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Spring Bucket List: 20 Family Activities To Do This Season

spring bucket list"
spring bucket list
Source: @portraitsbyrandytran via @hikarimurakami
Source: @portraitsbyrandytran via @hikarimurakami

It might not seem like it just yet, but the first day of spring is right around the corner. Before we know it, all of this ice and snow will melt and all of the colors will return to the outdoors. The transition from winter to spring is one of the most beautiful things to witness—and after living through so many long, dark days cooped up inside during the winter, no one is more excited to get back to nature than children and their parents.

Even though it can take much longer to thaw than we’d like, we can start to enjoy spring as soon the weather warms up just the slightest bit. There’s plenty to do outside while we wait for the lazy, hazy days of spring, and there are many ways to celebrate the onset of another beautiful season. If you’re looking for fun ways to embrace the springtime this year, look no further. Check out The Everymom’s Spring 2024 Bucket List of family activities for our favorite ways to swing into spring.

The Everymom’s Spring Bucket List of Family Activities

1. Go on a scavenger hunt to find the first signs of spring

The perennials are just starting to poke through and the birds have begun chirping early in the morning. It’s a perfect time to take a family walk or hike and point out the sounds and signs of spring. Have your kids look, listen, (and hopefully feel the warmer weather) on a nature-themed scavenger hunt.

2. Surprise someone with flowers

There’s just something about fresh blooms that can really brighten someone’s day. It’s why I can’t wheel past the flowers at Trader Joe’s without picking up a lovely $6 bouquet. On your next trip to the farmer’s market, grocery store, or TJ’s, pick up a second bundle and make someone’s day a little more special.

3. Fly kites

Flying kites on a breezy spring day will really bring you back to your childhood. It’s exhilarating finally getting one up in the air (not always as easy as it looks!), and kids have so much fun chasing the kites to see which one will go higher.

4. Swap your kids’ bookshelf with springy favorites

If your children have a bookshelf, let them help you sort out the wintertime subjects and swap in some spring selections. If you’re up to it, you can even style their shelves with spring-themed garland, baby stuffed animals, or other items that say “spring” to you.

5. Walk or bike somewhere you’d usually drive to

Pretty self-explanatory, but see the warmer weather as an open invitation to get outside and go somewhere on foot you’d usually get to by car… within reason, of course.

spring bucket list family activities
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6. Sort through toys and clothes for donations

Spring cleaning is a big thing for most families, so there’s no reason to not get the kids involved. Have them try on clothes to see what’s too small and set it aside for hand-me-downs, storage, or donation. Help them go through their toys and toss broken, missing pieces and set aside things they don’t use much anymore. Finding what sparks joy isn’t just for the adult crowd.

7. Make a spring break staycation feel special

If you have school-aged kids, doing something for spring break matters even if you aren’t traveling. Many parents may feel like they’ve exhausted all at-home activities to do as a family over the past few years, so consider exploring options beyond your home like a nearby state park or a day trip to the beach (remember, you don’t have to go in the water to build sandcastles!).

8. Learn about another spring holiday your family doesn’t usually celebrate

Easter, Passover, and Ramadan all happen in the spring. Whatever your family celebrates, make an effort to teach your kids about the holidays other friends or neighbors may also be celebrating at the same time. Children’s books are a great place to begin!

9. Try seed-starting

Seed-starting turned into a months-long activity for my girls last spring. We planted a dozen cucumber and tomato seeds in egg cartons in late March. My kids were checking for signs of growth, watering (and overwatering in my 4-year old’s case), and generally assessing the health of their “babies” each day. By June, we were able to transfer six healthy plants to an outdoor garden.

10. Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a wonderful time to introduce your littles ones to concepts of conversation and sustainability and how we rely on our earth for so many simple necessities. Understanding why these things will help your little ones learn why it’s so important to clean up trash, avoid leaving the water running, or wasting an entire package of wipes on cleaning a baby doll’s bum.

spring bucket list family activities
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11. Get outdoors on a rainy day

As the Scandinavians say, “no bad weather, only bad clothes”—and this applies to springtime, too. What kid doesn’t like jumping in a puddle? Get on their boots and raincoats, grab the umbrellas, and venture outdoors for worm spotting, puddle splashing, and more rainy day fun.

12. Visit your local farmers market

After months of cooking and eating root vegetables that are in-season during the fall and winter, a new variety of produce is so exciting. Sweet peas, strawberries, artichokes, cucumbers, and plums—who can resist?! Check out this site, which lists spring produce to watch for by region, and visit your local farmers market to pick up some healthy and delicious seasonal foods.

13. Visit a Butterfly Conservatory

On a Spring Bucket List of family activities, it’s only right to include one of the best parts about spring—all the lively parts of nature. Celebrate this by taking a family excursion to a local butterfly sanctuary. Not only will kids be in awe of all of the colorful flying friends, but they may learn something exciting, too!

14. Go Berry Picking

Springtime means the return of some of our favorite berries like strawberries and blueberries. Head out of town for an afternoon and venture to a local berry farm where you can all get busy picking away. When you get home, you can try a new recipe with your fresh picks.

15. Go to the Park

If your kiddos have been missing playing on the playground since early fall, treat them to an outing to your local park. They’ll love using their imagination on the playground and will have an even better time if you join in on the fun. If there’s a pond at your local park, be sure to bring along some birdseed or rice to feed the ducks and geese who are back from being south for the winter.

seed-starting with kids | spring bucket list
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16. Play Some Baseball

Aside from really little ones, baseball is a great game for kids of all ages. Whether you throw the ball back and forth, or set up a batting tee, everyone will love participating in the classic spring sport.

17. Learn to Roller Blade

Another great way to get outdoors in the spring is by lacing up some roller blades. Even if you and your kids have never done it before, spring is a great time to learn. Either try at home, or head to a bike trail or large open parking lot for plenty of practice space.

18. Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater

Movie nights are always a great idea. But we can make the experience even more special when the weather gets nicer by introducing our kiddos to the nostalgia of a drive-in movie theater. Many theaters open back up for the season in late spring, so pop the trunk and bring plenty of pillows and blankets for the coziest night out of the house possible.

19. Head to a Local Farm or Petting Zoo

You may be surprised to find there are plenty of farms and petting zoos that are open to visitors starting in the spring. In my town, there’s even a local alpaca farm families can go to and learn about these unique animals. There are hidden gems like this all throughout the country just waiting for you and your family to experience.

20. Make a Sensory Bin

Even though spring means welcoming warmer temps, often along with that comes quite a few rain clouds. Don’t get discouraged on a rainy day. Instead, get creative with your time indoors by making a spring sensory bin for little ones with spring themed items like plastic insects, gardening tools, and flowers.

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