How to Survive the Holidays With a Newborn

The due date for my second son was Thanksgiving Day last year. It didn’t matter if I went a little early or a little late, I was going to have a newborn right smack in the middle of the crazy holiday season. And sure enough, he arrived almost exactly on time. I went into labor as we packed up the turkey leftovers post-Thanksgiving dinner and ended up giving birth at 3am the next morning. We soaked up the moment and snuggled the best Thanksgiving treat we had ever received. 

But a couple of days later, as we returned from the hospital, the reality set in that not only did we now have a second child to care for, a brand new itty bitty baby, but we also had Christmas cards to send out; gifts to buy, wrap and ship; and a whole house to decorate. It was quite different than our first time around, having given birth in April. Back then, we only had springtime strolls to take, and that was about it. 

So, we embarked on the wonderfulness of figuring out a new life during the craziest season of all. Over the next few weeks we survived, and dare I say, even thrived, thanks to some key decisions we made along the way. It wasn’t always easy, but there is no doubt that having a newborn during the holidays also made it incredibly more special. Seeing the reflection of Christmas lights sparkling in my baby’s eyes during those late-night feeds is a memory I’ll treasure the rest of my life.

But for surviving the other 23 hours of the day, we have tips and suggestions below. Read on and good luck.


Let go of expectations

First and foremost, let go of any ideas that this holiday season will be just like those in the past. You have a brand new member of the family, and you’re most likely recovering (physically) and adjusting (mentally) in some sense, so this year will be different, there’s no way around it. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just risky to have all the same hopes of past years because when they don’t happen (because, ahem, newborn life), you are bound to be disappointed. 

So, avoid the disappointment all together by letting go of all expectations. Letting go of expectations is not only wise regardless of what time of year it is, but especially during November and December. It can be incredibly freeing, letting go of pressures put on by others and yourself. Instead, embrace the openness of doing what works now in this specific season of life for your family. When there are no expectations, any success, no matter how little it may be, is a win, and during those early newborn days, little wins are big deals.


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Simplify in any and all ways

This is not the year to go big or go home; it’s the year to be home and be simple. No need to deck the halls from top to bottom; picking a few areas to add a bit of holiday cheer is just fine. Skip the Christmas cards for an easy email instead. Send out a beautifully framed photo of your new pride and joy as the main gift to people this year. 

Having a newborn during the holidays is also the best excuse to ask for as much help as possible. Hire the cleaners, and take Grandma up on the offer to wrap up the gifts. If there is an easier way to do something this holiday season, or someone else who can manage it instead, ’tis the season to do just that.


Be open to new ideas

We often get quite comfortable in tradition, in doing things exactly how we’ve done them in the past, making it difficult to try anything out of the usual. But as you let go of expectations, allow yourself to be open to new ideas and new ways of celebrating. I encourage you to especially be open to any new options for the sake of convenience. Maybe it’s ordering in the pies instead of baking them. Maybe it’s watching the Nutcracker on TV instead of venturing out to see it in person this year. 

My husband is a “real tree only” guy, but last year, with a curious toddler and a newborn, I encouraged him to try a fake tree. It’s low (AKA no) maintenance, less cleaning, and just an all-around better option for us. And guess what? It really was. He quickly got on board, and we’re doing it again this year, with now two incredibly curious toddlers all over the place. We still love real trees and will most likely have one again in the future, but for now, we’re all about ways to make the holidays easier overall. 


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Be early

Not the baby – be early with any holiday duties you can. While we’re all for simplifying whenever and wherever possible (see above), there are some things that need to happen no matter what. And there are also some holiday duties that may be priorities to you, your total non-negotiables. Some gifts need to be given, some food needs to be prepared. So in these cases, being extra prepared is key. If it can be done ahead of time, do it. Order gifts early, map out meals weeks ahead of time. It’ll be worth the extra early effort, I swear.

Additionally, combine any to-dos to make them easier in the long run. For instance, I planned to still send out Christmas cards last year, even with a newborn, since they are a holiday priority for me. But instead of doing cards and a separate birth announcement, we combined these into one, making it a whole lot easier. Family photo on the front, solo picture of the new baby on the back with his birth details. I had my addresses ready to go for these cards a couple weeks before my due date, making the rest of the process relatively a piece of cake. 


Embrace the magic

Last, but far from least, take a moment to really see the specialness of this time in your life, in this season. Not only for what the holidays truly stand for on their own but for celebrating a beautiful new life during this most wonderful time of the year. 

Take the silly Santa hat pictures on your new baby. Dress him up in his newborn finest. It’s something to be remembered. We all know that time flies with little ones, but add in the craziness of the season, and before you know it, it’ll be the new year. And before you blink again, you’ll be celebrating that little newborn’s first birthday. 

So, sit back and soak up the magic however it happens for you. Sip hot cocoa as you rock your newborn for the 100th time. Listen to the carols as you stuff and stamp the cards with him snoozing next to you. And stand in the sparkle of those Christmas lights as often and as long as possible. Those lights on the tree will forever hold an extra special meaning to me, guiding my way during all those late-night feeds, reminding me of how grateful I am to have had a newborn baby during this time of year.


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