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45+ Romantic Baby Names Perfect for Your Little Valentine

romantic baby names"
romantic baby names
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Source: @thiswildheart

Now that it’s officially February, that means love is undoubtedly in the air. Stores are filled with candy and sweet teddy bears, restaurant reservations are reaching their peak, and flower shops are tirelessly filling orders. Whether you’re keen on getting in on the love each year or believe Valentine’s Day was invented by the candy companies, you’re bound to find some cuteness around every corner.

And what tops the cuteness charts, even during a season traditionally dedicated to couples, is welcoming a newborn into this love-filled world. That’s why we had to harness the season of love with Cupid’s lasso and pull down some baby name inspiration. We wanted to nail down all of the most romantic baby names from sources like classic literature, our favorite movies, some seriously epic true love stories, and more. If you’ve got heart eyes this time of year, read on to check out 45+ swoon-worthy romantic baby names perfect for your littlest Valentine.

45+ Romantic Baby Names

Romantic Baby Names for Girls


We know him as the second U.S. President. But it turns out John Adams was more than a Founding Father. He was also known for his love and devotion to his family, namely his wife, Abigail. Their great affection and friendship can be seen in the more than 1,000 letters they exchanged.


For a little girl who will get all of the princess treatment she deserves, consider giving her this African title derived from the Igbo language, meaning “daughter of a king.”


This “noble” name is brought to our list because of Alice Toklas, the life partner of American writer Gertrude Stein.


This French name with the meanings of “loving,” “grace,” and “beauty” is an obvious inclusion.


While maybe a little unconventional, having a list of romantic baby names without including the Greek goddess of love seemed incomplete.


Hopeless romantics are sure to swoon over the sweet story of poet Dante Alighieri and Beatrice. Though they barely knew each other, Beatrice and her beauty served as his great inspiration for his work, “Divine Comedy.” He even dubbed her “the glorious lady of my mind”—was it love at first sight?


“Love” will be in the air the second you lay eyes on your little one, so why not give her a Welsh name with this heartfelt meaning?


As it turns out, Cleo is gaining in popularity for little girls, and we can see why. Included on our list as it’s from the tragedy by William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra.


Just like Cupid, a sweet baby girl is sure to capture your “heart,” especially with a title like this.


Inspired by the classic fairytale Cinderella, this title, meaning “fairy maiden,” felt highly fitting.


While every member of Bridgerton had a name worthy of inclusion, we especially love that Eloise holds the charming meaning of “famous warrior.”

romantic baby names
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This sweet French name was included on our list as it holds the meaning of “beloved.”


While we know her primarily for her stunning self-portraits, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo also happened to have a love story straight from a romantic novel with fellow artist Diego Rivera.


When you have the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, dubbing you the most beautiful woman in the world, your name pretty much secures a spot on a romantic baby names list. Here, we’re inspired by Helen of Troy from Greek mythology. Not to mention, according to the poet Homer, her love story with Paris, son of the Trojan king, was the cause of the great Trojan War!


The reason Jane was brought to our list is twofold. First, we’re inspired by one of Charlotte Brontë’s most well-known works, Jane Eyre, as well as the brilliant novelist who brought us Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.


An inclusion we couldn’t pass up, this name meaning “youthful” is known for being the female protagonist in perhaps the most famous tragic love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.


We can’t be the only ones who can’t get enough old-fashioned baby girl names. Meaning “lovable,” this may be one of the best.


The perfect way to start any love letter, this sweet Russian title means “dear.”


This lovely Slavic name holds the meaning of “gracious,” “tender,” and “dear,” making it fit for a love story for the ages.


Inspired in part by the flower of the same name, we also wanted to include this title because of the matriarch of the Bridgerton family, Violet.


Here we’re, of course, inspired by the traditional flower of love, the rose. Not to mention the heroine in the love story from the iconic film Titanic.


While Henry VIII may be more famous for his actions against his love, Anne Boleyn, Henry II wasn’t far behind. Though he was married to someone else, he fell in love with Rosamund Clifford. In an effort to hide their affair, Henry II had an extensive labyrinth built in a park where he could go to see his love. When his wife, Eleanor, found out about the affair, of course, tragedy ensued.


Hearing this name may remind us of Melissa McCarthy’s beloved character in Gilmore Girls, Sookie St. James. And while we adore her love story with Jackson Belleville as much as anyone, we also wanted to include the Japanese name Suki on this list as it means “beloved.”


