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10 Decor Items That Will Instantly Spruce Up Your Living Room

written by KATHY SISSON

The Everygirl designed a product featured below in collaboration with Interior Define. If you buy a piece from our collection, we may earn a commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

living room decor"
living room decor
Source: @interiordefine
Source: @interiordefine

When our pandemic puppy pounced on our spot-clean only couch with his muddy paws, I made a decision; this was the year I was going to update our living room. My family has been in our house for seven years now and our living room has been somewhat neglected. We first prioritized updating the kitchen and bathroom because our living area has been pretty functional, but lacks a cohesive style. With all the time we’ve spent in our primary hang-out space, it is ready for a little sprucing up (plus the puppy just turned 1 so I’m hoping the pouncing/chewing is on its way out). I have been saving inspiration ideas on Instagram and Pinterest and am finally ready to make some of the purchases I’ve been eyeing for so long.

What’s on my list? A rug, furniture, lighting, faux greenery, creative storage, and throw pillows (though I’m trying to keep myself to a one-in-one-out pillow policy). I’m also going to tackle painting the room myself to stay within budget. 

If your living room can use a little refresh too, check out our list of 10 items to instantly spruce up your living space; from swoon-worthy furniture to plush throws and faux greenery to framed art. Read on for our picks. 

Interior Define x The Everygirl

1. A statement chair

If choosing a bold couch feels a little out of your comfort zone, consider a statement chair. As part of our collaboration with Interior Define, the Caitlin chair was designed for everyday living, without sacrificing style or comfort. From performance fabrics (i.e., you can even choose dog and cat-friendly fabrics) to its swivel design, the Caitlin is a family-friendly upgrade for your living room. Plus, Interior Define offers free swatches, so you can choose the perfect kid-friendly fabric for your space.


2. Greenery

Whether faux or real, plants soften up a space and make it that much more inviting. We love the look of this faux olive tree available in 4 and 6 foot options.


tray living room
West Elm
3. A tray to organize

My kids use our coffee table to eat snacks or hurl themselves onto the couch. My hope is that by adding a tray with some organized and styled items, it’ll be used less for leaping and eating.

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living room refresh
4. An ottoman pouf

A leather or fabric pouf adds style and versatility to your living room. You can use a pouf as a table, footrest, or extra seating. This leather option comes in 3 colors.

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living room throw blanket
Domain by Laura Hodges Studio
5. A cozy throw

This textured knit throw was made for draping a couch in style and wrapping around yourself—or your kids—for cozy nights of streaming your favorite shows or movies.

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living room bookends
Crate & Barrel
6. Bookends

Upgrade your bookshelf display with bookends, like this marble and brass set for under $40.

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living room refresh
Justina Blakeney
7. A colorful coffee table book

Maybe you've been a fan of designer Justina Blakeney for a while or maybe you've seen her recent collab at Target. Either way, this New York Times bestselling author's latest book, Jungalow: Decorate Wild, can be an eye-catching addition you'll love to page through and display in your living room.

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living room refresh
Threshold x Studio McGee
8. Refreshed lighting

Lighting might be one of the most important elements of any living space; it sets the mood and adds style. We love how this ceramic table lamp from Target could complement any room.

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living room refresh
Juniper Print Shop
9. Oversized art

Oversized art makes a statement and it doesn't have to be crazy expensive. Juniper Print shop—and plenty of Etsy shops—have options to download hi-res images to print and frame yourself.

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living room refresh
10. Layered rugs

We love the textured look of a vintage (or more colorful rug) layered on top of a neutral sisal rug like this one from Wayfair.

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The Everygirl designed a product line in collaboration with Interior Define. If you buy a piece from our collection, we may earn a commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.