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11 Baby Shower Activities That Aren’t Playing Games or Opening Gifts

baby shower activities that aren't games"
baby shower activities that aren't games
Planner:: @eventful.byalexa Photographer: @brookewalshphotography Flower Bar: @longislandflowerbar
Planner:: @eventful.byalexa Photographer: @brookewalshphotography Flower Bar: @longislandflowerbar

While baby showers are certainly a special way to celebrate a new arrival, stock new parents up with gifts from their registry, and gather together friends and family, some baby shower activities are not always a favorite of the guests or guest-of-honor. For example, opening gifts in front of a crowd can feel awkward for an expectant mom who doesn’t like being the center of attention or doesn’t want to fawn over gifts they essentially picked out themselves.

Hosting doesn’t mean you need to do what’s expected at a baby shower. The new generation of parents is open to busting traditional paradigms. From providing a flower bouquet bar to throwing a “Pregger Kegger,” baby showers can be creative and personalized celebrations! So, if you’re hosting a baby shower or are new parents-to-be, consider adding these baby shower activities that aren’t games to your party planning.

11 Baby Shower Activities That Aren’t Games

1. Decorate Onesies

Purchase white onesies in various sizes and have party guests get crafty with fabric pens, iron-on decals, stamping, or even tie-dye! Or ask guests to create a theme like assigning holidays so baby has something for every special occasion. Babies go through a lot of onesies, so this baby shower activity is practical for the parents, too.

baby shower activities that aren't games
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2. Build Bouquets With a Flower Bar

We love it when a baby shower activity can double as a baby shower favor! To set up a flower bar, offer a variety of stems with bud vases or flower caddies so party guests can create a beautiful arrangement to take home. Plus, the flower bar also makes for the prettiest baby shower decor.

flower bar baby shower

3. Write Well Wishes for Baby

Ask each guest to write a wish for baby and capture it in some way—like on a scrapbook page, a piece of stationary, a card, or even a little hanging notecard, as party styling professional Lori Goldman from Pop of Gold did here. Additionally, many retailers like Etsy include “Wishes for Baby” as part of their printable baby shower packs.

baby shower activities that aren't games well wishes
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4. Use Photo Booth Pictures to Start a Scrapbook

Setting up a photo booth can be as simple as grabbing an Instax camera or as professional as renting an actual photo booth to create memories from the baby shower that can be turned into a scrapbook for the parents-to-be. Make it more engaging for guests with baby-themed props or a cute backdrop for the photos.

5. Create Baby’s First Alphabet Book

Creating baby’s first alphabet book is an easy crafts for guests to do at a baby shower. Simply print an alphabet set on card stock and give guests plenty of markers, stickers, and other elements to embellish the pages. The party host can then bind them together for a special keepsake for the new baby.

baby shower activities that aren't games alphabet book
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6. Decorate Cookies

Have unfrosted sugar cookies at tables along with frosting and decorating supplies for guests to DIY their own baby shower dessert. You could even follow a royal icing tutorial like this one.

7. Create Baby’s First Building Block Set

Grab a set of unfinished wooden building blocks and allow guests to decorate a block with non-toxic markers or other baby-safe crafting supplies.

8. Make Scented Candles

Depending on your level of DIY comfort, making scented candles can be a baby shower activity done at a home venue or, if you’d rather have the professionals guide your guests through the process, at a local candle studio.

9. Host a Cooking Class

Our cofounder Alaina Kaz did a cooking class for her bridal shower and said the event could easily translate to a baby shower. “It was so fun!” she said. Find a local cooking class venue or hire a professional chef to guide partygoers through meal prep—and enjoy the fruits of their labor!

baby shower activities cooking class
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10. Have a Beer Olympics Competition With a “Pregger Kegger”

Perfect for a couples baby shower, lean into the “baby brewing” theme with active beer Olympic-style activities like changing a baby diaper blindfolded (using a baby doll, of course!) or Pacifier Pong where party guests throw pacifiers instead of ping pong balls into cups.

11. Help with Nesting Prep

Nesting parties are gaining popularity as a way to celebrate and support new parents in more practical ways. Activities can include assembling baby furniture, making freezer meals, or prepping padsicles for postpartum.

Allegra Gast Blessing Station Nesting Party
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