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Bundle of Joy! 55+ Holiday-Inspired Baby Names We Love

holiday baby names"
holiday baby names
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Nothing quite compares to the magic of the holiday season. It’s a time for us to slow down, spend time with loved ones, eat one too many cookies, and rewatch our favorite holiday movies. With fluffy snow covering the ground, carols in the air, and holiday cheer in the hearts of many, it certainly is the most wonderful time of the year. That’s why we can’t think of a better place to draw baby name inspiration from than the magic of the holidays, especially if you have a due date in December.

This holiday baby names list includes traditional holiday meanings, references to pop culture, and everything in between. In our list of holiday baby names, you’ll find references to your favorite movies, traditions, and of course, some religious stories. While you may be more familiar with some than others, each of these names uniquely ties to the most wonderful time of the year. See the list below of 55+ holiday-inspired baby names we love.

Holiday Baby Names for Girls


Meaning: Elf | Origin: Old Norse

Holiday Tie: Whether Will Ferrell stars in your favorite Christmas movie or you’re simply a human who has “an affinity for elf culture,” this baby name is for you.


Meaning: Grace | Origin: Russian

Holiday Tie: Grace is pretty much synonymous with the holiday season. That’s what makes this name a lovely option for a little one born around the holidays.


Meaning: Beautiful | Origin: English

Holiday Tie: You won’t find a name more beautiful out there, included on our list because of its ties to Christmas bells.


Meaning: Joyful song | Origin: English

Holiday Tie: For a name that makes you want to sing out in joy, consider Carol, which brings to mind the Christmas carols sung around the holidays.


Meaning: Giving, kindness | Origin: British

Holiday Tie: The holidays are all about giving to those in need, that’s why this name meaning ‘giving’ fits so well as an inclusion on our list.


Meaning: Light | Origin: Latin

Holiday Tie: You won’t be able to escape the dazzling lights this holiday season, and who would want to? Besides maybe the Grinch. This name is brought to our list by none other than Cindy Lou Who of Dr. Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


Meaning: Bright | Origin: Latin

Holiday Tie: A name meaning ‘bright’ feels fitting enough, but tie it to the heroine of The Nutcracker and you’ve got quite the gift.


Meaning: Life | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: For many, Christmas Eve is as much a celebration as Christmas Day. Not to mention the celebration of new life in the Christian Christmas story of Jesus’s birth.


Meaning: Trust, devotion | Origin: British

Holiday Tie: The holidays are related heavily to religions, making this name meaning ‘trust’ and ‘devotion’ rather fitting.


Meaning: Favor, blessing | Origin: Latin

Holiday Tie: Hopefully the holidays are filled with ‘favor’ and ‘blessings,’ and a great way to ensure that is welcoming a little one and gifting her this lovely moniker.


Meaning: Holly tree | Origin: British

Holiday Tie: Because “Mistletoe” didn’t make the cut, we included the next best thing. Strongly associated with Christmas, the British name represents the thorny crown of Jesus in the Christian tradition.


Meaning: Expectation or belief | Origin: British

Holiday Tie: The holidays remind us that a new year is coming, and give us a reason to be hopeful for the future. Ensure you always have hope by using this delightful name for a little girl.


Meaning: Joyful | Origin: American

Holiday Tie: The holidays are all about spreading joy, meaning this name couldn’t be a better option. Plus, fans of Elf may recognize this as the name of Zooey Deschanel’s character.

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Meaning: Happiness | Origin: Latin

Holiday Tie: Because a newborn will bring so much joy to your life, why not gift her a name commemorating a pillar of the season?


Meaning: | Origin:

Holiday Tie: Our minds may instantly go to Shakespeare’s classic Romeo & Juliet upon hearing this name. But avid Christmas movie fans may also equate this name to Keira Knightley’s character in Love Actually.


Meaning: Beloved | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: In the Christian Christmas story, Mary gave birth to the son of God. Whether or not you follow the Christian faith, this is a great option for a ‘beloved’ newborn.


Meaning: Giving light, shining | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: This lovely, feminine title references the Festival of Lights observed in the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and the candles lit on the ceremonial menorah.


Meaning: Born on Christmas Day | Origin: Russian

Holiday Tie: There simply couldn’t be a better name choice for a little girl born on or around Christmas Day—this Russian name quite literally means ‘born on Christmas Day.’


