Brett Nicole Hayden

Editorial Assistant
brett nicole hayden

As the Editorial Assistant, Brett works with the editors of The Everymom on the content creation process by updating stories, sourcing images and graphics, and pitching and contributing her own stories. Her favorite topics to write about are culture, relationships, and living.

  • Location: Green Bay, WI
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As a lifelong writer and creative soul, Brett started her lifestyle blog, “by, Brett Nicole” during the heart of quarantine in 2020. Though all the experts say that to be a successful blogger you need to find your “niche,” Brett couldn’t settle on just one topic. She’s passionate about everything from the latest fashion trends to the newest wellness craze, but she always seems to find her way back to her favorite topics: books, travel, and relationships.

As a Cancer through and through, Brett isn’t afraid to put her heart and soul into her writing. Whether she’s highlighting the Karin Slaughter book she couldn’t put down or crafting a how-to guide on making meaningful connections, she’s sure to leave everything on the page.


At the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Brett received a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and minored in Creative Writing before graduating in 2018. It took her a few years, a global pandemic, and a move across the country to realize her lifelong goals and passions lie in the Editorial field. In the meantime, she found a home within a health insurance brokerage.

She has held several freelance writing positions throughout the years, where she has been able to showcase her writing abilities throughout a myriad of topics.

Fun Stuff

As a native Wisconsinite, Brett is a firm believer that the best bloody mary comes from the Midwest and should always be accompanied by a complimentary Spotted Cow (if you know, you know). She can always be found catching the newest episode of Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, breezing through the latest thriller novel to hit the shelves, or rewatching The Vampire Diaries for the millionth time cuddled up on the couch with her dog, Stella.

Ever since she was young, Brett has had a severe case of wanderlust. She has traveled to several states, countries, and continents in her life, some of her favorites being Salem, MA, New Orleans, LA, Scotland, France, and Tanzania. Her biggest accomplishment to date is studying abroad in London, England. There’s nowhere Brett feels more at home than exploring the streets of a new city.

About The Everymom

She’s the seasoned mom, the new mom, the expecting mom. She’s trying to become a mom. Fierce, smart, always multi-tasking.

She is passionate about life, her family, and her own self-care. She wants to learn new things and seeks advice on everything from vacation planning to sleep training to prioritizing time for herself. She’s the working mom, the stay-at-home mom.

She needs a bit of guidance, she wants to be inspired.

She is The Everymom. This is for her.