Give Yourself a Break With These 20 Refreshing Solo Date Ideas for Moms

solo date ideas"
solo date ideas
Source: Elevae Visuals
Source: Elevae Visuals

Before becoming a mom, if you had asked me if I wanted to go out by myself intentionally, I would have probably laughed. However, after the physical, mental, and emotional changes that have happened throughout the first few years of motherhood, I cannot rush out the door fast enough to get some solo time.

Often as moms, we think we don’t deserve a break or that it has to be for a special occasion like a vacation or Mother’s Day. In actuality, we should be prioritizing solo time as self-care often. It doesn’t have to be a grand trip to the spa (although I’m always down for that) or a $1000 shopping spree. Every mom in every situation deserves a break. Whether you have a loving base at home, have built a village from friends and the community around you, or are just starting to find one, having time to reconnect with who you are outside of motherhood should always be a priority.

Whether you sit at a coffee shop by yourself for an hour on your lunch break or do a mini spa night at home after the kids go to bed, here are 20 refreshing solo date ideas for moms every one of us should schedule!

Solo Date Ideas for Moms

1. Explore a Bookstore

When was the last time you walked down the aisles of a bookstore and checked out the latest releases? For me, it’s been a while since I’ve taken a dive into some of the best new books. But if you’re looking to get back into reading and enjoy some solo time, taking a trip to your local bookstore, grabbing a cup of coffee, and picking out one or two books that you’ll actually read this year is a great way to reconnect with yourself and explore genres you’re interested in.

2. Take a Self-Guided Nature Walk

Oftentimes, we forget just how much beauty and calm resides in nature. If you love the outdoors and don’t want to worry about strollers, snacks, soccer games, or your toddler eating sand at the playground, taking a self-guided nature walk at your favorite park or trail is a great way to find silence and peace and reconnect with the simple things in life.

3. Enjoy a Cooking Class

Why not learn to cook your favorite dish from an expert? There are so many unique cooking classes offered by various companies, small business owners, and food influencers. Find one that’s local to you, put on that apron, and don’t be afraid to get messy while learning new culinary skills!

4. Go Thrifting for a New Outfit or Home Decor

We love it when you can combine sustainability with self-care! Sometimes, when you go thrifting looking for a particular thing and don’t find it, it can make the trip seem unsuccessful. However, some of the best thrift shop trips are when you aren’t looking for anything in particular. If you go in with an open mind, you can have a solo date that involves creativity and some new items.

5. Take a Workout Class and Enjoy a Hot Shower Afterwards

It can be hard to find time to work out as a mom, but there’s something about exercise that makes you feel like you’re not just taking care of your health but also investing in yourself and your long-term goals. If you’ve ever wanted to try a new workout class, this is a great chance to do so. Afterward, treat yourself to a relaxing shower.

solo date ideas for moms
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6. Watch a Matinee Movie

When was the last time you went to the movie theater by yourself? This solo date is perfect for moms who want to enjoy some time alone but also want to let their minds wander without having to focus on deep reflections. A matinee movie is perfect during the week because they’re usually less crowded, less expensive, and the popcorn is fresh.

7. Visit a Botanical Garden

Visiting a botanical garden in early spring or early fall is one of the most beautiful experiences to witness. As far as solo date ideas for moms go, it can feel like you’re in a different world and is a great way to escape the busyness of everyday life. It frees up time to think about what brings you peace and joy while being surrounded by beauty.

8. Do a “Three Course” Crawl

This is a fun solo date idea for a night to yourself or a day off! A Three-Course Crawl is simply where you get your appetizer, entree, and dessert from three different places. Do some research on places you’ve wanted to try and spend this time exploring different food options.

9. Spend the Morning at the Farmers Market and Cook Yourself Your Favorite Meal

Going to the farmers market by yourself is a top-tier experience. Plan to host a dinner for yourself that evening: Pick up fresh flowers, all the ingredients you need, your favorite drink, and enjoy a delicious solo date.

