10 Creative Ways to Document Your Child’s First Day of School

The first day of school is always a big day — new teachers, new classrooms, some inevitable first-day jitters. Keeping a collection of your kids’ first day of school pictures is a tradition worth getting creative for. Rather than the typical, awkward, standing-on-the-front-porch picture, check out these cute ideas for a first-day picture you can take year after year:


1. With their sibling:


2. With a letter board:

Source: @strollergang

This one is our favorite. (And it’s budget-friendly too.)


3. With a height comparison to a parent:

Source: Aaron Rodgers


4. With an all-about-me sign that can be compared year after year:

Source: @designsbyyu


5. With celebratory balloons:


6. With their first-day-of-school picture from last year:

Source: How Does She


7. With a festive flag:

Shop the flags here.


8. With a back-to-school banner:

Source: Etsy


9. With a high school graduation t-shirt (that they’ll grow into a bit more each year):


10. With a reusable first and last day of school sign:

Source: HeartandPine

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