooning Over Wallpaper

When my oldest was born, we lived in a shoebox apartment: my husband and me, two cats, and a newborn who, I was determined, would have the nursery of my dreams. And she did, complete with a statement wall of neutral-hued geometric roses. Once we moved and decided to rent out the apartment, I shot down every plea from renters to remove the wallpaper. It was, as I had insisted to my skeptical husband, a selling point. I stand firm on that.

I love the look of a wallpapered room, whether it’s bright and bold or quiet and subtle. A modern dose of pattern on your walls can make a room sing. Don’t believe me? Scroll down for 17 examples that prove what stylish things a good wallpaper can do.



Bursting with color, pattern, and personality, these gorgeous rooms prove that wallpaper can really bring home the drama. When you want to make a statement, put down the paint can and reach for a roll of wallpaper instead. These examples show us what’s possible.












Scared of commitment? Tiptoe in with subtle designs that offer a wisp of color and pattern play. As these rooms prove, even a hint of wallpaper in neutral hues and elegant designs can elevate a room to next-level style.










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