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Breaking Tradition in the Best Way: 40+ Boy Names We Love for Girls

girl names for boys"
girl names for boys
Source: @daniellerbevens
Source: @daniellerbevens

While I love a more “traditional” name, I was gifted with a name that was a bit unconventional for a girl: Brett. Growing up, the only other kids named Brett I knew were boys—and I was about as feminine as can be. It took me a while to grow into my title, and there were certainly times I probably would’ve changed it if given the opportunity. But now as an adult, I stand proudly behind the name my parents chose for me and couldn’t be happier to have a girl’s name traditionally given to boys.

Maybe my mom was ahead of her time when she gave her girl a ‘boy name’ back in the ’90s, maybe not. Either way, what we love about boy names for girls is that because they are traditionally masculine, many of them exude strength and power. While we love the dainty, soft, and floral references often reserved for girl names, we also appreciate that these names recognize that girls can be (and are!) strong and powerful as well.

Whether you typically follow tradition or want something a little out of the box, these names are the best of both worlds. Many have been popular choices for boys for decades—some even centuries. Now they’re getting a revival in the coolest way possible. Read on for 45+ of our favorite boy names for girls.

Our Favorite Boy Names for Girls


If you ask us, there’s something extra adorable about using a traditional surname for a first name. Add that onto using a typical boy name for a girl, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. This surname quite literally means ‘son of Andrew.’


Because your little one will be nothing short of ‘magnificent,’ consider this traditionally masculine name meaning ‘majestic’ or ‘great’ for your wonderful little girl.


If it seems to you like ‘B’ names have been more popular than ever, you’re not alone. With an adorable name like Barrett meaning ‘warlike people,’ you can raise a little warrior ready to conquer her dreams.


For those of us who find ourselves drawn to nature, this British name meaning ‘meadow with coarse grass’ may be the way to go.


For a little one with a bright personality, consider Blaine. The Gaelic and Scottish moniker means ‘yellow.’


If there are any celebrities we wanted to draw baby name inspiration from, we say Blake Lively is certainly one of them. Interestingly, the British name means both ‘bright’ and ‘dark,’ perfect for a little one with lots of depth.

boy names for girls


Vintage names, anyone? How about one that exudes grandma energy in the best way? We first saw Bobby as a nickname for Robert, but it has since made a feminine turn; especially as a nickname for older names like Roberta and Barbara. No matter which way you look at it, it couldn’t be cuter.


I’d be remiss to leave out my own name from this list. Whether or not you draw inspiration from my namesakes, Brett Favre and Bret Micheals, I happen to think this British name is a great option for a little girl.


For a title with Earthly undertones, look no further. Fittingly, the moniker means ‘water’ or ‘small stream’ and is of British origin.


A name of great strength, Callen is of Irish origin and means ‘rock.’


Perhaps we have Cameron Diaz to thank for bringing this name to girlish fame. The Scottish name meaning ‘crooked nose’ is a fabulous gender-neutral option for any little one.


Another cute surname first name, Carson means ‘son of the marsh-dwellers’.


Whether using it on its own or as a nickname for Charlotte, we love this German name that means ‘free man.’ Perfect for a little one destined to have a free spirit.


Of all of the occupational names to choose from, Cooper is in our top five. Referring to a ‘barrel maker,’ the name goes all the way back to Medieval England.


Anyone who remembers the ’90s drama series, Dawson’s Creek, likely holds some affection for this Welsh name meaning ‘son of David.’


You don’t have to be a cowboy (or Cowboy’s fan) to appreciate this sweet baby name. While we’re taken to the Texas city upon hearing it, we also appreciate that the Irish name means ‘skilled.’


Those of us who reside by or simply hold great affection for the ocean ought to consider using this Welsh title meaning ‘born from the ocean.’

Devon (Devin)

For anyone who finds themselves more landlocked, that’s great too. Another nature-inspired name, Devon, refers to ‘deep valley dweller.’


Though this surname refers to ‘east town,’ we promise it’s not reserved only for East Coasters. It’s an adorable English name to choose for a little girl no matter where you come from.