Meaning: The Lord’s Birthday | Origin: Latin

Holiday Tie: Speaking of Christmas Day, this name, too, refers to what is traditionally known as ‘the Lord’s birthday.’ It also has ties to the beloved 1947 holiday movie Miracle on 34th Street starring celebrated actress Natalie Wood.


Meaning: Christmas | Origin: French

Holiday Tie: This name of French origin is perfect for a little girl born in the winter months. With ties to one of the most celebrated winter holidays, the French name means ‘Christmas.’


Meaning: Light | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: Not only does this delightful name mean ‘light,’ but it also happens to be the name of Jamie Lee Curtis’s character in Christmas With the Kranks.


Meaning: Star | Origin: Latin and Italian

Holiday Tie: Stars are all over during the holiday season, partially due to their religious symbolism. This name is perfect for the new ‘star’ of your life.


Meaning: Lily | Origin: Czech

Holiday Tie: Fans of the 1946 holiday classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life will recognize this sweet name as George and Mary Bailey’s youngest daughter, Zuzu Bailey, who delivers the memorable line, “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

Holiday Baby Names for Boys


Meaning: Bel protect the king | Origin: Babylonian

Holiday Tie: In the Christian Bible, Balthazar is one of the three wise men who visit baby Jesus. You may also recognize the moniker from several characters in popular TV shows like Charmed, Supernatural, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Meaning: The willowlands | Origin: Scottish, English, and French

Holiday Tie: Take a stance on one the greatest debates—whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie—by naming your little one after the star, Bruce Willis.


Meaning: Keeper of the treasure | Origin: Persian

Holiday Tie: Inspired by another of the three wise men, this name ties to both Christmas and Halloween through the 1995 film about everyone’s favorite friendly ghost, Casper.


Meaning: Free man | Origin: German

Holiday Tie: Many of us may have fond memories of watching A Charlie Brown Christmas growing up. Not to mention the connection to Charles Dickens, author of the seminal story of the season, A Christmas Carol.


Meaning: Follower of Christ | Origin: Latin

Holiday Tie: One of the most widely-celebrated winter holidays comes from the Christian religion, making this strong name meaning ‘follower of Christ’ a perfect inclusion on our list.


Meaning: Clerk | Origin: Irish

Holiday Tie: This strong, historical name has holiday ties to the hilarious Christmas movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. If the film is a rewatch year after year, be sure to consider this classic name for a newborn.


Meaning: Victory of the people | Origin: German

Holiday Tie: This title, of course, brings to mind the man in the big red suit. If you’re pro keeping the Santa tradition alive, consider this festive option.


Meaning: Charcoal | Origin: British

Holiday Tie: To help ensure your little one never receives coal in his stocking, consider this baby name.


Meaning: At the cross | Origin: Old Norse

Holiday Tie: Inspired by the patriarch of Christmas music and star of the classic holiday film, White Christmas, is the surname of one Bing Crosby. For a strong surname first name with a retro twist, look no further.


Meaning: Black river | Origin: Scottish

Holiday Tie: There are several plants that the winter months and its holidays are known for. The Douglas fir might just be the most well known, as many families decorate them as their Christmas tree each year.


Meaning: Stone of help | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: While no one likes a Scrooge around the holidays, you may find this name more favorable. If you’re a fan of the name Evan but want something a little more unique, consider this historical moniker that can be shortened to the sweet nickname Eben.


Meaning: God with us | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: People of faith will appreciate this name meaning ‘God with us.’


Meaning: Farmer | Origin: Greek

Holiday Tie: If you never turn down a rewatch of It’s a Wonderful Life, gift your little one a name after Jimmy Stewart’s beloved character, George Bailey.


Meaning: God is gracious | Origin: German

Holiday Tie: Will you be welcoming a little one with an older sibling who can’t get enough of Disney’s Frozen? Choose a name your firstborn will either love or hate inspired by one of the least likable characters in the first film (but one who has a great name!).


Meaning: Tree | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: As you begin to deck the halls and trim the tree, consider this unique name for a little one.


Meaning: God is gracious | Origin: British

Holiday Tie: Going into the holiday season means welcoming Jack Frost into town all over again. This personification of winter has taken to character form plenty of times over the years, so choose your favorite when drawing baby name inspiration.


