10 Cheesy, Romantic Holiday Movies You Can Stream on Netflix Tonight

It’s almost Christmas, and in between skipping down the street with hot chocolate listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” ice skating in pom hats, and making batches of holiday cookies (OK not really, but that’s what I’ve been doing in my head since November 1st), we’re watching all the Christmas movies.

While we love the classics (how many times can you watch Elf? the limit truly does not exist), we’ve started looking for new content and venturing into the made-for-streaming movies that Netflix has been blessing us with. Are a lot of them super cheesy? Yes. Do we still love them? Absolutely.

We’ve rounded up 10 cheesy, romantic Netflix Christmas movies that you can stream tonight — thank us later!


1. The Princess Switch

When the trailer for this royal-themed flick first came out last holiday season, everyone in our office huddled around one of the computers and watched it maybe 25 times. This movie is basically a Christmas version of Parent Trap starring Vanessa Hudgens — and it’s definitely entertaining. The best part? They’re now filming a sequel called The Princess Switch: Switched Again which is set to hit Netflix in 2020.


2. A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby

They’re back! Who’s they, you may ask? King Richard and now-Queen Amber from the previous two Christmas Prince movies, duh! In this third installment, Amber is set to give birth to a royal baby right after Christmas, but before the royal couple can take a bit of time off for the holidays, they have to re-sign a treaty with nearby land Penglia. The royal couple from Penglia visits Aldovia to get this done before Christmas, but the treaty (of course) goes missing. Where’d it go? Will they get it signed before time runs out? Will a very-pregnant Amber once again solve it all in the knick of time? You’ll have to watch to find out. (Also, A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding are both still available on Netflix in case you need to catch up!)


3. Christmas Inheritance 

In this 2017 gem, Ellen is the heir to a massive toy empire, but she’s also a party girl who does shots at a… Toys for Tots event?? OH ELLEN NOOO. Follow her journey from selfish, spoiled rich girl to grateful, thankful woman. Plus a hunky innkeeper!


4. Christmas in the Smokies

In Christmas in the Smokies, a woman battles to save her family’s Smoky Mountain berry farm (how festive), and organizes a Christmas concert featuring a Country star who just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend — this one won’t let you down.


5. The Holiday Calendar

Abby is a struggling photographer who is gifted a ~magical~ Advent calendar (from her grandfather, who is also the grandfather from This Is Us — total legit grandad vibes) and lots of things start to manifest in her life! All you really need to know is that there are two hunky men running around this movie.


6. Holiday in the Wild

Kate (played by Kristin Davis) and her husband are getting ready to send their only son (played by Rob Lowe’s IRL son, John Owen) off to college and are planning to mark the occasion with the trip of a lifetime. But when Kate’s husband announces that their relationship is over, Kate decides to head to Africa on her own. There, she meets dreamy pilot Derek (played by Rob), rescues an orphaned elephant, and… you can probably all guess what happens next.


7. Christmas With a View

In Christmas With a View, a ski resort names a celebrity chef their new head chef, and while Clara isn’t thrilled about it at first, she eventually finds out they have more in common than she originally thought. It sounds like a pretty classic plot, but we promise it’s worth watching — who doesn’t love a Christmas romance?


8. The Knight Before Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens stars in yet another Netflix holiday movie, this one about a science teacher (her) who’s single this holiday season and absolutely does not believe in true love. Then, she meets a man who believes that he’s a time-traveling knight named Sir Cole. Plot twist (that you already know by the time they meet, don’t worry): he IS a time-traveling knight. Sir Cole isn’t exactly sure what his quest is, but knows that he has to complete it in order to fulfill some sort of knighthood destiny (I don’t know, the Old Crone, yes, they really call her that, said it must be so). Anyway, to find out whether he fulfills his quest, if he stays in 2019 or heads back to the Middle Ages, and so much more, queue up The Knight Before Christmas.


9. Miss Me This Christmas

Miss Me This Christmas follows former couple Regina (played by Erica Ash) and Franklin Young (portrayed by Redaric Williams) who are set to finalize their divorce on Christmas Day. But, before making things official, Regina returns to the place where she and Franklin married, the Chesterton Hotel, and unexpectedly meets a handsome millionaire who (wait for it) forces her to reflect on her decision to call it quits with her ex-husband.


10. Let It Snow

In this new Netflix movie, a group of high school seniors gets snowed in during a big storm on Christmas Eve (of course they do!) and the weather affects more than just their holiday plans… it changes their friendships and love lives, too.


Tell us, which Netflix Christmas movie is your favorite to watch during a cozy night in?


This article was originally published on The Everygirl on December 20, 2018, but has been updated for timeliness.