The Best Halloween Costumes for Babies, Toddlers & Kids Under $75

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kids halloween costumes
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Fall is officially here, and the cooler temps and yellowing leaves have us super excited for all of the fall family activities—including Halloween! But Halloween can be confusing for young kids; they’re not totally sure why they’re dressing up or why everyone’s handing out candy. But, once they catch on to the magic and marvel of Halloween, there is no denying their excitement.

But, just like most other holidays and events that involve children, the cost of Halloween can add up. Buying candy, decor, tickets to festivals and fairs—in addition to their actual Halloween costume—can sometimes be the scariest part!

To help you out, we’ve rounded up up the cutest Halloween costumes for babies, toddlers, and kids all under $75 (with many of them being under $40). And, if your child is a little skittish, all of these kids costumes are free of spooks and ghouls—just good, ol’ Halloween fun for the whole family.

Pro-tip: pick one that aligns with your child’s interests and get double-duty out of it as a pretend play dress-up outfit for the playroom post-Halloween! Check out the list below.


For Babies

For baby’s first Halloween, it’s all about the memories for the parents—and the pictures. These costumes for babies check the cute, comfy, and photo-worthy boxes.

baby halloween costume pumpkin
Pottery Barn Kids

Pumpkin Costume

There's a good chance you have a photo of yourself dressed in a pumpkin costume for your first Halloween, so why not recreate it with your little one this year!

etsy chicken halloween costume
Etsy | JoJo's Bootique

Chicken Costume

We love this clucking adorable chicken costume for babies. Make it a family costume by dressing up as farmers—or other farm animals.

baby halloween costume

Dragon Costume

This baby dragon costume comes with wings that wrap up in a swaddle—too cute!

And "Mother of Dragons" still has a nice ring to it.

grumpy costume
Halloween Costumes

Grumpy Costume

The baby beard on this costume is just too much!

And mom can be Snow White for a picture-perfect moment.

baby lion halloween costume

Little Lion Costume

This three-piece costume comes with a cozy lion suit, cute headpiece, and a pair of booties.

sizes 6 months - 4 years

kid costume

Dinosaur Sweatsuit

This dinosaur sweatsuit is so sweet, you'll surely use it beyond Halloween.

comes in 7 colors

sizes 0 - 18 months

baby tiger

Baby Tiger Costume

This tiger onesie from Target is perfectly cozy. You could also add a red hoodie and your little one could be Daniel Tiger, too!

baby halloween costume penguin

Penguin Costume

This cozy fleece penguin costume is perfect for Halloween, even if your little one can't waddle yet.

avocado costume baby
Etsy | MYERST456

Avocado Costume

Q: What's more perfect than an avocado? A: Your little one dressed up as one!

baby pig costume

Squiggly Pig Costume

Layer up this little pig with long sleeves and leggings if you're Trick-or-Treating in colder temps.

kids halloween

Lil Monkey Costume

This monkey costume from Amazon is perfect for Curious George lovers. Make it a family costume and dress as the The Man in the Yellow Hat. Or have parents dressed as bananas.

baby halloween costume
Pottery Barn Kids

Flamingo Costume

The fluffy detail on this flamingo costume from Pottery Barn is almost too much cuteness!

baby frap costume
Etsy | TESBeams and Particles

Starbucks Baby Costume

We'll take one to-go, please!

This cute coffee onesie costume can be customized with a hat (with green straw), cup sleeve, and optional pants.

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For Toddlers

A toddler Halloween costume better be comfortable, because little ones are going to be on the move. The good news for parents at this age is many toddlers are open to your costume suggestions. Once they start forming their own opinions, though, the family or sibling costume of your dreams might be just out of reach.

kids halloween costume

Dalmatian Costume

Whether your toddler loves firefighters or is just a puppy fan, this dalmatian costume is perfect.

Make it a family costume by dressing siblings or parents as a firefighter or Cruella de Vil.

Etsy halloween
Etsy | 2troubleboys

Max Costume

Where the Wild Things Are is a classic for every Halloween and we love this Max costume from Etsy.

kids halloween costume

Cow Costume

This toddler cow costume from Target is a Halloween classic, complete with a fuzzy little tail!

sizes 18 months - 5T

Halloween Costumes

Elvis Toddler Costume

Celebrate The King this Halloween with an adorable tribute costume—especially timely given the release of the Elvis film this year.

kids halloween costume

Unicorn Costume

For the little one who loves all-things magical, this unicorn costume comes with both a horn and wings attached.

sizes 18 months - 5T

madeline halloween costume
Etsy | Cat & Mouse Clothing Boutique

Madeline Cape

This costume is adorable, even if you don't live in an old house in Paris.

