30+ of the Cutest Halloween Costumes for Siblings

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halloween sibling costumes
Source: @jlgarvin

Some of my fondest childhood memories stem from my sibling costumes on Halloween. Sure, the mountains of candy were pretty special, but what really filled me with delight was the chance to partner on a costume with my big sister. Ordinarily, she could take me or leave me, but come October, she needed me to be the Raggedy Andy to her Ann or the Wild Thing to her Max.

If you have a couple of siblings to outfit this Halloween, we have a host of coordinating costumes to help take the guesswork out of the upcoming holiday. Read on for over 30 of our favorite Halloween costume ideas for siblings—plus some of the cutest inspiration photos and where to shop to recreate the look for your littles.



TV & Movie-Themed Sibling Costumes


1. ‘The Wizard of Oz’

The Wizard of Oz is full of kids’ costume possibilities, from the story’s four heroes to the witches to just about anyone in Munchkin Land. Any combination of characters will be instantly recognizable and make for one of the sweetest trick-or-treating crews around.

sibling costumes
Etsy | Hippie Babe Lane

Dorothy Dress

sizes 0-3M - 8


2. Winnie the Pooh & The Hundred Acre Wood Crew

So many sweet characters can be found in The Hundred Acre Wood between Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, and Roo. You can even get pets in on the costume action with this sweet group costume.

Winnie the Pooh costume

Source: @luckyandi

pooh costume
Pottery Barn Kids

Winnie the Pooh Baby Costume

sizes 0 - 24 mon

tigger costume
Pottery Barn Kids

Tigger Baby Costume

sizes 0 - 24 mon


3. ‘Mary Poppins’

Another childhood classic, Mary Poppins serves up two adorable costume ideas: the prim and proper Mary and her chimney sweep pal, Bert. Or recreate the iconic animated scene with Mary on the carousel and the dancing penguins.

Mary poppins costume

Mary Poppins

sizes 3 - 10

baby halloween costume penguin

Penguin Costume

sizes newborn - 5T


4. ‘Star Wars’

Whether you and your little ones are fans of the original movies or the new releases, with so many characters, your whole family can get into the fun of a Star Wars-themed costume.

sibling costume Star Wars

Chewbacca One-Piece

sizes 3 - 24M

rey costume
Etsy | OLO Designs

Rey Skywalker Costume

sizes 2 - 14


5. The Sanderson Sisters from ‘Hocus Pocus’

Another perfect pick for sister siblings (or a group or family costume), the Sanderson Sisters from hit Halloween flicks Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2.

sibling costume
Etsy | The Leotard Boutique

Salem Witch Leotards

Add a coordinating tutu for this cute sibling costume!

sizes 6M - 12Y

Etsy | VintageGiftsSS

Hocus Pocus Journal

The Sanderson sisters can't do their spells without Book—the perfect costume prop and a journal they can use after Halloween.


6. Thing 1 and Thing 2 

There’s nothing quite like a classic. For siblings who go together as well as a cat in a hat, there’s not a better costume out there. 

sibling halloween

Source: @pardillatwins via #sharetheeverymom

dr. suess costume
Spirt Halloween

Baby Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costume

sizes 12 - 24 mon

dr. suess costume
Etsy | Bushels of Miracles

Tutu Set

sizes newborn - 12


7. ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Send your little ones off on an adventure to Wonderland with this whimsical duo. More siblings? No problem. Choose from a host of characters, from the Queen of Hearts to the Mad Hatter, to round out the group.

sibling costume
Etsy | Toffee Tree Lane

White Rabbit Costume

sizes 0-3M - 5Y


8. Cruella de Vil and a Dalmatian

One of the most recognized Disney movies of all time also happens to make an incredible Halloween costume for siblings. 

siblings costume cruel and Dalmatian

Source: @kelsmast

Cruella DeVille costume

Cruella de Vill Costume

sizes 4 - 12Y

toddler dalmatian

Toddler Dalmatian Costume


9. Bluey and Bingo

Most kiddos (and parents) can’t get enough of the most lovable heeler pups out there. They’ll be so excited to dress up as their favorite characters this year—and likely won’t want to take off their costumes until Thanksgiving (or later!)