Meaning: Jehovah shall add | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: This masculine name is referenced many times in the Bible, and is notably known as Mary’s husband in the Christian Christmas story.


Meaning: Handsome | Origin: Irish

Holiday Tie: If you ask me, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without rewatching Home Alone one too many times. If Kevin McCallister has brought a smile to your face throughout the years, consider making him your baby’s namesake.


Meaning: My light | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: A popular choice for babies born in the Jewish faith is this sweet title meaning ‘my light.’


Meaning: Victory of the people | Origin: Greek

Holiday Tie: Whether you think of the saint or the man in the red suit upon hearing this name, it doesn’t get much more holiday-inspired than this.

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Meaning: Wolf counsel | Origin: Scandinavian 

Holiday Tie: While you may not get an “official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle” as a gift this year, hopefully you do get some baby name inspiration from this classic A Christmas Story moniker.


Meaning: Famous wolf | Origin: German

Holiday Tie: We were, of course, inspired by the famous red-nosed reindeer with this inclusion, but we also happen to love the strength behind this name meaning ‘famous wolf.’


Meaning: Welshman | Origin: French

Holiday Tie: Another case of a surname-turned-first-name, this powerful and sophisticated title meaning ‘welshman’ is brought to our list by Bing Crosby’s character in White Christmas, Bob Wallace.

Gender-Neutral Holiday Baby Names


Meaning: Sparkling | Origin: Greek

Holiday Tie: A name reminiscent of twinkly holiday lights had to be included on our holiday baby names list. We love this beautiful option associated with the traditional Christmas flower that means ‘to sparkle.’


Meaning: Messenger | Origin: Greek

Holiday Tie: Of course, angels have strong Biblical ties and play a large role in the Christian Christmas story. It was angel Gabriel who told Mary she would give birth to the son of God. Additionally, many people who celebrate Christmas top their tree with a festive angel as part of their celebration.


Meaning: Star | Origin: Greek

Holiday Tie: This Greek name meaning ‘star’ simply feels fitting for our list of holiday baby names—especially those who place a star atop their Christmas tree or hold the Jewish Star of David symbol close to their heart.


Meaning: Ruler of elves | Origin: French and English

Holiday Tie: This whimsical name couldn’t be more fitting for our list, holding the meaning of ‘ruler of elves.’ Whether you’re looking for holiday baby names, or even Lord of the Rings-inspired names, this one is sure to do the trick.


Meaning: Berry clearing; Bailiff | Origin: British

Holiday Tie: For many, the holidays serve as a reminder that, truly, it’s a wonderful life. Pay homage to the classic Christmas film by naming a little one after the main character, George Bailey.


Meaning: Born in December | Origin: English

Holiday Tie: Two widely celebrated holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah, are annually celebrated in the month of December. While unique, we happen to think it could make a lovely choice for a baby born in the winter month.


Meaning: Brave and strong boar | Origin: English

Holiday Tie: Fans of actor Dermot Mulroney may find this name especially appealing. We were inspired to include it because of his character, Everett Stone, in the holiday movie favorite The Family Stone.


Meaning: God is my strength | Origin: Hebrew

Holiday Tie: This name has strong Biblical ties and is known for being the name of the angel in the Christian Christmas story. The Hebrew name fittingly means ‘God is my strength.’


Meaning: North | Origin: English

Holiday Tie: Our friends in the north are no strangers to chilly winter weather. And whether you’re inspired by winter, Kim Kardashian, or the home of the Clauses, we approve.


Meaning: Rock, stone | Origin: English and Greek

Holiday Tie: It’s no secret that some traditional last names actually make great first names, and this is one of them. We’re inspired here by the Pierce family in the heartwarming The Christmas Chronicles films.


Meaning: Arabic and Hebrew | Origin: Peace

Holiday Tie: The holidays are all about spreading peace and joy. There’s no better way to celebrate the meaning of the season than with this charming name meaning ‘peace.’ Plus, if you’re looking for some Halloween-inspired baby names, this happens to be quite fitting as well.


Meaning: Winter solstice | Origin: English

Holiday Tie: There are several reasons to consider this holiday baby name option. First, it’s the name of the pagan festival celebrating the winter solstice, which begins annually on December 21st. In addition, those who celebrate Christmas may use a Yule log in their festivities. In this case, it’s often used to symbolize the birth of Jesus.