The feminine version of Valentine had to be included on our list. We also happen to love that it means “strong” and “healthy,” exactly what we want for our little ones.


Paris may be dubbed “The City of Love,” but there may be one even more romantic. Verona, Italy acts as the setting of Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet. There is even a house and statue dedicated to the fictional character Juliet. Rumor has it that if you rub the statue, you will soon be lucky in love.

Romantic Baby Names for Boys


Meaning “bear,” this name is reminiscent of the popular Valentine’s Day gift of a teddy bear. We were also inspired by the legendary king of England, King Arthur, whose passionate love for the young Guinevere eventually led to the downfall of his kingdom.


Perhaps one of the most beloved stories ever told is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. We were inspired to include this name, meaning “blessed,” because of the surname of the main family.


While poet Lord Byron had somewhat of a scandalous reputation, he sure knew how to write about true love. The author of “She Walks in Beauty” has a name with the (not-so-romantic) meaning of “barn for cows.”


One of the most well-known couples in country music is, of course, Johnny and June Cash. This name pays homage to the influential artist and has been increasing in popularity in recent years.


Infamous as they may be, few of us are unfamiliar with the life, crimes, and love of Bonnie and Clyde. This edgy old-school name ironically holds the meaning of “warm” and “friendly.”


Author of “Divine Comedy” and distant admirer of Beatrice, Dante fittingly holds the meaning of “steadfast,” “enduring,” and “everlasting.”


A list of the most romantic baby names would be incomplete without a reference to Mr. Darcy’s hand flex. This gender-neutral French title means “dark-haired.”


A classic name through and through, this Hebrew title means “beloved.”


If The Little Mermaid made a big splash in your memory, consider giving your little prince this name he would share with Prince Eric.


We had to include the highly masculine hero of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. The edgy, uncommon title refers to a “cliff near a heath.”


It’s no surprise all eyes were on Cinderella at the ball, including Prince Henry’s. The strong German name means “house ruler.”


The classic tale of young lovers fleeing for their right to be together is what makes Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina one of the greatest works of literature ever written. What’s more, the snappy two-syllable title has the fierce meaning of “lion.”

romantic baby names
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And Leo Tolstoy walked so that Nicholas Sparks could run. Known for giving us some sweet modern love stories is this author with a name meaning “victory of the people.”


Speaking of Nicholas Sparks, it felt only right to include his greatest character, Noah Calhoun. But what do you want? To give a little one this Hebrew name meaning “rest” (and hopefully get some as well!).


In what seems like the type of love story we only see on-screen these days, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were known in old Hollywood for being highly devoted to one another. When asked about infidelity, Newman was famously quoted as saying, “I have a steak at home. Why should I go out for hamburger?” 


Percy Shelley was famous both for being a poet and the husband of the distinguished author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. The “Love’s Philosophy” writer holds an uncommon title, meaning “one who pierces the valley.”


Before Robert Browning fell in love with Elizabeth Barrett, he fell in love with the words in her poetry. In a classic love story fashion, the two married against her family’s wishes and remained together until she died in his arms.


Where there is Juliet, there is, of course, Romeo. The Italian name refers to “pilgrim to Rome.”


If it wasn’t the music, dresses, or balls that made us fall in love with the Bridgerton series, it was Simon Basset. The Hebrew moniker means “listen” or “hear.”


Included because of the aforementioned home of the famous love story of Paris and Helen, we are also inspired to include this title because of a millennial classic, High School Musical. Troy Bolton has an Irish name that refers to a “foot soldier.”


As one of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table, Sir Tristan was tasked with going to Ireland to retrieve a maiden who was set to be the queen. Instead, the two fell deeply in love. Knowing their love wouldn’t be accepted, the two spent the rest of their lives together on the run.


Inspired by a family favorite film, The Princess Bride, comes this name shared with the brave protagonist. Of British origins, it refers to a “western meadow.”


We couldn’t reference so many of his works without giving credit to the father of love stories himself, William Shakespeare. Fittingly, this noble name means “resolute protector,” “will,” and “desire.”


Perfectly capturing the desire behind a hopeless adoration is Sir Thomas Wyatt’s famous poem, Whoso List to Hunt. Luckily, he has a title meaning “brave strength.”