Why You Should Treat Yourself to Pregnancy & Postpartum Undies (Plus, Our Favorites to Buy!)

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During pregnancy, there are a lot of things we’re told that we need, like a pregnancy pillow to support our bump, a new wardrobe to accommodate our changing body, new bras, fancy oils and lotions … the list goes on. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I tried to ignore a lot of these suggestions. Why spend all this money when I’ll only be pregnant for nine months? Not that nine months is a short amount of time (especially when carrying around a watermelon in your belly), but it seemed like a waste of money for relatively short-term needs.

I made do with many items I already owned and purchased the bare minimum when it came to my maternity wardrobe. And I kind of regret it. I was quite uncomfortable, felt pretty blah, and the next time around, I would do things differently.

Would I spend a fortune on a new wardrobe? Not exactly, but I’d buy a handful of items that would make me feel my best given everything my body was going through. And one of those small but mighty items would be pregnancy undies. Pregnancy underwear was very low on my priority list because my former underwear was surviving, and since no one even sees your underwear, why buy a set specific to pregnancy?


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For a relatively low cost, pregnancy underwear can make you feel so much better as your body expands. While at first, it seems like you’re mostly expanding in your belly, in most cases, your body is changing elsewhere as well, which is exactly why a new set of underwear is a must. Well-designed pregnancy underwear will stretch with your changing body shape, has a waistband with your belly in mind, and is the simplest wardrobe update that will have a huge payoff comfort-wise. Pregnancy is pretty uncomfortable, and it’s worth spending some money to ease it however possible.

And if you’re worried about the short lifespan of pregnancy underwear, keep in mind that you’ll be happy to have it after the baby is born as well. Sure, you’ll sport mesh undies during the immediate days after birth, but once you’re tired of those, you’ll want comfortable underwear. Your belly may take a few weeks to go down in size, and you’ll be thankful to have your comfortable pregnancy underwear to carry you through the postpartum time.

Ready to give your underwear drawer a pregnancy upgrade? Here are a few brands and styles to check out.


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