6 Things to Pack for Kids to Make That Holiday Road Trip Easier

We all know that outings with kids can involve a lot of preparation and planning. No matter how old your kids are, they require a lot of things to keep them happy and entertained when you’re out and about.

Diapers? Check.

Bottles? Check.

Favorite toy, blanket, or stuffed animal? Check, check, and check.

Flying with a baby is a task all its own, but if you have plans to take a road trip to visit family and friends for the holidays, you may be wondering how to make everything go smoothly while you’re in the car for a while. We’ve rounded up a few items you’ll want to have on hand to make your travels this holiday season a bit more fun for them and a lot less stressful on you.

Pottery Barn Kids

Hanging Backseat Organizer

Bringing along toys, books, iPad, and more? Keep it all organized and in one spot with this organizer that hangs right on the back of the seat.

Marpac Rohm

Portable White Noise Sound Machine

A white noise machine is a great way to drown out music or chit chat while you're on the road.


Brica Out-N-About Trunk Organizer & Changing Station

Make changing diapers a breeze by having everything you need in one central place.

The Baby's Brew

Portable Bottle Warmer & Formula Dispenser

Baby won't take a cold bottle? No problem! Choose between three temperatures, and it stays warm for up to four hours.

Lusso Gear

Kids Travel Tray

Make it easy for your kids to play and entertain themselves while on the road with this activity tray - complete with a cup holder too!


Car Rear Window Sun Shade

Don't let the glaring sun interrupt nap time or screen time. These shades block the sun but also still allow you to roll down the window if you need to!