10. Have a Picnic in the Park

Dating yourself is something that should be a priority, too. Although all the rom-coms show that a picnic in the park is a romantic date for two, it’s even better when you get to pack your favorite foods, people-watch, and sit under a shady tree by yourself.

11. Visit a Museum You’ve Never Been To

Have you always wanted to visit that contemporary art museum downtown, or maybe there’s a local exhibit at a small gallery? A perfect solo date is getting to explore the history, art, music, etc., on your own time. You can take your time, stop when you want to learn more, or just sit and admire the atmosphere.

12. Take a Class for a Hobby You Used to Like or Want to Explore

When I became a mom, it was easy to forget what I actually liked to do outside of work and motherhood. Another good solo-date idea is to take a class for a hobby you used to enjoy or just want to try out. Whether it’s painting, running, or one of the hundreds of other hobbies out there, it’s a great time to rediscover your love for things outside of motherhood.

13. Make a Playlist and Drive with No Destination in Mind

Do you ever find yourself sitting in your car for an extra couple of minutes because your favorite song, which you haven’t heard in three months, comes on, and you just have to finish it? That’s the essence of this solo date. Whether you have an hour at lunch at work or can get away at night, create a playlist of all your favorite songs and then just drive. Don’t think about going to the grocery store or running an errand; simply drive around, listen to your music, and come back home.

14. Rent a Luxury Car for the Day and Drive It All Over the City

This one is definitely one of those splurge solo date ideas for moms, but it’s a great way to have an adventure for yourself. I’ve grown up in the city my entire life, and yet there’s always something new to see. A great way to have some fun and feel like you’re living in your favorite girl boss movie is to rent a luxury car (mine would probably be a Range Rover), drive around the city, let the wind blow through the car, and blast your favorite music. Whether you rock out, dance, cry, laugh, or scream, feeling all of your emotions and letting them release while driving 60 miles per hour in a luxury car is the perfect way to do it.

solo date ideas for moms
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At-Home Solo Date Ideas for Moms

15. Plan a Spa Night at Home

A solo date does not have to mean organizing affordable childcare or spending a lot of money. Thanks to hundreds of brands that specialize in at-home self-care, you can create your own spa experience at home without breaking the bank. Once the kids are off to bed, indulging in a hot bath or shower, putting on a face mask, and sipping your favorite beverage can feel just as luxurious as booking services at a spa. You can make it as luxurious and as long as you want!

16. Plan an At-Home Wine Tasting

Why not bring the wine-tasting experience home? Pick up a few bottles of your favorite wine and snack pairings and set up your tasting station. Whether you like red or white, you can find your new signature bottle. It’s a fun and relaxing way to enjoy some solo time without having to hop on a flight to Napa!

17. Set Up a Floral-Arranging Class at Home

Although receiving flowers is great, it can be fun to make your own floral arrangement. After a quick trip to Trader Joe’s and a few TikTok videos later, you can create an arrangement with your favorite flowers. Not only is it a soothing creative activity, but you also can enjoy your work on display throughout the week.

18. Write Letters to Your Past and Future Self

If you’re looking for a heartfelt moment of introspection, writing letters to your past and future self can be incredibly therapeutic. It’s a chance to reconnect with the different versions of yourself that have emerged and will continue to evolve throughout your journey in motherhood. Take the time to dream about your future self and honor or mourn the version of your past self.

19. Journal with a Drink You Really Enjoy

Another solo date idea for moms, when you’re at home, is in the spirit of a journal of days. Find a quiet spot after the kids are in bed, grab your favorite journal, a good pen, and your favorite beverage (I recommend a nice herbal tea if you really want to relax), and start journaling. If you don’t know where to start, there are many guided journal prompts available online that can help you make the most of your alone time.

20. Set Up a Home Movie Theatre

Pop some popcorn, grab a fizzy drink or your favorite candy, and rent a movie that you love, treating it like a night at a luxury movie theater. With no kids, distractions, or interruptions, it’s just you, your snacks, and a great film!

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