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Currently Trending: ’90s-Inspired Middle Names We Love


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90s baby names"
90s baby names
Source: Bums & Roses
Source: Bums & Roses

Baby name inspiration can be found everywhere you look. Our favorite TV shows, current trends, or even the changing of the seasons. Even with so many options, the most popular baby names of a given year tend to come from a handful of places. Parents often give their little ones names that mean something to them. Maybe they’ll look back at a family tree, carry on a traditional name, or look to nature for inspiration. And with so many old-fashioned baby names like Eleanor and Henry currently topping the baby names charts, there’s reason to believe many parents are honoring a family elder as their newborn’s namesake.

While we often reach for higher branches in the family tree when choosing the perfect baby name, recently parents have been trying something a little different when it comes to middle name options. A current trend in the baby name world is parents using middle names from the 1990s.

Why Are ’90s Middle Names Trending?

With so many new parents being millennials or part of Gen Z, this trend means they’re selecting names that would have been popular around the year they were born. Perhaps they’re choosing a ’90s middle name to honor a friend they had growing up. Or a beloved cousin or sibling. Or maybe they want to pass on their own middle that may have special significance.

Like many things, we have TikTok to thank for giving this trend its steam. A search of ’90s middle names will garner hilarious videos calling out parents of the ’90s, all choosing Nicole, Marie, Lynn, or Ann. While other options were out there, these certainly dominated. Now those same names, as well as popular first names of the decade, are having a revival. Even quintessential “It Girl” Sofia Richie Grainge chose the very ’90s middle name of Samantha—which happened to be the 5th most popular baby name of the decade—for her baby girl Eloise.

Nostalgia could also play a factor, with names inspired by favorite pop culture influences of the ’90s. Whatever the reason, there is plenty of middle name potential to be found in the baby names of the ’90s. If you’ve narrowed down the perfect first name and are on the hunt for a middle name for your little one, read on for 50+ of our favorite ’90s-inspired middle names we love.

’90s Pop Culture Inspired Middle Names


If you had Ironic stuck in your head all throughout the late ’90s, you may find yourself drawn to this Hawaiian name meaning “cheerful” or “precious.”


Amber hit peak popularity in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s—including the middle name of Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Amber Thiessen. The name also hits on another popular baby girl name trend: color-inspired names like Hazel, Scarlett, and Violet.


Whether you know her as Cinderella or the singer of The Boy is Mine, Brandy was an icon of the ’90s. Her name, meaning “burnt wine,” is a perfectly edgy option for a little one’s middle name.


‘90s kids will remember No Doubt’s lead singer Gwen Stefani as Just a Girl before she broke out on her own (in an even bigger way!). This “cool girl” middle name is also meaningful—Gwen means “blessed” or “holy.”


Highly popular from the 1970s to the ’90s, many millennials and members of Gen Z have an influential Heather in their lives. Not to mention the 1989 movie Heathers starring Winona Ryder gained a cult following that went well into the ’90s. The lovely nature-inspired British name means “evergreen flowering plant.”


Phoebe might forever be associated with the Friends character and singer-songwriter of Smelly Cat, Phoebe Buffay. But the name also means “bright” or “radiant,” making it a meaningful middle name for a little ray of sunshine.


Rachel’s claim to fame was in 1996 when it reached the top 10 baby names of the year—two years after Friends introduced the world to Rachel Green (and “The Rachel” haircut). The lovely Biblical name means “female sheep.”


Whether this name makes you think of the “teenage witch” or the 1995 movie of the same name, according to the experts at Nameberry, Sabrina’s roots are traced to “the bewitchingly radiant name of a legendary Celtic goddess”. 

90s middle names
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The French version of the classic Andrew, Andre is a classic pick that means “strong and manly.” It brings to mind popular rapper of the ’90s Dr. Dre—AKA, Andre Romelle Young.


A top 100 name for over 100 years, Anthony means “priceless one”—another timeless pick for a baby boy. And ‘90s kids might remember Anthony Edwards from E.R. or skateboarder star Tony Hawk.


Even at the sound of this name, you may hear the tune of MMMBop in your head—but who’s complaining about that?


Meaning “the heathland dweller,” the name may bring to mind the charismatic, talented, and sorely missed actor of the late ’90s and early 2000s, Heath Ledger.


Arguably the most lovable character in the hit ’90s TV show Friends is none other than Joey Tribianni. We love the short form of the name Joseph on its own, especially as a middle name option.


If NSYNC was your jam back in the day, honor your favorite boy band by using a name inspired by founding member, Justin Timberlake.


The revival of Barbie brought us all a hefty dose of nostalgia. Honor the memory of our favorite childhood dolls with this strong middle name. Or pay homage to iconic ’90s band R.E.M.’s hit song, What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?


1994 saw the loss of one of the most celebrated musicians: Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Raise a respectful rebel with this name meaning “courteous.”


A diminutive of Zachary, which hit its peak in 1994, this snappy name holds the lovely meaning of “laughter.” And, of course, it is also the name of Bayside High’s Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell.

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Popular ’90s Middle Names


Fitting for nearly any first name, consider the name meaning “grace” when you’re in a baby name pickle.


Another classic, Elizabeth will always be a favorable option and means “God is my oath.”


A name that dates back to the 8th century in the Byzantine Empire, Irene is a wonderful way to pay homage to a member of the family tree or simply times past.


There’s benefit of having a short and snappy middle name is that it pairs perfectly with longer, more extravagant first names. This name meaning “meadow” is a perfect option to consider.


If you were born in the ’90s and had the quote “Though, she be but little, she is fierce!” somewhere in your room, you’re not alone. That makes this name meaning “renowned warrior” an excellent choice for your fierce little girl.


An ever-popular choice, it feels fitting to include a name that was a popular middle name back in the ’90s as well. The feminine name meaning “star of the sea” will never go out of style.


Like its masculine counterpart Nicholas, Nicole was a highly popular first and middle name choice in the ’90s. With a meaning like “victory,” it’s no wonder why.


A popular option for parents in the ’90s, the name meaning “handsome” is entirely fitting for an adorable little boy. Not to mention, it’s the middle name of one of In Living Color‘s breakout stars, David Alan Grier.


After hitting its peak in the early ’90s, Christopher has been in a slight but steady decline in popularity ever since. Even so, a name that popular is sure to have a significant meaning to a lot of new parents, making it a great namesake for a little one.


David moved out of the top 10 most popular boy names for the first time since the ‘30s in 1993, but still remains a popular pick that means “beloved” and “uncle.”


Parents have started using traditional boy names for girls more and more in recent decades. If this appeals to you but you already have a first name picked out, James as a middle name may be the perfect way to incorporate the fun trend for a baby girl.


A timeless one-syllable middle name pick, you can’t go wrong with John, meaning “God is gracious.”


Once upon a time, Richard was in the top 10 baby boy names, where it remained for several years. It has since declined more and more, but that doesn’t mean the noble name meaning “powerful” should go extinct.


Number 8 in the top middle names for boys in the ’90s, this classic moniker means “bright fame”.


While a top U.S. baby name mainstay, William only made it to the top 20 in the 1990s, where the name remains today.

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