bluey sibling costumes

Source: @luckyandi

bluey kids costume

Bluey Costume

sizes S - L

bingo costume
Spirit Halloween

Bingo Costume

sizes 6-24 mon


10. ‘A League of Their Own’

Channel this classic ’90s film with costumes that celebrate the professional female baseball league of the 1940s. We dug up uniforms for the Rockford Peaches and the Racine Belles to make a throwback costume for real-life sisters playing onscreen siblings, Dottie and Kit.

sibling Halloween costumes league of their own
Halloween Costumes

Dottie Costume

sizes 18M - 4T

sibling Halloween costumes
Halloween Costumes

Kit Costume

sizes 18M - 4T


11. ‘Frozen’ 

We love this costume idea because there are so many ways to make it your own. We love combinations like Elsa and Anna, Anna and Olaf, Sven and Kristoff, and more! 

frozen costume

Anna Costume

sizes 2T - 10Y

frozen costume
Amazon | Disney

Olaf Costume

sizes 12M - 6Y


12. Ariel and Flounder from ‘The Little Mermaid’

Ariel needs her friend and sidekick, Flounder, to make this costume extra special.

family halloween costume

Toddler Flounder


13. Buzz, Woody, or Jessie from ‘Toy Story’

Buzz and Woody, the original Disney/Pixar duo, makes for an adorable sibling costume. Have more than two kids? Add Jessie, Bo Beep, Rex, or any others!


14. Poppy and Branch from ‘Trolls’

For kids who’d love a creative hair moment, consider dressing sibs as this memorable musical pair from the Trolls movies.

poppy kids costume
Etsy | Hug a Willow Tree

Poppy Costume

branch costume
Etsy | Peace and Love Baby Shop

Branch Toddler Costume


15. Elliot and Gertie from ‘E.T.’ 

There will be no need to “phone home” as kiddos who love classic movies will feel right at home with these costumes. You can buy props and costumes or DIY with cute outfits your kids can wear after Halloween like a red hoodie (Elliot), black overalls, and a striped shirt (Gertie). 

sibling costumes

Red Hoodie

perfect for an Elliot costume, especially if you add an E.T. plush to their bike basket

e.t. costume

Gertie Costume

sizes S - XL


16. The Madrigals from ‘Encanto’ 

Disney’s runaway hit movie Encanto has plenty of characters for a group family costume—or just the siblings can choose their favorites.


17. The Super Mario Bros. 

Kiddos have always been fans of the brothers and their gang, but with the release of the new movie this year, we know they’re going to be more excited than ever for this dress-up opportunity. 

super Mario bros costume

Mario & Luigi Costume

sizes XS - XL

super Mario bros costume
Etsy | Blumoon Design

Princess Peach Costume

sizes 12M - 10


18. The ‘Barbie’ Movie

Speaking of new movies, with all of the buzz around the new Barbie movie this year, kids may be excited to dress up as some of the most iconic characters. What’s fun about this option is that they can go the classic route with costumes similar to the original Barbie and Ken, or opt for one of the many fun outfits shown in the new film. 

barbie costume for kids
Etsy | My Lovely Baby Store

Cowgirl Barbie Costume

ken costume
Etsy | My Lovely Baby Store

Cowboy Ken Costume


19. ‘Napoleon Dynamite’

Every Napoleon Dynamite family costume needs a Napoleon, but siblings can choose from any one of the memorable cast characters from this 2004 cult classic—like Pedro, Kip, Deb, or Rex. 


