31 Items Our Editors Bought and Loved From Amazon

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Do you ever sit back and wonder what we ever did without Amazon? I do, and sometimes I, frankly, can’t believe how patient I used to be waiting for packages to arrive before the magic of Prime two-day shipping. Nowadays, I turn to Amazon on many occasions to purchase items I need immediately restocked throughout my home, to buy things I just can’t find anywhere else, and (my favorite of this list) to treat myself to fun, pick-me-up products that bring a smile to my face when they hit my doorstep.

Many of my coworkers also rely on Amazon to buy items for their babies and kids. And if I’ve learned anything from working for The Everymom as a yet-to-be mom myself, it’s that little ones require a lot of stuff—and you need it fast. From snacks, clothes, and toys to new stay-at-home essentials including chore charts, books, calendars, and organizational bins, The Everymom team recently stocked up on some must-have items that we think you’ll like too.

Scroll down to check out 31 items our editors bought and loved from Amazon! 


Resistance Bands

Looped resistance bands are one of my favorite items for at-home workouts because they are cheap and take up no space. Admittedly, I already had a set, but my toddler for some reason thinks these are so fun to play with so she always steals mine and I can never find them. So, I finally purchased a second set so we can each have our own. At $9 for a set of five, it’s cheaper than most toys I buy her anyways.

Happy Baby

Organic Superfood Puffs Variety Packs

I have these on a subscription order because I may or may not use them as a bribe when I need my daughter to sit quietly while I’m on work calls. We go through containers very quickly.


Silicone Suction Bowl with Lid

I’ve tried a lot of brands, and this is my favorite toddler bowl yet. It has the best suction so my daughter can’t pull it off her high chair (all other ones she’s managed to pull off and toss to our dog!), and I love that it comes with a lid to easily store away leftovers.


Children's Bento Box

Due to my toddler having a dairy allergy, I’ve started sending all of his food with him to daycare. This lunchbox is fantastic! It has little compartments for main meals, snacks, condiments, etc., and locks tightly to prevent spills. I’m telling every mom I can about these lunchboxes—I love it!


Decorative Bats Wall Decals

Yes, I’ve jumped on the Halloween bat decor bandwagon! I love decorating for Halloween, and these will be perfect right over our fireplace. Can’t wait!


Manual Breast Pump

One of my girlfriends just had a baby, and after she told me that she's trying to breastfeed, I immediately sent her two of these. They helped relieve me when I woke up engorged.

WWWW Store

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Since the March shutdown, my husband and I have been doing at-home workouts a few times a week. He usually went on a run until about a month ago when he started stealing my yoga mat for circuit training. So, I treated myself to a new yoga mat and love this one. It has just the right amount of stick and cushion for my online at-home yoga, barre, and circuit training classes.

mDesign Store

Small Storage Caddy

My kids have been back-to-school in-person for a few weeks now, but I bought these supply caddies as a just-in-case-schools-shut-down back-up plan. They are the perfect size and weight for my girls to store and carry their own portable supplies of crayons, markers, scissors, and glue sticks.

Nicola Killen

The Little Kitten Book

We love this series of books, and when we saw this new addition, we had to add it to our seasonal collection. It is such a sweet book, and the illustrations are beautiful.

Maison d' Hermine Allure

Cloth Napkins (Set of 4)

With the pandemic, a toddler, and another baby due any day, we eat 99 percent of our meals at home. My mom always used cloth napkins for everyday meals, and it is a tradition I have adopted in my own home. I added a few sets of these elevated cotton napkins in a fall hue to our lineup, and they wash and fold so well! They make even mac 'n cheese feel elevated!


Electric Toothbrush for Babies and Toddlers

This baby and toddler electric toothbrush is awesome! It is so easy to clean, and I love that it has a light so you can actually see the teeth you are brushing. My son is obsessed with it and thinks brushing his teeth is one of the most fun activities a person can do.


Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

I have been thinking ahead to stock up on some necessary items for winter, ahead of the arrival of our second son. I ordered two more of this humidifier and a new filter for the ones we had before. Living through harsh New England winters requires humidifiers in all bedrooms at night. We've had so many over the years, and this is by far the best; it doesn’t leak and is so easy to fill and clean.


Natural Wood Slices (30 Pieces)

I am always looking for fun and different activities to do with my toddler son, so I ordered this set of plain tree slice ornaments for him to paint to gift to family and friends this holiday season. He thinks it is so fun, and I have helped him write his name, the date, and who it is for on the back.

Melissa & Doug

My First Daily Magnetic Calendar

This calendar has been a great way to teach my two toddlers the days of the week and weather. The magnets are a hit, and it is super easy to use.

Yaze Magnet Store

Whiteboard Chore Chart

Now that my husband is staying home a lot more, and I’m starting to work more we needed a new system to help keep us on track of all the chores in the house. This works very well, and it’s easy to coordinate chores with colors so we know who is doing what each day.

