Is the Ember Heated Coffee Mug Worth It? An Honest Review

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ember heated coffee mug review
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As a mom and as a human who, honestly, just loves to shop, one of my favorite activities is scouring the internet for products that will make my life easier. In case you haven’t heard or experienced it firsthand, being a mom is hard. Like, really hard. Of course, it’s also magical, wonderful, and ridiculously fulfilling. But still—I am all about hacking my life to make momming as easy as possible. 

As a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, I was disappointed to discover that parenthood is synonymous with two options when it comes to getting a daily caffeine fix. Option one: cold coffee. And option two: reheating your coffee in the microwave multiple times. This was unacceptable to me, but I didn’t see any obvious solutions to the problem. So, I learned to accept it. 

And then, one night, too tired to do anything but scroll through Instagram, I came across the Ember Heated Coffee Mug. After that initial sighting, Instagram continued to reel me in with its spot-on advertising. I kept seeing it again and again and again. I decided I had to try it, and I invested in an Ember Mug2: Metallic Collection. I added this to my embarrassingly large coffee mug collection. 


What is the Ember heated coffee mug?

Never heard of the Ember mug? Well, my friend in motherhood, your life is about to change forever. As you may have guessed from the product’s name, the Ember heated coffee mug is a smart mug that keeps your coffee at a consistent drinking temperature. In other words, it keeps your hot beverages hot. 

While the notion of buying a mug specifically for this purpose may sound a little silly or frivolous, I can assure you it is not. This mug has literally changed my life and made motherhood so much more enjoyable in a small but significant way. Here’s why I love it so much:


Ember Mug

3 colors and 2 sizes available


It allows me to actually enjoy my coffee

Let’s not overcomplicate the matter: This mug keeps your coffee hot. And that is a beautiful thing. Sure, you may have realized that a hot cup of coffee turning cold is unpleasant to drink. But you’ve probably never realized how even the slightest dip in temperature is affecting your drinking experience. The first time I used the Ember mug, I remember going back for my second sip and thinking, “Oh my gosh. This is actually still hot!” It was as if the drink had been freshly poured. Drinking from this mug really makes your coffee (or cocoa or tea) drinking experience better. Now, when I’m trying to have my coffee while also playing with my son, feeding him breakfast, or chasing him around the yard, I can return to my cup of joe, knowing that it’s still hot and fresh.



The temperature setting is customizable

Once you purchase the mug, you can also download the Ember app and use it to set your preferred drinking temperature. I tried a few different variations myself but, ultimately, ended up keeping the temperature setting that the mug arrived with. I definitely prefer my beverages fairly toasty. Although, it’s nice to have the option to take the heat down a notch.


It’s chic

I work from home and love how this stylish mug looks sitting on my desk. I went with the Copper Edition, and I enjoy how it matches the style of my mid-century modern home office. The charger is also a coaster, which is genius for when one Zoom meeting runs right into the next. This set is not only practical but also adds a stylish flair to your office setup.


It can help you diminish kitchen clutter

While the price certainly isn’t something to disregard, it’s worth remembering that this is an item you can use and enjoy every day—and perhaps, if you’re like me, multiple times a day. Since becoming a mom, I’ve become an anti-clutter enforcer. (How did my home suddenly become a dumping ground for toys, books, and miscellaneous baby items?) Considering I use this mug daily, I’ve become inspired to pair down my mug collection. While I still enjoy using traditional mugs from time to time, it’s been nice giving my cabinets some breathing room.


It’s the ultimate gift

Whether you’re in the market for yourself or someone else, rest assured that this mug is the epitome of a perfect gift—especially for parents. I bought one for my husband for Father’s Day last year, and he uses it every day. Considering my husband would prefer no gifts from anyone, ever, that’s really saying something. My husband is the least frivolous, most practical person on the planet. Yet, he and I often talk about how much we both love our mugs. I’ve even heard him recommend the Ember mug to family members and friends.

I personally think back to my toddler’s newborn days and consider how nice it would have been as a new mom to receive an Ember mug as a baby shower gift. (Expecting moms: Add it to your baby registry!) Let’s just say I’m very, very glad that I will have it in my mom toolkit this fall when I welcome baby number two. 

Did Instagram influence me to purchase a fairly expensive coffee mug? Yes, yes, it did. Does that sound silly? Perhaps. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. When you’re a mom, you’re constantly tending to the needs of others. So, something as simple as hot coffee can add so much joy to your day-to-day life. Whether the Ember heated mug is new to you or something you’ve been debating purchasing for a while, I say as emphatically as possible: Get it. You won’t regret it.

Shop the Ember mug on Amazon, or buy direct for the latest models below!


Ember Mug

3 colors and 2 sizes available


Ember Mug: Metallic Collection

4 colors and 2 sizes available


Ember Cup

a smaller 6 oz. version perfect for espresso drinks

2 colors available


Ember Travel Mug

a 12 oz. traveler mug that will keep your beverage at the perfect temp for up to 3 hours

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