20+ Cute and Easy Easter Treats to Make With Your Kids

It wouldn’t be Easter without a little sugar, right? Whether you’re team Peeps or team Cadbury Eggs, making some spring-themed treats with the kids is both a fun, at-home activity (April is quite rainy, after all) and results in some delicious snacks you and your family can enjoy for several days.

From cookies and brownies to milkshakes and pancakes, we’ve rounded up 20+ adorable DIY Easter desserts and treats that are not only delicious but most importantly, easy enough to get the kids in on making. Scroll down to check out the list and Happy Easter, Everymoms!


1. Easter Bunny Cookie Cups

These cookie cups with adorable marshmallow ears are a perfect dessert to make with your family to get into the Easter spirit.


2. Easter Carrot Treat Bags

If you’re looking for a treat more on the savory side, try out these funky popcorn treat bags that you and your kiddos can customize with any filling you want.


3. Cotton Candy Peeps Milkshake

Peeps, cotton candy, and ice cream all in one dessert? Get ready for the sweet treat of the year with this festive milkshake!


4. Easter Egg Rice Krispies Treat Nests

Rice Krispie Treats will always be a crowd pleaser for a dessert or sweet snack, so stick to the classic and add a fun Easter flair! 


5. Easter Pastel Brownies

These pastel candy-topped brownies will cure your little one’s sweet tooth without a problem and make for a 10/10 Easter dessert. 


6. Bird’s Nest Easter Cupcakes

You really can’t go wrong with a chocolate cupcake, and adding bird’s nest frosting calls for quite the creative freedom in the kitchen. 


7. Salted Caramel Easter Popcorn

This sweet and yummy popcorn is perfect for a fun snack to eat on the go or to toss in a big bowl and enjoy with an Easter move night!


8. Easter Bunny Bark

Chocolate bark is not reserved strictly for Christmas time—customize it with chocolate eggs and pastel sprinkles to give it that cute Easter touch.


9. Easter M&M’s Blondies

Decorating the tops with a handful of Easter M&M’s or other pastel candies make for the perfect excuse to bake some delicious blondies for the occasion. 


10. Easter Breakfast Peeps Pancakes

Peeps for Easter breakfast? Yeah, your kids will officially deem you the coolest parent ever. 


11. Easter Eggshell Cupcakes

These super unique eggshell cupcakes really kick the dessert game up a notch and are fun to make with kids of any age in the kitchen. 

easter treats

Source: Brown Sugar


12. Cadbury Egg Easter Cupcakes

The only thing better than a chocolate cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with a Cadbury egg baked into the middle of it, right?


13. Homemade Easter Bunny Rolls

Indulge in a warm, fluffy pretzel twisted into some adorable bunny ears that are perfect for a snack or side dish at dinner. 


14. Easter Cake Pops

These cake pops aren’t only just incredibly tasty, but they’re perfect for some simply DIY decorating for your little ones, too. 


15. Easter Sugar Cookies

These super cute sugar cookies are a fun new take on the typical Easter egg decorations!


16. Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Easter is the best day of the year to have carrot cake, so enjoy making and decorating these yummy cupcakes with the help of your little ones!


17. Homemade Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

Try out this healthier take on an Easter candy favorite where you and your kiddos can have fun making candies of all different shapes and sizes. 


18. Chocolate Egg Nest Treats

Use those extra pretzel sticks or dried noodles you have in the cupboard to whip up these ultra cute egg nest bites that are guaranteed to be the cutest Easter snack around. 


19. Easter Cakesicles

What kid isn’t going to love a slice of cake on a stick? This fun and festive way of serving a to-die-for chocolate will definitely be a crowd pleaser. 

cake popsicles

Source: Heinstirred


21. Cadbury Cream Egg Frappuccino

We all know of the obsession that kids have with Starbucks Frappuccinos (AKA, milkshakes in disguise), so treating them to one that has a special Easter twist will make their whole day. 

easter frappuccino

Source: The Worktop


20. Easter Cheesecake Dip

This sweet dip is the perfect colorful and flavorful treat for your Easter gathering! It’s  super easy but fun to throw together, and pairs perfectly with your favorite fruits and salty snacks.  


22.  Sunflower Cake Pop Bouquet

If you and your kiddos want to venture into some pretty detailed decorating, try out these sunflower cake pops and create a lovely bouquet that doubles as decor and dessert!

Fun and Easy At-Home Easter Activities for Kids