20. Wednesday and Pugsley

This older sister and little brother pair epitomize Halloween vibes.

pugsley addams

Pugsley Costume

grab a ready-made Pugsley costume or DIY one with a striped tee they can wear after Halloween


21. Peter Pan & Tinker Bell

Sometimes we might wish for Never Never Land where children never grow up. Capture the moment with a Peter Pan and Tink costume.

family halloween costume
Shop Disney

Kids Peter Pan Costume

sizes 3 - 10

baby tinker bell
Spriit Halloween

Baby Tinker Bell Costume

toddler sizes available too


Creative Sibling Costumes


22. Butterfly and Caterpillar

Perfect for sleepy newborns and their rambunctious big siblings, a butterfly and caterpillar duo is part dress-up fun, part science lesson, and 100 percent cuteness overload.


Butterfly Costume

size 2-4T

sibling costumes
Etsy | Your Favorite Picks

Crochet Caterpillar

one size


23. Lion Tamer and Fierce Lion

A circus ringleader costume can double as a brave lion tamer with the addition of a small hula hoop. There are plenty of lion costumes around too, but this handmade option is extra sweet for transforming your little one from toddler to fearsome beast.

ringleader kids costume
Halloween Costumes

Circus Ringleader

sizes 12M - 4T

baby lion halloween costume

Lion Costume

sizes 6 mon - 7 years


24. Astronaut and Alien

Your little ones will be ready for blastoff with these sibling costumes that are out of this world. 

out of this world family costume

Source: @alainakaz

sibling costumes
Etsy | Itsy Bitsy Wear

Astronaut Apollo 11 Suit

Perfect for the baby sibling, this space suit romper can also be personalized with their name on the back.

alien costume

Alien Costume

sizes 18M - 6


25. Jane Goodall and a Chimp

A simple safari outfit can transform into a sibling costume honoring the renowned primatologist Jane Goodall. Anyone who knows a thing about her knows wherever she was, a chimpanzee wasn’t far away!


26. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Perfect for your wild little ones on the most fun night of the year! With this costume, they can have a blast bringing their favorite children’s book to life. 

where the wild things are costume
Pottery Barn Kids

Toddler Costume

sizes 2T - 3T

where the wild things are costume
Etsy | TKS Stitch by Stitch

Bernard the Bull Crochet Hat

sizes newborn - adult


27. Honeybee and Flower

There may be nothing cuter than a baby dressed like a honeybee—except if you include a beautiful bloom for good measure.

bee costume sibling Halloween costumes

Baby Bee Costume

sizes 0 - 24 mon

sibling costumes
Etsy | Teatots Party Planning

Pink Flower Costume

sizes 6M - adult


28. Farmer and Baby Chicken

There’s a reason baby chicken costumes are a dime a dozen come Halloween: they are undeniably adorable. Make it a coordinating sibling costume by encouraging one child to dress as a farmer.

sibling Halloween costumes
Nest Learning

Farmer Dress Up

one size

sibling Halloween costumes
Pottery Barn Kids

Egg Chick Baby Costume

sizes 0 - 24 mon


29. Bo Peep and a Sheep

Whether she’s Bo Peep with her sheep or Mary with her little lamb, this costume is too sweet—especially for a little sibling who already follows their older sister around.


30. Firefighter and Dalmatian

There’s not a duo out there quite as iconic as this one—plus it lends itself to a firetruck DIY of their stroller or wagon. They’re sure to feel like heroes all night long in these costumes.

firefighter costume

Firefighter Suit

sizes 2 - 10Y


31. Colorful Crayons

What kid doesn’t love crayons? And we love this low-maintenance colorful DIY costume idea for kids. 

crayon kids costumes
Etsy | Eleven Thirteen ENT

Crayon Tees

add a party hat as the perfect costume topper


32. Rabbit and Carrot

What could make for a cuter photo op than your children dressed in these darling ensembles?

rabbit costume

Toddler Bunny Costume

sizes 6 mon - 6T

carrot costume
Amazon | Carter's

Carrot Costume

sizes 0 - 24 mon


33. Ketchup, Mustard, and a Hot Dog

Some things just go together—like ketchup and mustard. And if you have a third child or pet, a hot dog rounds out this playful costume.

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