5 Simple Ways to Make Space for Yourself in the Morning

written by EMMA GINSBERG
morning routine"
morning routine
Source: Katrin Bolovtsova | Pexels
Source: Katrin Bolovtsova | Pexels

This is a PSA that mornings are for moms, too. As a morning person, I know that I will literally always want a few moments to myself in the morning, no matter what stage of life I’m in. However, I know that morning self-care can’t always be a full-on, coffee-and-yoga-on-the-porch-in-the-sunshine moment. Finding small ways to take care of you and make space for yourself in the morning is incredibly important for setting the tone of your day. So much of the narrative around mothers in the morning is about getting everyone else ready, but moms deserve to get themselves in the best mindset possible each morning too. These are the best ways to make space for yourself in the mornings, even when someone may be trying to leave the house without shoes.

How to Make Space for Yourself in the Morning

1. Read a few pages of a book

Instead of reaching for your phone when your alarm goes off, turn the light on and grab a book right away. Checking texts, emails, and social media at the beginning of your day is an instant stressor, so allow yourself to slowly wake up by turning a few pages—even if it’s only two or three! Letting yourself take a moment before plunging into responsibility, virtual or otherwise, is important when you wake up. If your little one is in bed with you, hand them a short book and tell them to do the same. No pressure to finish the book, either. This is about the act of reading, not the reading itself.

2. Actually do your skincare routine

I’ll admit it: When I’m rushed in the morning, my skincare routine gets pared down to a quick rinse and some moisturizer, and I know I’m not alone in this. It’s easy to let this form of self-care go when you have to convince someone to eat their breakfast or brush their teeth in time to get out the door, but at the end of the day, you will feel so much better if you take the step.

Keep the bathroom door open, let your little one hug your knees if needed, but still complete your whole skincare routine from cleanser to sunscreen every morning. Allowing yourself to take that time to be thorough can create a small pocket of self-care during an otherwise hectic or potentially draining morning.

morning routine
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3. Make yourself a good cup of coffee and drink it sitting down

Let’s be honest: Coffee is too good to take on the go every single day of the week. I, for one, treasure my daily time with my cup. Sitting down to sip it every morning gives me a chance to rest before starting my day. No one should have to sacrifice a little bit of coffee time in the morning, so take the time to make yourself an extra tasty cup (I personally have enjoyed sprucing mine up with the flavored oat milk from Trader Joe’s) and drink it sitting down. Even if you’re at the breakfast table with family or sending off emails at the same time, the act of sitting down to enjoy the cup will set you up for a calmer transition into the day.

4. Stretch for five minutes

On busy mornings, workouts are absolutely not in the cards for anyone. If you have always been a morning workout person but never seem to have the time, get your body moving in a different way by taking time to stretch for a few minutes. Whether you do a short yoga flow or just plop down on the floor in butterfly or child’s pose for a bit, taking the time to just breathe into a good stretch can make a world of difference in the mornings. Better yet, make it a family affair: Get everyone out of bed and touching their toes for a few minutes every morning. It doesn’t have to be peaceful to be effective.

morning rituals
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5. Write a positive message on the mirror

Positive messages written in dry erase markers on the mirror are not just for high schoolers before a big test. If you need a mood boost in the morning, take some time to search for a positive quote or affirmation that makes you feel good, and write it on your bathroom or bedroom mirror. Starting the day on that positive note will set the tone for your morning—plus, it’s a form of self-care that only takes a few seconds. Another huge benefit of taking the time to do this is that it sets an example for little ones, showing them the importance of self-love and self-care through your own actions. It’s a win-win, and it might even motivate you to get through that whole skincare routine, too.

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