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20 Fun Summer Crafts and Activities To Do With Your Kids

summer crafts and activities"
summer crafts and activities
Source: @alainakaz
Source: @alainakaz

Summer is finally here, which means school’s out, backyard barbecues and pool parties take over the calendar, and long hazy days are spent with family and friends. However, after a few weeks, those summer days can start to feel extra lengthy—and creative ways to keep the kids entertained might feel like a lot of work.

But don’t worry, mamas, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve rounded up 20 cute summer crafts and activities that will keep your little ones engaged and having fun until back to school season arrives. From rock painting and friendship bracelet-making to DIY sponge water bombs and fingerprint flower pots, these projects are sure to add excitement and creativity to any summer day. Not only are they easy for moms (and dads!) to set up and help kids with, but these crafts are also great for babysitters or visiting grandparents to do, too.

Keep scrolling to check out our list of 20 summer crafts and activities for kids! 


1. Fingerprint Flower Pot

We know this will instantly become a new favorite flower pot. Help your little ones craft this and proudly keep it on display all summer long. 


2. Rainbow Sponge Painting

Sponge paintings are a fun and unique way to get creative. And starting with a rainbow is a simple project to begin with. 


3. 3-Minute Friendship Bracelets

Easy friendship bracelets are not only a fun activity, but a sweet keepsake. This is sure to be your new favorite piece of jewelry. 


4. Pool Noodle Boats

These adorable boats are simple to make and can quickly turn from crafts into toys! Put them together and then conduct at-home boat races for hours of fun. 


5. Pet Cactus Painted Rocks

There’s something utterly fascinating about rocks to little ones. Instead of hiding them in their pockets to come out in the laundry, make a craft out of them with this easy to follow pet cactus activity. 


6. Sponge Water Bombs

As an alternative to water balloons that don’t require the clean-up, consider putting together these easy sponge water bombs. They’re great to play with on a hot summer day and are reusable! 


7. Butterfly Suncatcher

Suncatchers almost always turn out to be the prettiest crafts. We know you’ll want this butterfly to have a permanent spot on the window all summer long. 


8. Summer Color by Number Pages

For a rainy day, coloring pages are always a great idea. Keep these color by number pages on hand when you can’t be outside but are dreaming of sunnier days. 


9. Sunflower Welcome Sign

Projects the whole family can take part in are our favorites, like this welcome sign! Have everyone pitch in to make it perfect and then display it on the front porch for the rest of the season. 


10. Play Mud

I don’t know many kids who wouldn’t love playing in the mud, but I also don’t know many moms who love to clean up a mess like that. That’s why we love this play mud that has all the fun aspects without the hard to clean mess! 


11. DIY Garden Stepping Stones

Let the little ones try their hand at landscaping by crafting these adorable stepping stones for the garden. We know these will put a smile on your face each time you step outside. 


12. Egg Carton Vegetable Patch

For the little gardeners among us, this craft is a great option when actual gardening isn’t. Work on these on a rainy day, or after the garden has already been tended to for the day!


13. Citrus Wreath Decorating

Another great craft to put on display on the front porch is this citrus wreath! Kids will have so much fun helping decorate the wreath, and will feel proud every time they walk in the door. 


14. Tie Dye Shirts

Tie dying shirts is a quintessential summer activity, and one that kiddos will have so much fun doing. Follow these simple instructions for one-of-a-kind tie dye shirts the whole family will love. 


15. Soda Bottle Sprinkler

Make those hot summer days a little more bearable with this DIY sprinkler. No need to go out and hunt one down this year when you can make one yourself with a soda bottle. 


16. Perler Bead Bowls

These catch-all bowls are so fun and easy enough for even the littlest hands to help with (along with supervision). Made with perler beads, this will be a fun keepsake after the craft is complete.


17. Frozen Castles

Activities that double as sensory play are some of the best. These frozen castles are perfect for beating the summer heat. 


18. Tulip Flower Craft

You know what they say about April showers… Now that we’re springing into summer, it’s only right to celebrate the budding flowers of the season. A great way to do that is with this tulip flower craft. 


19. DIY Sundial

We love activities that also provide learning opportunities. This sundial activity is a great STEM project that we know little ones will be fascinated by. 


20. Play Dough Ice Cream 

Ice cream is a must-have throughout summer. Celebrate the beloved tasty treat by crafting play dough ice cream cones before going out to get some real ones.

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