Cape can be worn for toddlers or older kids.

kids halloween costume

Astronaut Costume

This astronaut costume is out of this world (sorry, we had to do it).

Your little explorer will love the authentic helmet, with movable visor. Plus, this outfit doubles up for plenty of pretend play.

bee kids costume
Posh Peanut

Bumble Bee Costume

Bees are a cute and classic costume that can also easily transform into a group costume with butterflies, garden gnomes, or flowers rounding out the family.

dorothy costume
Etsy | SewingbyQuicatos

Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume

One of the classic costumes of Halloween, The Wizard of Oz has so many characters to consider for a costume, but only Dorothy can stand alone.

Don't forget to grab some ruby slippers to make this costume complete!

kids halloween costume firefighter

Melissa & Doug Firefighter Costume

A classic for Halloween and pretend play, this one is sure to get plenty of use.

troop Beverly Hills
Etsy | Fancy Schmancy Baby

Troop Beverly Hills Costume

We can't help but want this in our own size! Inspired by the 1989 movie Troop Beverly Hills, this costume includes a sweatshirt, beret, and more. Plus the sweatshirt can be worn all fall/winter long.

Available in adult sizes, too!



For Kids

Now we get to the real magic age for Halloween—when kids can fully experience the joy of dressing up for school, trick-or-treating through the neighborhood, and letting their self-expression shine through their costume.

chef costume
Etsy | Sugar Plum Liam

Personalized Chef Costume

For the aspiring chef, this costume is perfect for Halloween and pretend play. Or make it themed with a Ratatouille toy.

kids halloween costume
Pottery Barn Kids

Harry Potter Costume

Is your kid a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? Either way, this Harry Potter-inspired costume will bring out their inner wizard.

cruella de vil halloween costume
Etsy | Bebebene

Cruella de Vil Costume

This Cruella cape is both classic and perfect for a family or siblings costume.

kids halloween costume

Digger Costume

Whose kid hasn't been enthralled by construction equipment? Celebrate their passion with this wearable digger costume.

cher costume
Etsy | Fancy Schmancy Baby

Cher Clueless Costume

As if we wouldn't include this adorable costume from 1995's iconic movie Clueless!

wonder woman halloween costume

Wonder Woman Costume

Another costume sure to be a favorite for dress-up, this Wonder Woman costume is also budget-friendly at under $20.

thor costume

Thor Costume

With this summer's release of Thor: For Love and Thunder, we expect this costume to be a popular choice for kids and grown-ups.

encanto halloween

Encanto Costume

Another hit of the past year, Disney's Encanto! This high-quality Mirabel costume is great for Halloween and pretend play.

black cat halloween costume
Pottery Barn Kids

Black Cat Costume

Classic and cozy, this black cat costume is perfect for layering on a cold Halloween night.

kids halloween costume

T.Rex Costume

For the dinosaur fan, this bright costume will also make your kid easy-to-spot while Trick-or-Treating.

pirate halloween costume

Pirate Costume

Ahoy matey! This pirate costume is sure to be a favorite for imaginative play well beyond Halloween.

kids halloween costume

Mermaid Costume

This costume will tide over your mermaid lover as they wait patiently for the live-action Little Mermaid movie coming in 2023.

alien abduction costume

Alien Abduction Costume

For kids who love the silliest of Halloween costumes, this inflatable costume is sure to get some laughs in their class—and their neighborhood.


Adaptive Halloween Costumes

In recent years, major retailers like Target, Pottery Barn, and more have developed more inclusive costumes for kiddos with specific needs like feeding tubes, sensory sensitivities, and wheelchair adaptability. Below are some of the best adaptive Halloween costumes we’ve seen out this year.

adaptive buzz lightyear halloween costume

Adaptive Buzz Lightyear Costume

"To infinity, and beyond!"

Buzz is a favorite in any of the four Toy Story films.

adaptive buzz lightyear halloween costume wheelchair cover

Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Wheelchair Cover

Add a space shuttle, and there's no stopping Buzz Lightyear!

adaptive unicorn
Pottery Barn Kids

Adaptive Unicorn Costume

Everyone deserves the magic of dressing up as their favorite mythical character.

mermaid costume

Adaptive Mermaid Costume

This mermaid costume is another magical option.

adaptive black panther halloween costume

Adaptive Light-Up Black Panther Costume

Inspired by Marvel's Black Panther, this costume even has a chest pad that lights up!

adaptive mystery machine
Etsy | Rolling Buddies

Mystery Machine Wheelchair Cover

Get the whole family in on a group costume with the gang from Scooby Doo.

Editor's Note: This costume is just over our $75-and-under roundup at $79.

This article was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for timeliness.

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