How to Plan Your Own Spring Break Staycation

With days getting longer, temperatures getting warmer, and (hopefully) the last snow days behind us, spring certainly feels like it’s on the horizon. It also means spring break is coming and if you don’t have a trip in the books, we’ve pulled together some fun staycation ideas to spark your little one’s imagination and save your sanity if entertaining the kids for a full week is also on your horizon.


Take an Indoor Camping Trip

Set up your camping tent inside, string up some Christmas lights for stargazing, get out the sleeping bags, make smores in the microwave or with an indoor s’more set.


Go on a Fairy Hunt

Paint rocks to make a fairy trail – add glitter to make it even more magical! Make a fairy house out of popsicle sticks or use kid-size shoe boxes and decorate the inside (think cotton balls for pillows, pizza savers as little tables, wrapping paper as wallpaper.) Add mini-LED lights to a mason jar for a sparkly fairy lantern.



Chef for a Day

Let your kiddos pick the menu for the day and help them prep and prepare each meal. Or help them write and craft their own menus, set the table, and play real-life restaurant.


Pint-Size Picasso

Dress them in one of your old t-shirts, cut down the Amazon Prime boxes to make giant cardboard canvases or use blue painters tape to attach paper bags to the wall and let your little ones get creative.

Safari Scavenger Hunt

Hide stuffed animals around the house, with monkeys hanging from the light fixtures, lions hiding in the houseplants, make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls, a safari vest out of a paper bag and go exploring.


Source: @johannasiren


Home Spa Day

Soak your feet in the tub for a pedi, paint your nails, cut up cucumbers and make a kid-friendly greek yogurt mask. Bonus, let your kids brush and style your hair (just make sure scissors are safely stowed). This is one staycation activity that might be almost as much fun for us as it is for them!


Spend a Day at the Beach

Get on your swimsuits and pretend you’re going to the beach. Lay out the beach towels, put on your sunglasses, maybe even turn up the heat. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, get out the summer water table (put a shower curtain or towels on the floor), and relax while the kiddos splash around for hours.

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