Melissa & Doug

Mickey Mouse Magnetic Responsibility Chart

With two energetic boys, I wanted to have a system in place to keep them on track and teach them responsibility. They love getting to choose their weekly chores, and Mickey/Minnie/Donald magnets are a great reward that helps keep them motivated.

Simple Housewear

Mesh Desk Organizer

Working from home 100 percent of the time meant my office had become a mess of papers. This sleek organizer is the perfect size for my desk and has enough space to store my notes, stapler, and binder clips all in one place.

AJ Irving

Dance Like a Leaf Book

With my father’s recent passing, I needed to find a way to help explain it to my toddlers. This book is so sweet and heartfelt. The illustrations are a hit with my boys, and it allowed them to understand the cycle of life a little bit more.

Insight Editions

Friends: The Official Advent Calendar

This item is definitely more of a want than a need, but when I saw this "Friends"-themed advent calendar (complete with 40 show-inspired keepsakes inside!) pop up on my Amazon app, I knew I had to have it. I preordered it (it’s not set to ship until 10/27) for myself as a surprise pick-me-up as we enter the holiday season. It’s been a long year, and sometimes, we just need to treat ourselves to something silly and simply fun—and that’s exactly what this is.


Underwire Everyday Bra

Since I’ve been working from home, my daily uniform is either leggings and a T-shirt or jeans and a tee. I’ve been in the market for a new T-shirt bra, and after reading a recommendation for this one, I purchased it. It’s really comfortable, and the fit is great for women with larger busts. I especially love the cut-out and lace detailing to add a little fun to my everyday bra.

Pink Picasso

Paint By Numbers Kit

In an effort to spend less of my downtime mindlessly scrolling on my phone, I recently ordered one of these paint by numbers kits, and let me tell you, it’s become such an unexpectedly fun new hobby! The kit comes with everything you need, and I love that the canvas is nice and big. I am not crafty at all, so I was a little intimidated by this project, but the painting is easy to do, and it’s been a great way to take my mind off of things after a stressful day. I plan to hang this in our guest room when I’m done!


Starry Lite Boot

I’m starting to buy winter gear for my kids now, and while these can’t be worn outside in the snow, they’re perfect to keep my 1-year-old warm and cozy while she’s at daycare. I’m still on the hunt for some snow boots for her. The sizing says it’s for 0-12 months, but my little lady has tiny feet so these work for her.


Kids Chill Bento Box

The lunchbox I had ordered for my 3-year-old wasn’t working out, but I am happy to say that this one is so great that I actually ordered another one already. It has a freezable compartment that separates from the rest of the lunchbox and is easy to stored in the freezer and put inside the lunchbox when you’re ready to keep it cold.


Kids Real Food Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

My 3-year-old is obsessed with “bars” and basically any and all snacks. I love these Kids RX Bars so much I have three different flavors on our Subscribe & Save list. For a clean snack that tastes more like a cookie, I will be buying these again and again for the rest of time (or at least till my kids outgrow them).


Cupholder for Vista, Cruz & Minu Strollers

Honestly, I don’t know how I went so long without having this. I think I took issue with paying $25 for a cupholder, so I purchased a different version that hasn’t worked as well. I probably should have sucked it up and paid the $25 when my first child was born, but better late than never I guess.


Operation Board Game

This is a birthday gift for my nephew who is turning 6. My brother and I absolutely loved this game as kids, so I’m hoping his son will get as much enjoyment out of playing this game with his brothers as we did.


Leggings & Sports Bra Workout Set

I’m all for a cute workout set to motivate me to get moving, but I’m not here for the high prices. I found this one on Amazon, and it is so affordable and actually my favorite thing to workout in (or just wear around the house). I love it so much, this is the second time I bought it! I also have it in the light purple.


Lightweight Body Oil

I’m a huge fan of all body butters, moisturizers, and oils to keep my skin hydrated and smooth. I really like this one because it also gives you such a nice glow. After the shower at night, I will lightly pat my skin to get the excess water off, apply this oil, and then let it air dry the rest of the way. When I put a cute pajama set on afterwards, I always feel super luxurious.


Argan Oil Dry Shampoo

This one is super self-explanatory. Keeping a bottle of dry shampoo on hand at all times is a must in my opinion. I thought I’d give this one a dry, and it works pretty well so far!


Retro Sunglasses

Especially during the summer, I like to switch up my sunglasses to best fit my outfit. I saw these all over Instagram and thought I’d give them a try. I was a little hesitant on how they would look, but they ended up being super cute!


Watermelon Berry Non-Carbonated Fitness Drink (12-Pack)

Again, I was influenced on Instagram to give these Celsius drinks a try, and they are great! You can get individuals from the grocery store, but it's easy to buy a whole pack from Amazon. They’re great to drink before a workout or if you just need an afternoon pick-me-up.


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