This sweet Hebrew name has Biblical ties and holds the meaning of ‘the Lord is gracious.’


A better name that exudes ‘bravery’ likely doesn’t exist. Holding this meaning, Everett is a powerful Old English name for a little girl.


Garrett exudes strength by meaning ‘spear ruler,’ and we happen to think it just gets better by giving it to a sweet but fierce little girl.


Why not try a name with an Italian twist? This short form of the Italian name Giovanni means ‘God is gracious.’

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As far as boy names for girls go, I happen to be a little biased for this one as well. With ties to nature, the English name means ‘hay field.’ 


While this name may not have the most exciting meaning—it refers to the ‘son of Hudd’—it does have a nice ring to it, no?


Raise a fierce little one ready to pursue her dreams with this name that holds the meaning of ‘one who hunts.’


A relatively popular choice throughout history, Jackson has reached new heights in popularity in recent years. While it’s still favored for boys, the name meaning ‘son of John’ is lovely and unique for a little girl.


If any name is known for being a boy name for girls, it’s James. It has quite literally made a name for itself with girl moms everywhere, and means ‘supplanter.’


While you may or may not opt for the long form version of this name, Joseph, the snappy title meaning ‘God will increase’ couldn’t be cuter for a little girl. Not to mention, we’re reminded of baby kangaroos when hearing it, and who can complain about that?


If you watched Gilmore Girls and the quote “What she tackles, she conquers” always resonated with you, this may be the perfect name to bestow upon your little one. The strong Celtic name means ‘little warrior.’


A name that was fairly popular in the ’90s for boys, Landon refers to a ‘long hill’ and has English roots.


For the perfect music-inspired baby name, look no further. We’re inspired by none other than John Lennon of The Beatles. Swifties can also appreciate that this sweet name holds the meaning of ‘lover.’


Levi has its appeal for being both traditional and modern. With Biblical ties, it means ‘joined’ and ‘united.’ We’re also reminded of the popular jeans brand, Levi’s, upon hearing it.


Dating all the way back to the 12th century is this distinguished Scottish name with nature ties meaning ‘great stream.’


Anyone familiar with the Christian Bible likely knows the story of Noah’s ark. Just as in the story, where Noah both worked and waited, this name interestingly means both ‘motion’ and ‘rest.’


Grappling with what to choose for a baby name? Extend an olive branch by choosing this French name that holds the meaning of ‘olive tree.’


Raise a virtuous little one by giving her this classic name meaning ‘noble’ and ‘young warrior.’


Another occupational name that we simply can’t get enough of is Parker. We’re also reminded of our favorite characters in The Parent Trap, Nick and Hallie Parker, when hearing this name that means ‘park keeper.’


Increasing in popularity for both boys and girls since the 1970s is this short but sweet title meaning ‘little king.’ But we’re convinced it’s fit for a young queen as well!

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If you’re a parent who puts any stock in baby name meanings, toiling over just the right name to help shape your little’s one journey, then Shiloh may be an easy pick for you. The name means “tranquil,” a quality that any newborn baby could stand to embody.


Pretty Little Liars fans are uniquely familiar with Spencer as a girl’s name. Always the type to get the job done, her name fittingly means ‘administrator’ and exudes grace and poise.


Speaking of pop culture, any fans of Schitt’s Creek? We’re brought back to the moody but lovable hotel manager, Stevie Budd, as well as reminded of legendary singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks when hearing this name.


Raise a kiddo who’s skilled in all that she does with this occupational name referring to a ‘leather maker.’


Another occupational name that automatically reminds us of our favorite superstar, Taylor Swift, is this masculine-turned-gender-neutral name referring to one who cuts cloth.


The final occupational name on our list of boy names for girls is Tyler. The British and French moniker means ’tile maker.’


A name that couldn’t be sweeter for a little boy somehow gets all the more precious for a little girl. We know she’ll be ready to tackle any obstacle with this title meaning ‘brave warrior.’

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